Friday, January 14, 2011


* This was a little present that we came home to. Lovely, isn't it? We have to do something about it quickly before we get cited by the city. It's really big too, at least eight feet by five feet. This is the kind of thing that makes me loathe young males. Thank you for defacing our property.

* Out in California, Serge and I witnessed a horrific natural event. It was with my dad's two chihuahuas. We noticed they were playing together when one of them abruptly stopped and went into defecation posture. The other dog was behind doing something near the rear end of the one posturing. We didn't have a clear view and we said, "Is she eating it, is she EATING it!?" and then some dropped to the grass and the other one promptly snarfled up that poo too. Yes indeed, she was eating it like it was coming out of a soft serve ice cream machine. We both groaned in disgust. A few minutes later when we told dad about it, he was alarmed, "Why didn't you stop them!?" Well, we weren't really sure what was happening until it was, and then it was over and too late. It was pretty much like this. Aren't you glad I find these things for you?

* One of the biggest changes I noticed out in California was the medical marijuana clinics that had popped up all over. On the Venice boardwalk there were pretty girls handing out fliers to get you to come in and see the doc. Got a headache, fatigue, sore back, red eyes (I'm not joking) or depression, well come on in and get your medical marijuana card and take home some weed. My friend D said all the pot dealers have gone out of business since it's so easy to just buy it from the store now. I see no problem whatsoever with it, as I maintain it's far less deleterious than alcohol on our bodies and in society. Still, I wouldn't want one of these things popping up next to my house and reducing its value.

* Something cool happened while I was gone. This blog doohickey got third place in the Canadian Weblog Awards for the LGBTQ category. Yay for recognition!

* Incidentally, this is my 1500th post.

* Have you ever injured yourself while sleeping? I don't mean sleeping wrong or waking up with a crick in your neck, no, I mean actual wound making. Well it happened to me. Somehow, I jammed a splinter up under my nail. Our headboard is wooden and apparently not splinter free. Let me tell you, this is not a pleasant way to wake up.

* I had to go clothes shopping. Especially for pants. Everything I've bought pants-wise over the last two years is loose on me. If I tighten the belt, the pants look funny and cinched. So I went to the top of The Bay where they have the liquidation center. Original price on those four things you see? $263.00 How much did I pay? About 87% off or $34. Less than ten bucks per garment. That's my kind of shopping. Real brands too, Dockers and Haggard (and why would anyone choose that name, looking haggard is probably not what we want the clothes to do) though you have to inspect carefully for stains and tears since all sales are final.

* I took him across the street to the pet supply store to weigh him. He was 33.5 pounds. This is great because the last time we weighed him, he was 37 pounds and when we got him, he was 30. Serge and I both think he looks too skinny but the vet said we should keep him around this weight. He has been particularly demanding with food since we got home. Poor little guy was starving at the kennel (per our instructions.)


rjjs8878 said...

The Haggar Clothing Company is named after its founder, Joseph M. Haggar.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Congratulations on the 1500th post and the Weblog Award!
Keep them coming...

tornwordo said...

Yes! It's Haggar, just checked. That's slightly better.

Cubby said...

I was foolish enough to follow your "this" link. Ugh. Are dogs that hungry that they eat poo?

What does the graffiti say? The last letter is 'R' which makes me think it might be "QUEER", but I can't make it out. What do you guys think it says?

Anonymous said...

I was jonesing for some Georgie porn.

You may have a real problem with the graffiti. Oven cleaner worked great on my car and I've read you should try it on brick too. I think you should probably call a professional.

Mel said...

I actually need to get a new brown belt to replace the one I got when I was in the process of losing weight. It's now too big, though it does keep my jeans from falling off.

Some dogs are avid poo eaters. Period.

And you should be able to feel Georgie's ribs easily & without having to press down when you place your hand on his chest, but they shouldn't be too prominent. I'd say 33# sounds about right, and you may look at lower calorie treats like carrots. All the dogs I've had have hovered when I chop carrots because they love to get a few pieces.

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned, too. WHAT was that grafffiti word??? I hope it's not the one Cubby suggested.

CoffeeDog said...

People have no sense of decency, graffiti is just like littering in my book.

rox said...

Not clicking on the link. Not gonna do it, not gonna do it.

Your dad's dogs might need different food to curb the whole "two dogs one cup" thing going on. LOL!

Maybe I should go to a kennel for two weeks and lose the weight I need to lose?

Jim said...

Congrats all the way round!!!
Georgie looks great......your mind's eye will take time to adjust to the skinny Georgie! Wish we had that Bay dept here!

Mark My Words said...

That grafitti definitely is not a pleasant thing to come home to. I would be horrified to see that on my house. Maybe you should report it to the police.

Congrats on your new blog award and slender silhouette! I sorta cracked up about the Haggards though because I instantly knew they were actually Haggars.

A Lewis said...

Oh god. The poo poo. Not the graffiti.

Anonymous said...

Those marijuana clinics are the coolest!

420 fo-evah!

Glad you're home. Sorry about the graffiti.

Anonymous, too said...

I'd rather have the pot doctor move in next door than have the graffiti.

The poo eating has put me off the idea of chocolate soft-serve for a while. Just the mental image of Tastee Freez serving previously-used Alpo. . .I need to go scrub my brain with bleach.

Has Georgie forgiven you for not taking him along on the trip? Poor thing, going hungry in that kennel when he could have been complimenting your mom's cooking!

Buddy Bear said...

What a terrible problem to face....having to buy pants in a smaller waist size!! :>) Double congratulations are in order...for your new, girlish figure and also for your blogger award. Well done!

BosGuy said...

Congrats on the milestone post. Bummer about the vandalism to your property - that would piss me off too.

With regards to the doggie-doo incident, I don't know quite what to say other than perhaps your Dad is starving his dogs a bit too much. Word to the wise, careful with your doggie's diet. Just teasing you.

Fresco said...

On the poo subject: on a TV show recently there was an item regarding funny names for shops like 'Curling you softly' for a hairdressing salon to which someone replied: 'Sounds like having a shit'.

Congratulations on your 1500 post.

Rick Bettencourt said...

Too bad about the graffiti. I hate that too.

Poop! Ugh...I couldn't look at the link (clicked it but quickly closed it).

Both you and Georgie wasting away to nothing!

brian said...

Graffiti is so...80's!
Make Police report and it's good you have a photo.
If it is a tag, you may catch the perp yet!

Patricia said...

You went on vacay and sent your dog to fat camp. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Watch this:

It's a recording of Pres. Johnson buying Haggard (I'm pretty sure it's them) pants. And he talks about his nutsack.

Also, that is so cool about the blog award. Yay, you.