Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pics of late

Even though the jazz festival is finished this weekend, we have oodles of other festivals to go. Next up is the Just for Laughs festival. I may break down and get Kathy Griffin tickets.

Serge and Ida at the jazz fest. Ida's been staying with us the past couple of days. I appreciated having a non-smoker around me.

You want porn? We don't discriminate here. Something for everyone's taste, step on inside....

This is either a clever tactic to thwart graffiti or evidence of someone's obsession.

You wouldn't believe how many church door pictures I have. I should put together a book.

This sign made me laugh. Yes, I'm still 13.

That dog was IN the fountain just moments before. His master called him out.

Is this a lady Buddha? I stumbled upon this temple with this very large statue in the courtyard.

Nothing else to report really. It's boring to be around me lately as I only have one thing on my mind. Don't smoke. (So far so good!)


"Just David!" said...

Once you've made it thru the first week, you should be fine! Congrats on making it this far!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Hooray! it's Richard's smokeless days! The goons at the Tobacco company are mad because one of their slaves is free. A long life I for see. Many years complete smoke free. The breath of life for thee. Congrats and cheers. Ed

Greg said...

A church door coffee table book.


CoffeeDog said...

I am 13 too, I giggled at the sign.

Kathy Griffin! You can't touch tickets here, they always sell out quickly.

don said...

Don't smoke.
Don't play with your balls in public.
Don't let your dog play in the fountain.
C'est une peu trop, n'est ce pas. Go see Kathy Griffin. She loves her gays.

Doug said...

Hehe, I giggled, too. *sigh*

Lewis said...

I must admit that my two favorites were the church door and the peep show. Near and dear to my heart.

Jen said...

We have a chlorinated, dog-friendly fountain at City Hall here in Ottawa. It's great. We're there daily when it's hot. Parents with wading kids sometimes give us a hairy eyeball, but the security guards only ever warn parents about how racoons and the nameless fear of "homeless people" come to the fountain at night. I have some pretty choice words for the next security guard with the homeless warning...

em said...

I want to know about the statue too! I love that dog picture. What's with the church doors? Ida looks beautiful and I love that picture of Serge.

Also, Ed's rhyme made me laugh.

GayProf said...

Even the peep-show theaters are heavily stylized in Montréal. Why do I continue to live in the U.S. rust belt?

Roxrocks said...

Go to Just for Laughs! My boyfriend George Stromboulopoulis is the MC of the "Ethic" portion. I watched about 4 hours of Kathy Griffin on YouTube last night...she totally makes me laugh!

anabel said...

That statue is Kwan Yin, the godess of mercy and compassion. She's easy to spot because she always has a vessel of some sort to pour her compassion out of. Sometimes it's upright and other times it's mid-pour like it is here.

My "Kyin" Kung Fu style of martial arts is a derivative of the word Kwan Yin so I know a bit about her. The art origainated from the Kwan Yin monestery in southern China.

David said...


Porn theaters? They still exist?

Love the pics, BTW. And a nice table coffee sized book on Church doors would be interesting. It could sell. Hell, if people buy Tori Spelling books, they'll buy this.

And yours would be classy.

Nearly a week of non-smoking is a great step for you, Torn. You are awesome. I'm rooting for you.

Also, when you come to LA later, bring some water and cooler weather to help put out the damn fires. Jebus, the air sucks here, and I don't have health issues.

Well, not really. Anywho, keep up the good vibes of a smoke free life. And tell Serge, while adorable, he needs to quit also.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox.


lattégirl said...

I love your Montreal pictures because you have a knack for catching unusual details. I hope you score good Just for Laughs tickets... nothing like a couple of hours of helpless laughter! I was fortunate to see some great comedians - Eric Idle, Scott Thompson, and even the Smothers Brothers (old-timers) were hilarious.

christopherc said...

It looks like you folks had a wonderful day out! I love Jazz Festivals and am looking forward to a jazz and blues festival here in our little town this week. Hopefully, it'll also provide lots and lots of folks looking wine too!!!

Great photos, Love the look on the face of Serge!


Petie said...

Anabel is correct, that's the statue of Kwan Yin.

She is much revered among Thais and Thai-Chinese people here as well. Many of her followers will not eat beef according to her lore.

There are several temples dedicated to her in Bangkok alone. And several more in the South of Thailand as well.

Sunshine said...

Well at least your problems with this guy have gone with him now. Yes, you will have to recover the cost but it's probably worth it. :)

Well done with the quit smoking thing. Hang in there. Apparently Sam says it does get easier. :)

Butch said...

Great set of pictures. I think it's a great idea putting a book together of church windows and it would sell as well. You might narrow it down to church window of Montreal or something like that.
(church windows of the world) That will give you an excuse to travel more and you can write it off as work related!! ;-)

Lemuel said...

The doors of churches and other public buildings often offer the most fascinating glimpses into art and architecture (as well as theology for the church doors).

A quaint small town about a half hours from my hometown had a poster made (and sold) a number of years ago that was a grid of images of various doors around the town. It was quite nice.

Mark in DE said...

Great photos! I laughed at the "Don't play with balls" sign too, which I guess makes me 13 too.

Mark :-)