Tuesday, October 01, 2013

September shenanigans

Where has the time gone? September flew by in a flash. I owe October 2 posts to make up for it. Best chance of that happening is to post on the first. So here I am. What has been going on the last month, you wonder? Well not if you are on FB as I am pretty active there although I usually just post a picture with a little blurb. I wonder if one day the word 'blog' will be forgotten. But I digress.

I went back to work the 29th of August, slowly, from one day a week to four over the course of the month. Money is finally dribbling back in after this summer of blown budgets.

Our piercings are going quite well. Better for me than for Serge. I can play with it now with no sensitivity. We disinfected the piercing every day for a couple weeks. Here we are doing just that at the beginning of the month. Yes, I know the mirror is dirty, but neither Serge nor I can understand how it gets like that.

Georgie has been doing much much better. We have followed the vet's advice to keep him calm (as much as you can with a dog) and stopped even going on walks. At MIL's house, which you see above, Georgie got out into the yard and got into the neighbor's yard and then thought it was a game as we tried to catch him, ran and ran and ran and then was practically crippled the rest of the week. So now we know that strenuous activity is to be avoided.

We have tried a couple of restaurants we have never been to this month. One, a French bistro in our neighborhood that we finally tried after seven years, and also a breakfast place in the village. Here, you see my 'breakfast poutine'. Potatoes, cheese, sausage, bacon and hollandaise topped with fried eggs. It was delicious, but I mean what isn't covered in hollandaise sauce.

We also participated in the 'kiss-in', an event to protest the policies against LGBT people in Russia. Here we are in front of the Russian consulate with hundreds of other same-sex kissers. We were in the news and on TV. Plus, I got more likes for this picture on FB than any other photo I've ever posted - over 100!

The Wednesday happy hour gang. We have gone out every week in September. The weather has been delightful and the company stimulating.

We also went to our first corn maze. We spent a couple hours trying to navigate our way through, but there were so many dead ends and everything looks the same. It was difficult to know if you had already been in that spot. We finally cheated and went through the corn walls to get out.

Our friends from Halifax, who we can't post pictures of, took us to one of our fave restaurants in town. Pinxto, which is a Catalonian restaurant. I loved the blood sausage. We have hung out with the boys all week and today they are headed home.

Finally got my Camp Camp stained glass piece I made up. I am happy with how it turned out. The deck looks awful here because we were getting ready to paint it again.

Here it is all done. There were a couple rainy weeks and we weren't sure if we would get it done before the party on Sunday, but finally we got a dry week and got it done. Primered and put two coats on. It's hard to see Georgie turds now, something Serge hadn't thought about when he ordered this color.

The boys also taught me how to make awesome rolls. When I get the chance I'll post the recipe in the comments.

Then we had our corn boil. We had about 25 friends and family over to feast on corn and munchies. It was a wonderfully warm and sunny day. But we drank for 9 hours straight! Once everyone went home, Serge and I started dancing. And for some reason we took a couple videos of it. Serge put one on FB, but I think this one is better. Again, drinking for nine hours....

It cracks both me and Serge up. Hope you got a chuckle too. So now you are all caught up and I am off to work. Thanks for stopping by! Mwah!