Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well the reporter came yesterday to interview me on the strike, which began at midnight last night. You can see the spot here. I'm off to rent a car this morning, as I will have no way of getting to my worksites without one. Also, I am going to keep my eye out for a junker to keep in the garage. You know, a piece of shit $500 car that runs, and can get me out of jams like this. Okay maybe a bit more than $500. It's really sad that even in a town like this, a car is necessary.

The virus rages. Spouse brought me home the "anti-viral" kleenex. I had requested the "aloe lotion" kleenex, but he couldn't find it. I don't really get the anti-viral kleenex. Am I supposed to cram it in all my orifices? (I will admit that I crammed it way in my nose and wiped my throat with it) Or is it to protect others when they toss your used tissues? (I don't know about you, but I go out of my way to avoid touching others' used tissues. ) At least I've got a low stress day. Go rent car, read Harry Potter (I got Goblet of Fire from the library) and go have sushi this evening with students as our final class. I'm dreaming of giant wasabi globs to open my nasal cavity. Current nasal cavity condition - air cannot be drawn through.

What else? Spouse has the day off to supervise the exterior door(s) installation at the triplex. I'm going to give him the camera today to get before and after pics. It better be stunning for seven thousand dollars is all I can say. Okay, this post is dwindling, much like the bank account. Ta ta for now.


Anonymous said...

Are they installing Golden doors? Wow that is a lot of Canadians. I hope spouse gets some cute installers with heavy Carpenters Belts.
If you had yur own car you could take longer trips on the weekends to new places.
Aloe lotion will help the outside of a sore nose. You need some Echinacea and vitamin C to shorten the length of a cold. You may have allergies if the mucous is clear. They won't go away until frost. sorry.

Snooze said...

Zinc really shortens a cold. I could do with some wasabi myself. Allergy season is making me more miserable than normal.

r said...

Wasabi could open the nasal passages of Paul Bunyan. Good luck.

You looked good in the interview; not too sick at all.

Hey, was that Sarah's head at the very end of the clip? Or just a random dog jumping almost into the shot?

Chunks said...

I like that Sarah was getting up at the end, like she knew the interview was over.

Nice shoes by the way. Sporty!

GayProf said...

I agree with Snooze. I took zinc tablets and my cold is just about gone.

The anti-viral kleenex is all about other people. Screw them! Get the lotion ones.

Anonymous said...

You were so cute, cold and all!!!

I agree @ the zinc tabs. They do work!

Patricia said...

yeah i liked the bonus sara shot at the beginning and end, too :)

zinc's good, although it tends to work best before the virus really grabs hold. wash your hands a lot. it not only reduces spreading the germs but helps minimize getting re-infected while your ability to fight the germs is lessened.

don'tcha just love all the unsolicited advice?

dawn said...

I love sushi as a celebration of an English class.

dpaste said...

I will view the video when I get home tonight. I just make sure I drink lots and lots of clear liquids sans caffeine and get plenty of rest when I have a cold.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Zinc, baby! Drink that orange juice and lots of water. Nothing like teaching and feeling like hell. I began my spring semester with pneumonia. Rest, my friend.

Sunshine said...

You poor thing - hope you are getting better. There is nothing worse than a blocked but runny nose! :S