Sunday, September 01, 2013

A week at Camp Camp!

Hey sticklers, less than a month has passed and I'm blogging! It does seem to be a dying art what with the timesuck that is Facebook. There is still something I like better about the blogging format where we can flesh out our ideas instead of trying to come up with pithy one liners for our Facebook photos and posts. And so I blog....

So the big thing that happened this month is Campcamp! It turned out that there was a last minute cancellation and I still had time off so we made a rash decision (I blame the mother in law who had visited on the spur of the moment and coaxed us into noon martinis.) We have regretted pushing the buy button before when under the influence, and there was a bit of regret the next day when I realized how much it was costing, but in the end it was a miraculous week full of gifts. Here let me walk you through our experience.

We loaded up the car and left a day early to break up the drive. It was a gorgeous day, something that was repeated the entire week. We decided to overnight in Stowe and see what it was like in the summer.

I must have been a bit stressed out because I got a cold sore ugh, right when we left. I get mine on the base of my nose between the two nostrils. So pretty. We stayed at the Riverside Inn which had great prices and free wifi.

We walked around town and picked up some more of that olive relish we liked the last time we came. Then we found a place to eat and tried fried pickles for the first time. Yum! Greasy, salty, sour goodness.

The next day we drove through Vermont and New Hampshire on our way to Maine. We picked up a baguette with cheese and salami and wine and had ourselves a picnic in the most beautiful spot. Crawford Notch state park in New Hampshire. Would love to go back and camp and explore.

And then we arrived at Camp! It was rather overwhelming going through the welcoming, registration, photo taking, name chip making, mail bag making process, but the energy was so positive I just knew it was going to be fun.

The next day we had a ceremony where all 240 of us introduced ourselves and then we had some activities to help get to know one another. The whole first 24 hours had my head spinning.

We then took the adventure course training and Serge got to practice a bit on the spider web. As it turned out, that was the only thing he did since he gets so panicky in high places. Maybe next year for him.

That night was the barn dance. We didn't have much time to plan for costumes, something we will definitely be prepared for next year.

Among the many activities was a hike up to the top of Burnt Hill. Dang it was hot and we were drenched with sweat by the time we reached the top.

It was just like camp as a kid (except with a late night bar) full of activities. Here is Serge doing stained glass. We also did Tie Dye shirts, astrology, paddleboard, morning swim, kayaking, dildo-jousting (also absent during the camp of my youth) zip line and on and on. There were far more activities available than one could participate in which just makes looking forward to next year that much more fun.

Every night there was a different kind of party. This was Studio 54 night. Serge got some help to dress up from the Beauty Barn and I glued some mirror bits to my face and oh my how we danced. Serge was hilarious in that getup.

We had Christmas Bingo night and Serge won a prize! Lucky duck.

For the tea dance we couldn't get Serge the cop costume to complete the Village People so he dressed up in drag for the first time in his life and played a groupie. He really got into the role. Hilarious.

And one of my all time fave pics ever of my husband.

Not sure if the video will up load. If not click the link here to see it on FB. Anyway, it's a great game called Heads Up and I kept tilting my body when I got the answer instead of just the phone. Much to the displeasure of Serge. So funny. Bonus too, the game has been a huge hit with students in my English classes.

Dancing under the stars and making scads of new friends. Serge and I both agree it was the Best Time Ever!!! Although since coming back, Facebook has become a full time job keeping up with all our new friends chatter about the experience. I had 25 thousand times more fun than I imagined I would.

The last day turned quite emotional for us. We did something called the Walk of Angels where one by one campers walked through a corridor of people who guided the closed-eyed walkers through. I had no idea my emotions would go so haywire. I basically bawled in front of 200 friends and strangers. Kind of like the miseries of the past year just came pouring out of me while being loved on. Makes me teary eyed just typing this.

Anyway, I am sure no one can do the experience justice with words, but we have definitely drunk the Kool-Aid and will be back next year.

In other news, Serge and I passed the 20 year mark together and in honor of that got our nipples pierced! God dang did it hurt but I really like it. You can see that video here.

He the left and me the right. We didn't force poor Georgie to join in. But Serge made a nice souvenir picture of our tye-dye with Georgie in it. Until next time my dear readers, Mwah!