Monday, June 23, 2008

This n that

Our little tenant downstairs is holding out on his rent. He also may or may not be moving out next week. I knew he was going to pull something, and my intuitive sense was right. He actually said last Wednesday that he was going to get the rest of the rent "now", and here it is Monday with nary an update. Today we've got the lovely chore of calling his dad, since he signed for him too (we insisted on a cosigner as he didn't want us checking his credit - a mistake we shant repeat) and see if we can get payment. I figure in his 20 year old brain he's got it figured that he'll move out while we're not looking and stick us with the $350 he owes. I'm trying to remain detached emotionally, and so far succeeding, but it's hard work not getting feverishly swirled into it.

In related news, I found dozens of free meditations on itunes yesterday.

Spouse bought me a new camera on the cruise. It was a guilt present, since he had spilled beer all over my camera in Paris. (I got mad, and then he got mad that I got mad since it was an accident.) It still worked but the lens cover was all sticky and needed help opening and closing. It's a good thing though, that old camera always had spots on the photos I took that included the sky.

Finally, here's a collage of the vacation like I always put together. There's a pic of a machine in our cabin in there. It was there one evening when we returned for the night. It made weird humming sounds and the inscription read something about deodorizing. I dubbed it "the evil smokers machine".


Lemuel said...

Very enjoyable! Not only the collage of images but the audio track as well. Would you share what the name/artist/composer of the music was?

Birdie said...

The music set the tone for this collage; very nice. While I smiled throughout, I had a big grin for the shot of Serge on his phone. If looks could kill...

Anonymous said...

You didn't tell us you had a midget living beneath you! (LOL I KID!)

GayProf said...

At age 20 he already has bad credit? Wow -- I mean, he shouldn't have any credit record at that age. It took me a good decade to trash my credit record.

I hope you don't get stiffed.

Butch said...

Sorry you have to go through the tenant problem, I'm sure there will be a way to put a black mark on his credit or if he is in school you still may be able to keep track of him and force him to pay what he owes.

Your video captured your holiday beautifully and the music adds the icing to it as well.

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I'm sure there are different ways of saying that.

Polt said...

Obviously the tenant isn't all the bright, since your guys were gone for over a week, and that kinda woulda been the rime to sneak out.

Love the montage.


Greg said...

So, I'm sitting here thinking, "What a lovely slideshow. What a shame there isn't music." And then I turned up the volume. MUST HAVE MORE COFFEE.

What a great trip you many great memories (and a new camera!) to bring home with you. Like the pic of Serge in the cafe (with wine) and the crows, especially.

Your tenant must be pretty dense, not to have packed up and vanished while you were out of the country. Good luck with that!

Mark in DE said...

Sorry that your intuition was correct about the tenant. (Fortunately it was incorrect about Sara.)

The photo collage is wonderful. I almost feel like I was there!


Mark :-)