Friday, July 25, 2008


* I got some good shots at the Botanical Gardens this week. All the dahlias are in bloom. Trying out the macro functions on the camera, I got this nice closeup shot. I left it pretty big if you click it.

* It's been so hot and humid around here that the towel I use to dry off after my morning shower is mildewed by the next day.

* Rosy-Lipped Batfish

* Here's something fairly new I've noticed. I'll be surfing the net and the ads all come up in French no matter where I surf. I guess very few English speakers live in my neighborhood. It also shows you how your IP address is being used to target advertising to you.

* I drove by a field yesterday (had to run to Costco for some cream cheese, of course I left a hundred and seven dollars poorer, which to be honest, is probably the lowest amount I've ever spent there) and there were bursts of yellow color created by wildflowers. I thought it looked like pieces of the sun had fallen on the meadow.

* These are the orchid people. There were several types like this where the flowers had "faces".

* Being snide, Em noted that I'm not living in Canada, I'm just living in America Adjacent.

* There was a beeping sound all day yesterday and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It sounded "beep" about every 10 seconds and each time I went to the area where it sounded like the sound was coming from, it sounded like it was coming from elsewhere. Maddening. Finally, last evening, I figured it out. It was the dishwasher, though I have no idea why it was making that sound. All I did was close it completely and it stopped.

* This was at the Just for Laughs festival. David and I both took pictures of us being the swung around lady.


Anonymous said...

First let me say that $107 is a lot to pay for cream cheese. It makes me woder if they have Philadelphia Cream Cheese or if they call it something else like Winnipeg Cream Cheese?
The Lady Slipper Orchids are lovely. How about you and Serge re-enacting that picture with the girl being swung around by the tall guy?
Have a happy smoke free weekend! ed

Patricia said...

I dunno which is creepier. The orchid people or the swung lady. That's not natural.

The dahlia takes my breath away.

Birdie said...

Ooh, I'm with Ed: re-enact that photo with Serge. Is it me, or do those orchids look like they've had too much to drink? At least they're trying to smile.

Greg said...

While $107 for cream cheese is a lot to pay, it helps make it clearer why you were so very pissed to find that big air pocket a while back.

Hey, I dreamt I was at a cocktail party at your apartment this morning! I think it was your place, anyway (is it very narrow, with all kitchens?), as Serge was acting all host-y with trays of jalapeno poppers and martinis and cake. I had NO idea you guys knew Betty White.

Day Seven, baby!! I'm keeping the Quit!!

Lemuel said...

Pictures are marvelous, as usual.

We live in an interesting world in which others seem to know more about us than we do ourselves.

latt├ęgirl said...

This post best viewed on acid.

GayProf said...

Greg should get a ribbon for drawing connections between this entry and one from long ago.

The orchid people and the swinging guy look eerily the same.

Butch said...

I love the Orchid people. I had one Columbine flower that photographed with a face in it. Very strange. The Swinging lady takes the cake, what a hoot!

Roxrocks said...

Are Dahlias perrenials? Now THAT'S a flower!

America Adjacent?! That Em is a cheeky bird, isn't she?!

Mark in DE said...

Wow, the orchid people are amazing! I've never seen anything like it before.

What, no non-smoking reference today? Congrats anyway.

Mark :-)

Mike T. said...

Whoa! What great shots! You do a nice job with the camera.

Mike. :^)

-Tony- said...

you've inspired me - i need to get my cameras out and go for a walk!

Dantallion said...

Those orchids are a little creepy...

Greg said...

Great picture of the dahlia. Scary picture of the swinging lady.

Sh@ney said...

They are some wicked photo's. I just love the orchids!

And well that fish, mmmmm a little bit scary...LOL

Hope you are well & happy gorgeous!

Summer said...

You know I love flower pictures! I want some orchid people!

The Hunky Gardener said...

I not so sure about the orchid people? looks like they may strangle in the night?