Sunday, February 05, 2012


* Hey y'all, it looks like that once a month thing for the blog might be doable. I've really gotten out of the habit of not only writing the blog, but reading others too. There just isn't enough time in the day for everything I have to do and everything I want to do. So it keeps getting shoved down the list.

* I'm a student now! I started the master teacher program and now I have homework. Lots of homework. Luckily, the topic is interesting and useful. We're learning how to do our craft better. I made my first concept map. It's probably not very good since it's my first one, but it was fun to make.

* I've always used No Name plastic wrap because the Glad was so much more expensive. I noticed that Glad had a much bigger version so it would last much longer and I splurged and got it. It's CRAP! They call it the cling wrap and it doesn't cling at all! Not only that but it bursts every time I use it in the microwave. Totally inferior product compared to the No Name. Just because it costs more doesn't make it better. Case in point.

* Winter has been remarkably subdued this year. Yes it's cold, yes there's snow on the ground but it's just not been extreme. I keep waiting for our penance, but the long range shows the pattern continuing. Fine by me.

* Really love the ipad 2. I've stopped doing nearly everything I did on the ipod touch and do it on the ipad now. The only exception is music. I'm keeping the ipod for music since that fits nicely in my pocket.

* I finally got the car lock fixed and is it just me or are ALL mechanics hustlers? Here's two examples. Mechanic: Sir your brake plates are very rusted. Me: What you guys installed them 6 months ago. Mechanic: Oh you must have driven quite a bit. Me: No, I hardly used the car ar all, look 4000 kilometers. Mechanic: Oh well then that's why. Me (keeping it in my head) Fucking asshole. Here's another. Mechanic on phone: Sir we can't fix the parking brake unless we change the plates. Me: Well the plates are guaranteed somewhere else so just forget the parking brake for now. Mechanic: Okay. Then when I go to pick it up, lo and behold they found a way to do it anyway. 24 hours later though, my brakes started making a huge noise. Makes me think they put it back together loosely so I'd have to come right back.

* Even if it hasn't been all that cold, in the morning if it's below minus 10C, I put Georgie's mittens on. He doesn't mind. He even lifts his feet one at a time to let me put them on. So cute.

* My mom caught a 286 pound tuna last week! (Not sure if that's the one in the picture, she caught many and they all look the same to me lol)  It's her personal best for tuna. She's still aching for that 300 pounder and 3 people caught 300 pounders on the trip she was on, but not her. Next time maybe.

* Classroom funny. One of my students was doing a presentation about cleaning products and comparing them to recommend the best choice. One of the things she was comparing was how she said, Penis All. I of course stopped her and said, "What?" She repeated, "Penis All." Can you guess the product and the mother tongue? I cried laughing.

* I'm sure there's more, but I've got to go workout and finish my homework. Lots of reading homework. It's kind of dry so I frequently read a whole page but realize I've been daydreaming the whole time and then have to read the dang page again.

Have a great February peeps!