Sunday, March 04, 2012

The state of things

Yo peeps. It's been another month already and it has gone by so fast because all I do is work. And take my turns in Words with Friends. In between there is homework and of course housework as well. But the days are getting longer and the sun is rising higher in the sky and my workload is going to lighten up here in a few weeks. What's up now?

* Woke up with a similar condition to what Serge had a few months ago. ie my arm isn't working right. I have pain when I pick things up and can't lift anything heavy. Have no clue how or why. It's been a week and it isn't going away yet. I'll give it another week at least.

* Words with Friends no longer accepts the word "fag". I have mixed feelings about this.

* I forgot how much work a University course is. Ugh. The classes are fun but the reading and projects to do are lengthy. A flaw in my personality is that I don't like to do anything that takes a long time. Sometimes to do something well takes a long time and so I have a tendency to do round corners.

* Don't know that expression? That's because it's French and means roughly to do something half-assed.

* Thanks to Rox, and her illuminating me about Project Free TV, I was able to catch up on Breaking Bad, Californication and Weeds. I'm thinking I broke the law there but not sure how. The links for Nurse Jackie won't work though so I may have to buy that DVD. Dangit.

* The dang car has cost me over a thousand dollars this month. The imbeciles at Midas didn't put the tires back on right when they did the brake job and I thought they were going to fall off while I was trying to make it back to the garage. They were loose, and you could wiggle them with your hands. At least they fixed it free of charge, but no, I won't be going back there. Don't get me started on the rapists at the VW dealer. In any case, the car lock works again.

* Toyed with the idea of a sneaky junket to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, my Vegas buddy and I couldn't make the schedules mesh. Perhaps in August.

* My dad is coming to visit though. This will be his first trip to see me, first trip to Canada and longest flight. I'm excited to be able to show him the town. May weather better cooperate.

*  Here I am last week at the mother in law's place. That's her dog Tigars with Georgie. You've probably already seen this on FB.

* I guess that's about it. I hope all of you are doing well in your slice of paradise. Until next time, ta ta for now.

12 comments: said...

Thanks for the update. I always get a thrill when I see that you have posted..I love my Google Reader to keep me abreast of those who post infrequently. Once a month is OK but I would prefer more often.

Cameron said...

Thanks for posting!

I was going down my list of blogs on Google Reader earlier today and got rid of the blogs in which people had not posted for a long time -- but knew somehow that Sticky Crows would post again. Sure enough, this entry appeared a few hours later.

Birdie said...

So good to hear from you! I take it that Serge's arm is okay now?

When I had that happen to me, it was from the angle of my neck when I used the computer. I stopped the pain in my arm by pulling my chin back, as I apparently had the habit of jutting my chin out to read from the bottom of my glasses. It was compressing a nerve, and that caused the pain and eventual numbness in my hand. Since you're doing more work lately, maybe that has something to do with it. Or not. I wish you well!

Rox said...

Are you itching for Breaking Bad to start season 5?! Ack! I can't wait!

What sweet faces, you and the pups!

GayProf said...

Breaking Bad is fun to watch because it is filmed in my hometown. Alas, though, it does not do right by Latinos. So, if you watch for free illicitly, it is to the good. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous, too said...

In your case, this does sound like a pinched nerve or some tendonitis. See your MD if hot showers/baths, a heating pad, and a little massage from Serge don't help. Hope Serge's arm is feeling much better now.

I fully understand your feelings about car repairs. Been there, done that. My car is 10-plus years old and at 143,000 miles, and I can't wait to trade it for a new one.

Georgie and Tigars don't look too happy about the photographer interrupting your cuddle time with them. Too bad. Your readers love seeing them -- and the photographer, too, if it was Serge!

Anonymous, too said...

P.S.: Yay for your dad coming to visit. I'm sure he'll enjoy Montreal and meeting his grand-dog! Just be careful introducing him to poutine -- ya'll may think it tastes great, but it looks like Georgie's breakfast, revisited.

Brigitta said...

It´s always nice no read you again, my dear. And to get to see a new pic of Mr. Georgie at least once a month. Thanks!

Rick Bettencourt said...

Sorry about your arm. Glad you're posting still. I too have slowed down at BanditTalks.

Anonymous said...

you are getting old, i already got a shot for something like this!
love californication! but you know i would. Have you seen walking dead yet? how bout that COLTON on survivor?? he's certainly not representing a good image to young people:)

latt├ęgirl said...

My son turned me onto Project Free TV a couple of years ago, and that's how I've managed to remain on basic cable until now. I always feel just a wee bit guilty when I watch anything on it. But we'll take it while it lasts. I watched American Horror Story and had only one episode to go before they got yanked for copyright infringement. I have the entire last season of Dexter to catch up on, so I guess I'd better hurry!

. said...

Thanks for posting...I still enjoy hearing from you a lot!!