Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ever seen a pet squirrel?

Yay, I made two weeks smoke free. Of course it crossed my mind that to celebrate, I could have one, but that would be like celebrating your sobriety with a drink. Plus I don't want one. Really. But I've been down this road too many times to declare victory. It's always the cockiness that sets in at four-five months that sabotages me. Must keep my guard up at all times. And anyway I'm still addicted to nicotine. I'm down to one cartridge a day which I guess is the equivalent amount of nicotine in four cigarettes (if I can believe what I'm reading) and they recommend that when you are down to 1 or 2 cartridges per day, that you should stop. There's no rush though, they recommend that you use it for several months.

I went for one of my long walks yesterday. I saw a guy with a pet squirrel. It had a little collar/harness thing with a chain leash attached. The squirrel just hung out on his shoulders. I didn't want him to see me taking a picture because he was hustling money and I didn't have any. I had just spent all I had on a sandwich and was heading to old Montreal to eat it. So I took the picture when he wasn't noticing.

Oh and I scored tickets to the show Kathy Griffin is hosting Thursday night. They must not be going to sell out because I got them two for one. I look forward to some hearty laughing.

Oh and this stole several hours of my life. Again.


Greg said...

Oh, god, don't give me a link to Super Mario!

Shame you didn't get a better shot of squirrel man. He looks, uh...interesting. Meanwhile, it looks like the chick in pink was getting ready to slug you for taking her picture.

Roxrocks said...

Two weeks is two weeks, dude! Be happy! My SIL the Tanorexic, used Champix (sp) to quit. She's off the meds and it's been about three months or so, I think. If that bitch can quit on that stuff,then I recommend it if your current plan doesn't get you the results you desire. That's informercial speak for "if you blow it, here's a backup plan!" LOL!

Yeah, pink t-shirt girl looks deranged.

Patricia said...

I dunno what it is about Kathy Griffin (well I do, but I don't want to make a list) but she bugs the crap out of me.

A squirrel on a leash. Why oh why?

"Just David!" said...

congrats on two weeks!!

Birdie said...

I have a long list of "productivity enhancers," should you ever tire of Mario. This will keep you occupied for hours.

Invite Squirrelman to your place so Sara can get some exercise! We can't even say the word "squirrel" at our house without the dog going nuts. We are reduced to using code words like "rodent."

Petie said...

Squirrels are sold here as pet in Chatuchak weekend market. Although I rarely saw one who actually have them out and out, I did saw some people with squirrel on their shoulders with leash.

But that squirrel is HUGE!! Looks like the size of puppy :O

Lyvvie said...

Yay for two weeks!

I had a pet squirrel for a short while in 1990. My cat had cornered this baby squirrel in the garden, where it was making an almighty racket. My dad wandered out to see what it was, shooed away the cat and put his hand out to the wee thing, which climbed onto his hand. I got home later that afternoon and found a cat carrier on the kitchen table with the words "Baby squirrel" written on the bars.

I fed that wee thing, let him sleep curled up in my cleavage (because he still needed to be kept at over 80F or he'd go stiff) and he was with me constantly for a couple months. He'd hide under my hair and wrap his tail around my neck, climb around me like I was a tree. He'd sit in the pocket of my t-shirt, his wee nose and beady eyes peeking out. I took him to college classes with me and he was always very well behaved. Never pooped down my blouse once. He was great.

But the call of the wild came and one day as he was tormenting the local squirrels on a seed table and he didn't want to come back. Must have found a female he wanted to jump trees with. I never had him on a leash because I figured one day he'd want to go wild again. It was nice.

I love Kathy Griffin! She's so funny.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin is a gal who says what she thinks. I l-o-v-e her!
Isn't it illegal to keep wild animals as pets?
My neighbor had a pet coon and when it grew up he put it in a cage and left it. His poor Mama had to feed it and it got mean. One day she opened the cage door and it lunged at her. She threw up her arm and it grabbed on and took out a large chunk. It was going for her throat and would have killed her.
Congrats on the smokless days and nights. Ed

Enemy of the Republic said...

Congratulations on 2 weeks! You can do it, Torn! If I was able to quit, anyone can. Fight the beast within! And think of all that money you'll save so you can go back to Italy or buy some more SuperMario software!!!

Seriously, I am learning to practice Reiki and I have just been attuned to level 2 which means I can give distant energy. If you want, I will send Reiki to help you quit; it also goes whereever it is needed so it can help in other ways. Heck, it can't hurt. I did it for one guy long distance and I've been practicing in person on my husband and my cats.

GayProf said...

Squirrels are just rats with a better wardrobe.

bob said...

What's the 'cartridge'? Larry was on Nicorette for almost six months ... but he hasn't touched a ciggie for nearly ten years now, so I say whatever works for you, keep it going.

David said...

There's a restaurant in the West Village with a back garden and a domesticated squirrel sometimes interacts with the patrons there. He is tiny, though.

I'm shocked that Kathy Griffin's show isn't selling out. Is it a huge space or is she not as popular in Canada? I love her.

Butch said...

One of my aunts had a wild squirrel that befriended her and would also sit on her shoulder or my uncle's. He would put a peanut in between his teeth and the squirrel would take it out. I can only imagine all the mistakes the squirrel made before it got that trick right. ;-)

My aunt also had a recipe for, ( for those of you who do not want to know this, stop reading. . .)
Squirrel's head gravy to be served with squirrel as the meat entry.
( You just knew I was going to do it but, I couldn't help it. Actually, it was quite tasty. When I was in Vietnam I had eaten things I would not mention so you're safe. ) ;-)

Anonymous said...

I once house sat for someone that had a pet squirrel. Little sucker was a nasty one until it came time for feeding. Gave him a few peanuts and suddenly he was my best buddy.

They're funny like that. Give em' food and they're yours.

Congrats on the two week mark. Hopefully you'll be able to break the habit permanently.

Mark in DE said...

Nope, never heard of a pet squirrel. Interesting...

I'm so jealous that you're going to see Kathy Griffin. I love her! Have a fab time.

Mark :-)

travelling, but not in love said...

He looks like he's eating a squirrel.

Or is that a beard?

mainja said...

i suggested to john that when he hit the one month mark he should treat himself to something.

i suggested a massage, he decided on some techy gadget. whatever works for ya. *grin*