Friday, December 07, 2007


* The city is one big Christmas card these days, everywhere you look, you see scenes like this.

*I came home the other day and the TV was set to a music channel (one of a bunch of genre based feeds on the cable) that was so pleasant. I was enjoying the Muskrat Love and Theme from Somewhere in Time when they said, "Galaxy Easy Listening Radio." Christ, I'm a geezer.

* The first time I worked a cash register, I was so enthralled with being entrusted with money and working machinery. My enthusiasm was not meant to be interpreted as "I'd like to do this for the next 30 years."

* If you put others' needs before your own, you're either selfless or codependent. If you take care of your own needs first, you're either smart or selfish. I think of these types of conflicting messages as God's jokes.

* I resented so much having to buy snow tires and now I feel like it was the wisest money ever spent.

* Yesterday was the big annual charity drive by the media in Montreal. All the big TV and radio personalities were out ringing their bells collecting. It's fun seeing the "stars" on the streets (freezing their butts off) working for a good cause.

* It costs the city $17 million to clear away the snow after a storm in Montreal. It's 4100 km of streets to clear, and takes 5 days.

* Though 'm gay, I don't really think this is a gay blog. Being gay is just a part of my life, no more or less remarkable than being left-handed or blue-eyed. (One of which I am and the other not.)

* 18 shopping days left and I haven't even started. At least I got the cards out yesterday.


Christopher said...

Love the snippets, lots of high energy, quick witted thoughts. If you're a geezer, I'll take being a geezer any day; I never knew geezers were that hot!!

-C (

Lyvvie said...

I like that this is your blog and not a gay blog, too. But you're left handed?! How perverse!!!

Timmy said...

I havent started shopping either. If it werent for the last minute, I wouldnt get anything done!

Doug said...

Is it possible to be smart and codependent?

It's easy to tell what the holidays are all about by the countdown.

Anonymous said...

OMG! you're Gay! I thought you just lived with a man to save money. So you feel that you were born Gay? I think I was too since I was attracted to other guys even before I knew about sex.
I listen to golden oldies and know most of the words. Much of the new stuff sounds like noise to me. Yep, I'm a geezer too. Ed

Polt said...

The music thing always gets me....imagine my horror when, earlier this year, I heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana on a Classic Rock station!!!!!!

HUGS, from one old geezer to another...

Lemuel said...

"...Christ, I'm a geezer..."

Torn, you're not even CLOSE! LOL!

I loved the comment about the snow tires. I've had a few of those moments of "enlightenment" myself during my lifetime: money I've spent begrudgingly or things I've done reluctantly that later I come to realize they were among the wisest things I've done.

Maurice said...

Oh, okay, maybe you're a little bit of a geezer, but nothin' wrong with that. And no, Sticky Crows isn't a "gay blog," whatever that would be.

Cincy Diva said...

You must have been really really gay for California to kick you out and make you move to Canada!
Have a great weekend!

Patricia said...

i had the same thought yesterday when you said you'd been nominated for best glbt blog. being nominated as a best blog is not surprising, though :)

that's a lotta money for every single storm you guys get.

i listen to similar cable-provided music stations and i've been known to put the 70s on all day long. i know those songs better than today's. geezer? check!

RoxRocks said...

Your blog talks more about poo than about being gay. You should also be nominated for best poop blog, is there such an award?

The whole "others first" "selfish" thing is something I struggle with. I think the key is balance. Sometimes when you "put others first" you have to remember to be a little "selfish" too.

Shopping done. Cards done but still on the table. No tree. House in disarray. Panic will set in soon, I'm sure.

dbv said...

18 shopping days??

GayProf said...

Yeah -- It's much in the same way that I don't think of my blog as a Wonder Woman blog.

Cooper said...

I have become a Daddy blogger ... or that aspect is a rootlet extending from my essentially tree in the forest blog.

I have finished my shopping but haven't wrapped anything yet.

Yesterday we bopped around the house singing Santa Baby to each other. It was so much fun.

Those snowtires are worth your weigh in gold (and Serge's)!


Java said...

If being a geezer is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

I've been wondering about your current attitude concerning those snow tires.

How do you define "gay blog?" This is a good blog, IMHO, and you are gay, but gosh, there is so much more than glbt. Like snow, and poop, and teaching English.

RJ March said...

Plainly, this is a blue-eyed, right-handed, gay blog, which is why we love it so much. It's just not ALL gay.

dawn said...

I always thought of this as a left-handed blog. Or blue eyed. Definitely not gay though.

Lacey said...

poo blog works for me

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

The only time I don't feel self-satisfied and smug about living in the desert is when you post those beautiful pics. Seems a wonderful place to live.

Mark in DE said...

"Christ, I'm a geezer."

I know the feeling. When my young nephews were visiting during Thanksgiving I heard my parents' words coming out of my mouth (about washing hands, talking instead of screaming, etc) and I couldn't believe my ears! It made me feel like a geezer.

Mark :-)