Saturday, May 05, 2012

Better late than never

* Here we are. I was so going to post more than once a month this time, but as you can see that didn't happen. Georgie's been having a hard time this week. He hurt his back or hips or something and every time he jumps up, he lets out a little yelp, "Ouch." So he stopped jumping for a few days. He's back to jumping since yesterday though. I'm not taking him back to the dog park just yet though. That's where I think he hurt himself.

* We're having trouble renting our upstairs apartment for July. It doesn't help that the current renter moved in the girl she's going to move out with so the place is a total mess with boxes everywhere. Plus the chick painted the kitchen BROWN, like dark chocolate BROWN and didn't mask anything so it looks just horrible. We've shown it to at least 20 people. One person applied but when we called her to offer it to her, she never called back. Oy.

* I applied for a job managing an ESL textbook team. Had to have impeccable English skills and blah blah blah. The WHOLE interview was done in French. Lame. Plus at the interview, they had a nice glass of water on the table with a brown bathroom paper towel as a coaster. Classy. Oh and I didn't get the job.

* My dad arrives next weekend for a quick 4 night visit. Yay! First time he's been here, first time he's had a passport. We are going to do lots of fun things. Like this

* I've been having fun with DrawSomething, an app my brother turned me onto. If you want to play with me, my user name is apparently omgpop101400635 He's better than I am though. Drawing is not my strong suit.

*  Another addicting Facebook game we've been playing is Bubble Witch Saga. Try it, it's fun.

* In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I am currently drinking a margarita. Yum. Super easy, equal parts Tequila and Cointreau and the juice of one lime. Sweet and sour mix is for losers.

* The brand new Pharmaprix is finally going to open this week across the street. Remember how I was so bummed our video store closed across the street? Well they remodeled the building for an entire year and now I'm excited about them opening up.

* I got a new client, a couple of doctors who are really motivated. Unfortunately, the week after I started, one of them went four wheeling with his brother and they got into an accident and the brother died. So, no lessons for a while.

* Serge got mad at his new Samsung Galaxy iphone wannabe. So he threw it at the pavement. What a retard. Turns out, he can just reactivate his old iphone. Hmm, when he signed up with them a month ago, that wasn't an option. They lied to him because they wanted to rope him into a three year contract - which they did. Are there no honest salespeople? Is it just a given, you must lie to sell?

* I'll try to post before June. If not I'll be back with pics from our Washington DC vacay. Only four weeks to go!

8 comments: said...

Thank you. Glad Georgie is feeling better.

Anonymous, too said...

Georgie needs to take better care of himself. After all, he needs to be able to jump up into Granddad's lap for cuddles!

And, let's get this straight: Serge now has an older, functioning iPhone; a three-year contract; and a Samsung Galaxy paperweight. Is that correct?

Enjoy the time with your dad and the trip. Good luck with the upstairs flat. You might have to show it vacant and with a freshly-repainted kitchen.

Rox said...

You do NOT want to work for people who use brown paper towels for coasters. Yuck.

Glad to hear Georgie is better! I was just about to fire off an email to you when I saw that you posted.

I LOVE that Serge threw the phone! OMG He's a hothead and I do love a fellow hothead! (Don't like living with one, but whatever.)

You'll rent the place. You always do! With the new store opening across the street, it will fill up in no time!

Rox said...

P.S. The doctor's brother dying is exactly why I bought a helmet this week. Apparently I should wear it around the house, based upon my latest misadventure. Er...

GayProf said...

Sweet and sour mix is for losers.

So true! That isn't just bar advice, it's more of a life mantra.

St. Dickeybird said...

Sorry i've been an absent reader for so long - but i'm glad you're doing well. And like Rox said, you don't want to work for a company that uses paper towels like that. You also (hopefully)don't want a job that is interviewed in the wrong language.

CoffeeDog said...


Blobby said...

Poor Georgie. Poor You. Poor Serge.
And i have tried 'drawsomething',but i SUCK at it.