Friday, June 20, 2008

Trippets 2

I got through all the photos and selected 170 for the final folder. Of those, you're only seeing a third. Yesterday you saw Paris, Naples and Croatia and today we'll focus on Venice, Messina and Barcelona.
Here's a shot Serge got in Venice. I titled it "lady in Venice". We took more pictures in that town than anywhere else. Everywhere you turned, the scene cried out, "Take a picture of me!"

I kept thinking, "I've done a puzzle like this."

You never know who you'll be assigned to eat with in the dining room. Our table mates were two wonderful girls, a mother-daughter couple who we really enjoyed getting to know.

The gondolas in Venice are quite pricey, but taking pictures of them is free.

I had to throw in a picture of us to prove that we really were there.

I loved the sweets shops. Makes Dunkin Donuts look like pauper food.

This is in Taormina, high on a hill in Sicily.

Most of the time, we shared port space with other cruise ships. Ours is the one on the rear left with the signature Carnival smokestack.

There are statues everywhere in Europe. Boobs galore. Oh and penises too, but we'll get to that tomorrow.

The Messina skyline. As we took our guided tour to Taormina, the guide kept telling us how unlucky Messina was, having been destroyed several times by earthquakes. I wanted her to stop talking about it as we were driving over bridge after bridge as we wound our way up the mountain.

The time at sea was so nice. It was really the only relaxing time we had.

Romantic sunsets on the balcony etcetera.

On La Rambla in Barcelona, there were dozens of buskers. This one was rather eye-catching.

Serge getting goofy at Park Guell.

These are chimneys from the Gaudi designed Pedrera House. We loved our Gaudi tour - did you know we get the word "gaudy" from him?


Lemuel said...

Keep 'em coming. Love your eye for picture composition.

Anonymous said...

One picture has Torn and Serge seemingly at odds but then the kiss and make up, sweet! Any of the scenes would make a great puzzle. I wonder if Gaudi was Gay? Ed

Snooze said...

I'm with you on the sweets shops.

Will said...

In the years that I've been reading this blog, I swear you're getting handsomer.

I've got to get to Venice before I hang up my international travel days for good. Sometimes pictures of the smaller canals look dank and uninviting--yours make them look warm and very lovely. I'm always a sucker for other people's travel pictures!

Birdie said...

What a great mix of architecture, art, and hunky guys. I have to agree with lemuel that you have a good eye for photo composition. My favorite in this batch is you smooching Serge. What can I say? I'm a softie for love.

Polt said...

You two look just adorable on the balcony. I think that photo sums up all the fun you guys had!

Having said that, I'm anxious for the Penis Photo Saturday! :)


Patricia said...

I'm loving the pictures. I could stare at the first one for a long time. Oh wait, I did.

Laverne said...

Are there ruffles on Serge's shirt?

I like the Lady in Venice picture too.

Lewis said...

I like the LADIES in Venice too....both of you.

Greg said...

The smooch really is the best...and in the bunch of pics like this one, that's saying something!! Of course, carrying the theme, that display counter gets a close second. So sweet...

Those chimneys are pretty amazing, though!

Cooper said...

I don't know which I love more ... sweet shops or book stores. I think maybe that bakery would win ... those merangues! Dunkin' donuts IS pauper food. The sky in the Taormina photo is gorgeous! Ditto the two men romancing on the balcony.

RJ March said...

Stunning photos. I want Venice.

I agree with Coop-- Dunkin Donuts IS pauper food, honey.

GayProf said...

When I was in Germany, I remember thinking that the throw-away pastry that you could buy in the train station was already better than most things you could buy in U.S. "bakeries" (where, you know, nothing is actually baked in-house). Why is Europe so much more sensible about food than the U.S. (and sometimes Canada)?

Anonymous said...


Butch said...

Having to decide which one I would want to do more, books, or that sweet shop, (Cooper) would be an easy decision for me. Why not talk to both owners and combine those two stores?! ( I see sticky books in their future.)

I like your peck on the cheek and all your pictures are beautiful. There was one picture I kept going back to of the street juggler or what ever the act was and wondered if the person was male? There are many features that might suggest it but from one picture, that would not be enough information. It doesn't really matter but that person did catch my eye.

Todd said...

Gaudy is defined as "ostentatiously fine; showy; gay, but tawdry or meretricious." Doesn't describe Antoni Gaudi's work at all. His stuff is brilliant -- we enjoyed seeing his masterpieces earlier this year. All right, it is probably a little "gay."

Etymology from Am. Her. Dict: [Middle English gaudi, gaud, prank, trick, possibly from Old French gaudie, merriment (from gaudir, to enjoy, make merry, from Latin gaudēre, to rejoice) and from Latin gaudium, enjoyment, merry-making (from gaudēre, to rejoice; see gāu- in Indo-European roots).]

Thanks for sharing your photos -- they are terrific and I am glad you had such a nice time!

Doug said...

We saw several of Gaudi's buildings in Barcelona a few years ago. We love his work.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Fantastic pictures!

Mark in DE said...

These photos are fabulous. The one of you kissing Serge on your balcony made me stop and think to myself "Now, seeing this, how could anyone POSSIBLY have issue with gay marriage?"

When Spouse & I went on our (Carnival) cruise we were also seated at a table with 2 mother/daughter couples. The cruise line must seat all the same gender 'couples' at tables together, pairing the opposite gender couples at the rest, which is fine with me.

Mark :-)

Sh@ney said...

Such an adorable couple. Want a house boy? LOL Kidding!

But you do make a cute duo!

Looks like you had a great time too which is nice.

OK Now that I have embarassed myself I am outta here.