Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well here we are, the penultimate day of 2007. Like most years, much has changed and much remains the same. I'd like to take stock of things and express gratitude for the experiences and personal enrichment this year provided. Most notable is of course getting rid of nude dancer from our lives, a thing which at the time was so all-consuming, and now with the march of time, seems like only a small stumble in the race of life. Time is magical that way, as you know. As I take stock of my goals for 2007, I see that I've accomplished most of the items, the glaring and odious exception being to quit smoking. That will just have to go to the top of this year's list. This really is going to be the year, no for real I'm telling you, for reals. Sara made it another year. We had both thought 2007 would be her last and I'm delighted to have our girl with us into the new year. She's still got some spunk left in her.

The biggest change has probably been getting the car. After seven years on foot and public transportation, we now have the freedom of going places on the spur of the moment, unlimited by the confines of the public transportation network. It was strange being carless landlords with car-owning tenants, but now it "looks more proper" lol. There's lots more to think about as we close out the year, and that's what I'll be doing today, taking stock, expressing gratitude and looking forward to the new year. It's going to be awesome I just know it.


christopherc said...

I find any year I have that ends with:

1, my not committing homicide;
2, less debt than I started it with;
3, time to rest; and
4, good health has been a good year.

Happy New Year, might 2008 bring you all the best life has to offer!


bardelf said...

Good for you on accomplishing nearly all of your 07 goals, torn.

mainja said...

I love that you used the word penultimate correctly. most people think it's final, not second last.

Sorry, had to geek out for a minute...

RoxRocks said...

I love that when Sara rubbed herself against the sofa, it moved across the floor. lol! She looks pretty spry for an old girl! I'm glad she made it through another year.

You will quit this year. You have to. Cuz I said. :)

Anonymous said...

The older I get the faster time goes by. The faster time goes by the older I feel. This morning at McD's drive-thru: It will be $3.56 sir, including your senior discount. Ed

Lewis said...

"It's going to be awesome,I just know it".....I'll raise my glass to that! Here, here! Happy 2008, my friend.

David said...

Yay, Sarah!

RJ March said...

I've never cared for making resolutions-- they always seem doomed to failure. But I find it increasingly hard to face each new year without running through the list that exists in my head of all the things I should (and shouldn't) be doing.

Please, though, quit smoking. You will make me a happy man.

Best to you and yours.

PG said...

yeah, it will be better!

Please quit with the smoking ... supposing blogistan survives the years, where else will I get my crows .. or lists?

Find something equally dangerous, but much more exciting ... remember to take the camera.

Polt said...

I hope you do quit was lung cancer after smoking for 50 years that took my dad this year. i don't want to see you go through all that too.

And I LOVE Sara videos!!! I truly hope she's still with you guys, and us, at the end of next year as well!


Java said...

Loved the Sara video. We've got an old dog, Ruby, who I doubt will make it to the end of 2008. She tries to be spry. She's a puppy in an old gal's body, poor thing.

David said...

I find these resolutions to be a bit trying. Like for me, getting more fit would be my goal for 2008. But the will seems not to be there.

Same, I guess, with your smoking.

Of course, you have Serge to help (both) to quit.

I have a fat housemate who thinks diet is a more evil than the devil.

I guess, I want will for 2008.

Peace to you both.

Patricia said...

i don't tire of sara videos! the flapping and shaking after bathtime isn't my favorite part of bathing a dog but i do love me some non dog smelling dog!

abnitude said...

loved the sara video, what a cutie. happy new year to you and serge. enjoy each other and thanks for the blogging.

Mark in DE said...

Sounds like you have the right attitude about the closing of a year, taking stock, expressing gratitude, and planning for an awesome new year.

Good luck with quitting smoking! You'll be glad you did.

Happy New Year!

Mark :-)