Monday, December 10, 2007

Navigating gifting

Here it is, the last crazy week of 2007. For me, anyway. Then it's coasting until the end of January. Even Serge is getting two and a half weeks off this year. One of those weeks we'll spend out in California, but we've got all the holidays to get through first. Speaking of which, I finished almost all my xmas shopping yesterday. I shopped from my computer chair, which is the best place to shop if you ask me. The rudest shock came though when I went back to finish what I had started Saturday. See, my dad had asked me for early seasons of the show "Curb Your Enthusiasm" for Christmas. On Saturday, I plopped the first-5-seasons bundle into my shopping cart at Amazon. I had other things to get at Amazon so I didn't finish putting things into my cart until yesterday. When I reviewed the contents of my cart, I saw that the $79.99 price of the 5-seasons bundle had changed. How much do you think it changed? Well I'll tell you, it was at $174.99 on Sunday. Yes, the price more than doubled overnight. Plus it didn't make sense since individual seasons were only $17 (but went up to $20 on Sunday.) I can't understand what would make the price change like that (supply and demand?) but then it's pretty much the same with gas prices here. They change those like 3 times a day around here and prices fluctuate as much as 15% each time. Serge and I still don't know what we're getting each other. I had asked him for a $300 item which he complained was too expensive. (It's the Ipod Touch. I really, like a giddy kid, want it.) But then he countered with a software program he's been wanting - at $500! (SketchUp) So I complained that that was too much. Then he went and bought it for himself anyway. Now he's poor and saying, "I'm your gift." Pfft. I'm your gift. Please. So I compromised, "Let's just get each other a small $50 thing for each other." This sounded like a good idea until neither of us could think of something we wanted for that price. Oy. We'll figure something out I'm sure.


Petie said...

Does he want that software for work or personal use?

If it's the later, it is available on the dark cove of internet called BitTorrent ;)

If you are not familair with it, I can give you a few tips :)

Petie said...

PS: I presume you have physically tried the Touch right?

I had, as you might have noticed from my blog, and I find that it is rather big for me. It would be too big to fit in my pant pocket. But in your case I guess it should fit better in your shirt pocket.

Also the price of flash memory should drop more later on. If you can wait there will be better and cheaper products to choose from :)

Anonymous said...

It seems a bit rude to me for someone to hint at a gift and then the other person saying outright it is too expensive. For Serge to go out and buy what he wanted anyway is amusing. But what if you were just trying to fool him and had gotten that gift for him? At this time of year it is best to just hint at the things you want and then wait until AFTER christmas and if you didn't get it then go out and buy it yourself. Ed

Lemuel said...

I understand that some websites monitor the cookies and then change features and prices dependent upon the viewer. Maybe they overheard your conversations on the iPod and software and figured you guys had deep pockets. LOL!

Aw, c'mon, Torn! You know that you and Serge are the best gifts you've each ever received.

Doug said...

If Amazon is really doing that, I'd consider not shopping there anymore (if that's possible these days). It'd be like going to the mall and putting something on layaway, and then when you go to pick it up, finding out it's twice the price.

If he's your gift, then put a bow on him and open him up on Christmas. ;)

Laverne said...

heh. Serge makes me laugh. Go buy the Ipod touch for yourself. You don't even put cream in your coffee; you're allowed to treat yourself once in a while to something special. It's okay!

Try to give each other a limit of 15 bucks and see how creative the other can be. No hints allowed.

Could be fun.

Patricia said...

i'da been soooo ticked at the price hike.

we've all but abandoned gifts the last few years, opting to buy something for the house, instead. then we'll sometimes do stockings with little gifts so we still get to shop and open stuff, just on a smaller scale.

Chris said...

Amazon was running their Huge DVD Sale, which had things at cheap, cheap prices. Presumably the sale ended while you sat with things in your cart.

Tisk tisk.

GayProf said...

Holiday shopping is giving me much anxiety.

dirk.mancuso said...

It may have been one of those Amazon one day Super Saver Sales they have. If you still haven't picked up the set(s), go to -- they let you know what the tv specials are at Amazon every day.

I can't wait to find out what you and Serge get one another. You two are so cute.

Jason said...

$300 seems reasonable for that Ipod. As someone who hates telephones, I love the concept. Wonder if it'll go down in price after Xmas?

Frank said...

My wife just took a course on Sketchup and loved it (she's an architect). Luckily they have a version at her office so I won't have to get it for her here.

BTW, I'd also run into that US billing address requirement a few years back. I think it was on Travelocity. I would have thought they had fixed it by now.

The Persian said...

I noticed Dell did the same thing before I bought my new PC. On the site the price is 100$ less than what they send out as a "special deal" via email.


em said...

I can just hear Serge saying, "I'm your gift." It makes me smile.

I agree you should go buy the Ipod for yourself.

Oh Ed's comment made me laugh because we specialize in rudeness.

Christie said...

Ok so Serge gets a $500 proggie and then you BOTH get a $50 item each also?!?! Serge is making out GOOD this year!

Maybe the final price on Amazon was with the Canadian fee :-) said...

Buy a big red bow and put it on your head and let Serge know you're HIS gift and it's time to open it up!

I hope he's faking you out and has the Touch hidden somewhere in the house. No! Don't do an "I Love Lucy" and try to find it.
For $50 a small box of great chocolates would do it.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I can't believe I've missed 4 posts here. Please know I'm up to speed.

I always hated Curb Your... I see Larry David as an old Seinfeld without all the comedic talent.

Wow. SketchUp is $500? Is that graphics software? What does Serge do for a living?

Great group of posts. The snippets were choice as always.

dbv said...

I tried shopping online but with a $15 delivery charge, it just seemed lazy not to run out to the store and get it myself, it's less than a mile. I think the hubby and I are leaning toward a flat screen TV as a joint gift to each other. Happy Holidays!

Snooze said...

I think you should both just get gifts for Sara.

David said...

$300 for iPod?

$500 for a computer program?

Ahh, yes the true meaning of Christmas seems to be buy the most expensive thing.

Not the way I was brought up.

I think you both are crazy. $50 is more smarter, but then you say you can't think of a thing you want that cost that little.

Wow, can I have some that disposable income?

Christopher said...

We've been having a similar discussion around our home too. I think I rather have time together in a place that hasn't any phone service and no internet service either. A chance for us to have some time away with just the two of us.

And besides, at our ages... when we want, or need something we usually run out and get it.


Mark in DE said...

Spouse & I have dispensed with buying each other Christmas and birthday gifts. Instead, we mutually agree on something we both want, buy it, and call it our Christmas gift to each other. It just works better for us.

Too bad about the more-than-doubled DVD prices. That's nuts!

Mark :-)

Steven said...

You sound like an old married couple.

If you added some food into the story, it would resemble my parents' fights.