Friday, December 28, 2007

This n that

I'm getting stressed out about traveling. Actually, it's the possibility of a snowstorm on New Year's Eve/Day that has me worried. The last big storm caused havok at the airport, stranding passengers for days. I don't know why I worry so, there's nothing I can do about it, but it would suck to have our vacation shortened because of it. Serge says I worry too much about, well, everything, and he's probably right, but it's just the way I'm built. I'll be checking the weather a thousand times a day as opposed to my usual hundred.

We've got a party to go to tonight. Last year I was feeling sick and puny for this party, so I hope I make a better impression this year. (Also, I need to look at the pics from last year so I don't accidentally wear the same outfit.) It's at our friend Dan's house who was cursed by having been born nearly the same time as Jesus (allegedly). I hate parties, but I like Dan, so I'll be going and putting on my happy face.

Yesterday, we had to get out of the house as the housecleaner was coming. We didn't HAVE to leave, but we both feel ill at ease playing games on the computer while someone is toiling cleaning up our filth. How do the wealthy with servants do it? They must see class as a much larger distinction in the value of human beings than we do. Anyway, we fled the house and went to the cinema. We wanted to see a movie without a thousand kids attending, so we saw The Kite Runner. Even Serge was drawn into the story and missed his usual mid-movie nap. (Sometimes I have to jab him in the ribs with my elbow if he starts snoring.) Most of the film is subtitled and the dialogue is carried out in an Afghani dialect. The film stayed very true to the book, although I missed the narrative of the protagonist's thoughts which figures highly in understanding the reasons behind his actions and non-actions. Also it's distracting to have to read the subtitles because then you miss the emotions on the faces of the actors. Still, it's a decent film. Okay, I've blathered on enough this morning, gotta go check the weather....


David said...

My understanding of the super-rich is that the new money tends to view the help as non-human, and the old money tends to assume the help is "like family." I mean, you didn't feel uncomfortable if you mom did some cleaning while you watched TV, right?

RoxRocks said...

I couldn't do it, I'd have to run out of the house too!

Try not to worry about the weather. From one worrier to another, worry about something you can control like how many pairs of socks you need and whether or not you will need 14 t-shirts or three.

Plus, if you get stuck in an airport, that would be a good opportunity to make videos and other such wonderfulness for your blog!!

The Persian said...

I wish I could afford a cleaning woman... *sigh*

CoffeeDog said...

Yes, I'd have to flee the house if someone was cleaning it for us. I have to feel the house even when Mrs Coffeedog cleans because I cannot stand the sound of the vacuum if I am not the one operating it. We vacillate about getting someone to clean the house.

I was going to go see I Am Legend today, but that may be postponed due to the fact I have to take my elderly mother to the bank.

Laverne said...

I like that coffeedog has to feel the house.

I have no understanding of the super rich, since I know no one of that status.

A cleaning person would be heaven, but my house is in such a state at the moment, I don't want anyone in here.

I hope all goes well for your flight out to California.

Patricia said...

i want to be able to hire a cleaning person but i'd never be able to look her in the eye without feeling the need to apologize. maybe i should pretend that i have someone coming in every week. that way, my house would stay relatively clean.

christopherc said...

I think worry is over rated by those of us who initiate it in our lives and likewise it's under rated by those like your and my partners who haven't a worry in the world comparatively.

As for staff and helpers; we have staff to help around the inn and cabins and have used the housekeepers for our personal quarters at some points as well; they are very much a part of our family. This familial relation with the kids results in my cooking dinner and their deciding they're going to eat with us upon a whim. I don't feel guilty in the least when I tell them the cost of dinner is their doing the dishes and cleaning the Kitchen. I'm not sure how I would feel about a stranger coming into the house and doing things though.

So, off on your party and trip... relax and worry not over the things you have no control and as a fellow control freak--- control those things which you can!!

With love and warm wishes,

PG said...

You love maps and the mapable ... geography is and weather happens, so rich together don't you think ... maybe weather is the ice cream in your fudge-sunday.

When I anx too much, I try to reinvest my anxiety in something more manageable, like, 'am I paying the help enough?'

Anonymous said...

My mom would clean up the house util it shined if she had a cleaning lady coming over. She would not be happy and there is no way she would sit still while another person cleaned her house. Ed

Truthspew said...

I just hope you're not flying United.

Had a hellish time getting back to Providence from Norfolk a few days ago. Check my blog for details.

Mark in DE said...

Why do you hate going to parties? From this blog you seem like a social person who would have no problem engaging in conversations with other party-goers about more than the weather.

Mark :-)