Friday, June 27, 2008


* Sara is just fine. Apparently her most hyper day was the day we came home. Was all excited the morning that we went over to get her. She's reverted back to being a piece of furniture now.

* American dialogue overheard in line at the Eiffel Tower. "Dude, I love impressionist art. We gotta get up early for the Musee Dorsay so we can't get hammered tonight." "Dude, why not?" "Dude, I can't look at art with a hangover."

* I started the no-smoking box. It's got gum and candy of course, plus puzzles and bubbles and gyroscope. Quitting is still going to suck. I still have to put little love notes to myself in there.

* I walked clear across town to get home yesterday after my voicover gig. Three hours. I ran into the Brazil festival and the start of the Jazz festival. The town is alive.

* Walking is my new thing. Today I'm walking to get my haircut. Then maybe all the way to Bilboquet. Walking gives you time to study what you miss on bike or in car.

* Our new table was delivered. Now we have to shop for chairs. We haven't any money for that right now, so we'll be using the old Ikea chairs for a while.

* Apparently, we've got mice downstairs. "They've kept me up for four nights," said the non-deadbeat tenant. I put out poison like I did last year. They ate it so I have to go buy more. I put the poison in a place unaccessible to other animals (like Sara).

* I know what you're thinking. This is the worst snippets ever. That'll make it easy to outdo them next time.


Uncle Zoloft said...

- Our pups have finally become their own furniture like selves again.

A quit box? Amazing! When I'm ready I will be sure to add that gem of an idea to my tool box.

- Where can we hear samples of your VO work?

- Adopt a rat catcher cat for the building. Make it a little outdoor space of it's own and you will solve that mice problem in an economical and nature friendly way. Although you may find yourself cleaning up the remains of a dead pigeon or being presented with a gift of live snake.

- Love the new table ~ don't knock the chairs.

CoffeeDog said...

I *heart* Sara

Lemuel said...

Furniture or not, Sara is still a lover!

David said...

I walk all over NYC but I find it quiet easy to zone out and be completely oblivious to what's around me. Especially if I'm listening to the iPod.

David said...



Greg said...

Poor dogs...they are all like furniture in the summer heat...well, at least until Ice Cream appears on the horizon.

So, will you carry this Quit Box around with you? How will this work? I'm interested to know, since it might be helpful when I try to quit again later this summer. : (

Dude, no wonder people in France act like Americans are dog doo on their shoe. But at least we know we can't appreciate good art with a hangover.

Polt said...

I wish I had a piece of furniture as fun and cute as Sara! :)


Birdie said...

My canine furniture is in the middle of the livingroom floor, and she's only four years old.

Add this to your "quit box" love notes: Your internet buds are cheering you on. Hang in there!

We used a Havaheart trap to catch three mice (one at a time). A dab of peanut butter on the trip plate works every time. Then we carted them to the woods in the park. No dead bodies to deal with. Having a cat is no guarantee: our mice were eating the food from the cat's bowl and storing leftovers in the laundry basket.

Anonymous said...

You should go see a doctor and get some Champix (sp) Seriously? It has a 98% success rate. I personally have several family members who have used it to quit since my MIL passed away from lung disease and they all swear by it! It takes away the craving and isn't an antidepressant or anything.

Tell your tenant to get a cat. Even if they borrow one for a few days. Mind you, since the mice ate the poison, you will soon have dead mice bodies littering the place. Blech.

:) - Rox

GayProf said...

I like all the furniture featured in this post.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you don't know what I'm thinking. Dude, I was thinking what a wonderful post and great pictures. Dude, glad Sara is doing fine. I thought I had mice but they turned out to be chipmunks. They chewed the wheels off my lawn mower. Bastards.
Dude, I love the new table. The chairs are bitchin', Dude! Ed

Mark in DE said...

Glad to hear that Sara has returned to her lethargic old self. Our dog is much the same.

CONGRATS on the no-smoking efforts! I'm happier knowing that your lungs will begin repairing themselves.

CONGRATS on the voice-over gig, too.

Walking is mine & Spouse's favorite after dinner activity. Its so good for you!

LOVE the new dining table, as well as the not-so-new chairs. They look fab together.

Mark :-)

Fatinah said...

dude - you went through a whole snippet and didn't talk about poop once.....what's that about?

meanwhile, nice new table.

afod said...

Are there ever any bad snippets? That photo of Sara is adorable, but made hysterical by your prose that went along with it. Good luck with quitting smoking. It's the best thing for you. Looking forward to seeing the new 'do! Have a fabu weekend!

Butch said...

Sara is just catching up on her sleep she missed with you both on a holiday. ;-)

The rat/mouse poison is actually the drug Warfarin or more commonly known as Heparin, an anti-coagulant. The rat/mouse expires from internal bleeding. They usually go back to their nest and die there. If the female is feeding young it will also take them out.
(I'll bet you didn't want to know that...sorry.)

Sh@ney said...

Have you ever had a glass table before? We have one, the difficult part is keeping the scratches away.

No matter what, I do not believe there is a scratch-proof glass out there that works..LOL

We have a lot of Ikea furnishing here, that I hope to replace in time with something a little more classy and less obvious that it is a cheap DIY job! I just love Ikea! *giggles*

Patricia said...

It's so hard for me not to go up and get all mushy on a dog who's sleeping. They just scream for belly rubs.