Friday, December 21, 2007


* The city keeps telling everyone to be patient with the snow removal. Now they're calling for rain on the weekend and if that happens, they may not be able to finish the job because it will turn the mounds of snow into mounds of ice. Oy.

* I can't watch this as it makes me cringe. Still, I'm not ashamed of being an amateur.

* Finished shopping for spouse yesterday. One of the things I got is a bathroom scale. He always oohs and ahhs as we pass them in Costco. He hates snippets so I figure I'm safe revealing it here.

* If I gave to every charity that has approached me this holiday season, I'd have had nothing to give to my loved ones.

* Does it make me weird that I avoid throwing garbage into other's trashcans? I was getting my haircut yesterday and instead of putting my wrapper in his trash, I put it in my bag and brought it home to put into my trash. I thought, "He doesn't need to be taking out my garbage." Codependent, perhaps, but I'd like to think of it as politeness..

* Gas is about $4.40 a gallon here. I know those of you down south think you pay a lot. I invite you to think again.

* Here's my proof of my best score yet on 50 is the maximum.

* I can't recall what age I stopped worrying about what others think and only concerned myself with what I think. It wasn't too long ago though.

* There has been an abundance of advertising on the television for Stool Softener lately. Just in time for those pipe clogging holidays, I suppose. I love their slogan, "It doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go."

* Everybody is dragging their kids up here. Up and down the street pedestrians tow their little ones on sleds. The children seem to love it, though I fail to see the allure.

* Murphy's cousin's law. The line at the cashier will always be inversely proportional to the time you've got to finish shopping. Got lots of time? Tiny little line. Pressed for time? That line's gonna be snaking around the store.


CoffeeDog said...

Love your rendition of Have Yourself a Merry xmas!

icampillo said...

You are wasting a career as comedian.

birdoparadise said...

I loved your music video! Instead of cringing at a mistake, grin like Liberace. Your smile will get you through.

Some time ago I perused your YouTube files when you had put a video up. My personal favorite: "I Dance For You." Bears reposting, that one.

Lemuel said...

One of my fondest memories of my oldest son was pulling him on a sled at age 2 or so to the grocery store over streets that were covered with snow. So I relate to those people. Maybe it is a "parent" thing.

chicagomontreal said...

Your piano playing is amazing. I like the little head shakes while you're playin.

This weekend is going to be brutal weatherwise.

Anonymous said...

I so love that you carry a bag to the Barber. The Piano playing was wonderful. When you Jazzed it up I got chills. Please make an album here is the title: Richard Tornwordo-A touch of Jazz. I sang along with this one of my favorites Christmas songs written by Mel Torme. If that Piano is rockin' then don't bother knockin'. I have the sniffles too. Ed

dbv said...

I just finished watching another video of a guy playing with his organ. Oh wait, nevermind. Happy Holidays!

David said...

* Uh oh

* There is always such pleasure in creative expression.

* Well, as long as it makes him happy.

* Yup.

* Yes it makes you weird, but as long as it makes you happy...

* No car. Yay, me.

* ???

* I'm almost there.

* I imagine it fills you with joy.

* I get it.

* As firm as any law of the universe.

Paul said...

I love, love, love your Christmas tune! I can't believe that whole arrangement is on one page, were you improvising? And your facial expressions ... they were a hoot.

Stool Softener? I also can't believe they put THAT on TV. Is the problem that wide-spread ???

Patricia said...

how fun to watch you play piano!

your freerice score is impressive. i'm obsessed with obtaining that 50 one day.




Doug said...

Funny how we all hate our own talents while others love them. Your piano playing was marvelous! Perhaps because of the little mistakes.

Why does Serge hate snippets?

Honesty in advertising. Dudley Moore would be proud.

cameron5408 said...

I enjoyed your piano playing!

You didn't mangle the end much. ;)

The thing that would drive me crazy is the wobbly keyboard which made the music rack shake -- it looks like you almost lost the pages during the "jazzy" part towards the end.

Just as you started the upbeat section, it sounded like someone was whistling in the background. I thought that spouse was getting into it, then I realized it was a siren!

Brad said...

49 ? ***hangs head in shame and wimpers*** - I can barely break 42.

Java said...

I liked the musical number rather a lot, maybe because I can barely plink out "Mary had a little lamb." Seriously, torn, you should get a piano that can stand up to your jazz beat. I was afraid that little sucker, though it has a good sound, was gonna wind up on the floor.
Just this morning I took my little handful of trash out of an office and put it in the municipal garbage can placed for my convenience on the sidewalk outside the building. I like to think of it as civic responsibility.
I have 6 children in my home. 4 of them came from elsewhere and we brought them here to care for them. I figure they are my first priority for 'charity.' Though on the other hand it is good to teach them about giving charitably. But after last night's grocery run to the tune of $344 (US) it may be a moot point.

GayProf said...

Wait -- The rain will make ice?? I thought that it would make the snow melt faster.

Let me tell you -- I wish that I still lived in Boston and didn't need a car. The cost of gas is just one of the reasons.

I like listening to you play (especially when it involves the knowing glances that you give to the camera).

Frank said...

The music was fun, thanks.

Lewis said...

Sassy, sexy, excellent! Loved the piano'll have to come play ours when you guys come for a little visit to Portland. My honey plays's such a joy to hear good music in the house. PS....what were you lookin at out the window atime or two when you glanced up??

don said...

Thank you.
I gots all vahklempt and everthing watching your vid. This Chrismassy sort of feeling came all over me. Sniff...
Joyeux Noel mes amis

abnitude said...

enjoyed your holiday music performance. i admire anyone playing an instument since i have no musical alent whatsoever. it was great...happy holidays to you and spouse.

PG said...

Like he said! Liberace! So sweet to share, cher, semayell!!!!.

Petie said...

I like it :) I also like your haircut ;) I just had one myself today.

Now your looks black : I thought you have brown hair :P

Anonymous said...

I would pay $4.40 a gallon without whimpering if it would mean having health care for all U.S. Citizens. Thousands of us are dying every day because the conservative rich care more about their pets than fellow human beings. They now cover pets in their car insurance if they are injured from a wreck. Ed

Summer said...


James in Washington said...

Awesome. The most christmassy carol I have heard/seen all week. I loved it. Thanks for sharing it.

Lacey said...

great job on the piano. dude, you rock.