Sunday, September 16, 2012

Taste of Fall

Hiya peeps. Long time no write. Sorry about that. I'm still making it about once a month though at least. Today it was 42 degrees when I took the dog out. A real first shot of fall. I like it. I think last time (I'll go check...) yes indeed, last time I was here, I was facing two unexpected weeks off. I ended up going down to Ogunquit, Maine with a friend for a couple of days. It was beautiful, just like I remembered it, but the water was still too cold to go swimming.

As you can see, it was gorgeous. There is another photo though that I'm not posting here that David took of me on the beach. OMG, now I remember why I stopped taking my shirt off. There's a pot of jelly over my abs. So as soon as I got back, I started the diet again. I'm going to get my bod back if it's the last thing I do.

We did a big clean up and reorganized our office. Threw a bunch of things out and discovered a disc with some old photos on it. Found a pic of how my stomach once looked. THAT picture I will post here, haha.

What's funny is that I remember I hated this picture. Not ripped enough, lol. Ah how our criteria mellow over the years. Anyway, motivated. Lost 3 pounds in two weeks already. Yay!

Serge and I also went for a couple of hikes at local nature parks. The first one didn't allow dogs, but I found out the municipal nature parks do allow dogs, so today we took Georgie out and he absolutely LOVED it. We need to take him more. Of course now he's a total blob meister. Here's a Georgie pic for ya.

We had an election too and the separatist party won but not a majority. Whew. I hate the xenophobic rhetoric up here from the hard line separatists. The francophones will swear up and down that they just want to protect their language and culture, but the flip side of that coin is xenophobia because what they are really saying is that they are afraid those that are non-francophone will alter or take away what exists now. Fear based = phobia. Anyway, I was pleased they didn't get all the power.

I guess that's about it. Work season is back on and I've got my second group of nurses tomorrow. 15 students so it will be a busy week. Thanks for stopping by and see you next time.