Saturday, March 01, 2014

Winter can stop now

Once again I must apologize for my lengthy absence. If you know me, then you know that dang Facebook has eaten up most of my free time, of which there has been very little since last time I wrote. Oh yes, we went on vacation over the holidays but I never really was good at blogging while on vacation. So because I have no arching narrative to divulge, I am just going to fall back on my snippet and picture formula and catch you all up that way.

* Winter hit hard and nasty up here. And it hasn't let up. I finally bit the bullet and hired a guy to clear the snow in front of the garage.

* So on Christmas day we left home where it was 20 below F, and landed in Los Angeles where it was 80 degrees. 100 degree difference. Here we are in the car with Grandma headed to the family xmas party.

* The next day we went out to Palm Springs and Melanie cast on for the scarf I wanted to knit. I have since begun another scarf and cast on myself. Easy peasy.

* There was an unfortunate incident with the transferring of the photos in Palm Springs and we lost all our beautiful hiking pics that we had taken. Oh well, just another excuse to go hiking again in Indian Canyons.

* We spent a week tooling around visiting friends and then went to camp mommy as usual.

* Then our flight got cancelled and it was a headache getting rebooked but the weather was so delightful, it made missing work (and $$) a bit more bearable. This picture garnered quite the hatred from those living in the icebox that has been this winter.

* I cranked that scarf out in two and a half weeks and I was able to give it to Bryan for his 50th birthday. I liked it so much, I have started another with blue red and purple yarn. The pattern was unplanned but it came out neato if I do say so myself.

* A couple weeks later our friends paid us a visit and although it was pretty dang cold, we tripped around town and played tourist.

* First time I went snow shoeing and dang it was another very cold day (all the coldest days in winter are the sunniest) I sweat up a storm. We must use different muscles for snow shoeing because I was crippled the next day. Next thing I need to try is cross country skiing. I want to embrace the winter instead of snarling at it.

* I think this is the first year ever that Serge and I have done something for Valentine's day. We took a guided moonlit snow shoe walk on freshly fallen snow. We had mulled wine and truffles in the forest on Mont Royal. Pretty darn romantic.

* Other than that, we have been cocooning and working. I learned the hard way that I am highly allergic to the beard dye but I hate the white chin so I found some organic dye that doesn't mess me up. We are really looking forward to going to Florida at the end of the month to shop for new property managers. We don't trust ours and we have to claim all of forty five bucks each net profit on the property we bought there last June. Hardly the investment we thought we were getting. Oh well live and learn, right? Mostly though it will be nice to visit a warm place after the bitch of a winter we have had. Again sorry for my absence, I am hoping this spring will afford me more free time to nurture this here blog thing. Smooches to you all.

* Bonus video: A glimpse into our mundane life and my absolutely favorite song.