Thursday, July 13, 2006

Almost half way through the trip

Hi there. I am alive and well. Vegas was a blast, I lost much less than I had planned, and Rebekah won buttloads of cash. We stayed an extra day even. The casino loved us and comped us all kinds of food and of course the rooms were free. Plus we got rush tickets for Mama Mia (or is it mamma?) which is a show I've been wanting to see. We were a hair's breadth away from splurging on Elton John tickets, but in the end Pai Gow was the bigger draw.

My new favorite game - Pai Gow poker. Pai gow is when you don't even have a pair your hand is so bad. I'm using it as a curse word now.

I've hardly taken any pics. But it is my mission to take some soon.

What else?

I have topics bouncing around in my head, but nothing has come to fruition yet in the journal.

I'll just leave this for the moment. I've been thinking about the research that's being done into homosexuality. Some very interesting things are emerging pointing to events in the womb; that perhaps the mother chemically feminizes or masculinizes the brain.

Anyway, what I was thinking was, why all the research on the subject? Is the end goal to eradicate homosexuality? If they discover that it is a trait that can be identified pre-birth, would they start testing for it? Would it be something humanity is interested in eradicating?

Frankly this scares me, because I think the answer to that last question is YES.

Talk amongst yourselves, and at the very least, I shall return on the 22nd. Perhaps I'll post a mini update on Sunday though too, we'll see.


CoffeeDog said...

They comped your room, damn I wanna go!

good to "read" you!

Adam said...

Oy! I totally agree with the research on homosexuality, in terms of what causes it. Now when it comes to the neuroscience behind sexuality in general and just understanding how the brain works, thats a different story and quite fascinating.

Stop blogging and keep enjoying your holiday!

Spider said...

And I agree with you and Adam - and that is why money and time is being put into the research now.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

GayProf said...

I agree with everybody, especially Adam. Stop blogging and have fun!

Know that we miss you, though!

Anonymous said...

They'll never stamp us out no matter how hard they try. The Democrats will get control and make everybody Gay! Oh Shit I was dreaming again, sorry. Great to hear you guys are doing okay hurry home soon we miss you.

madamerouge said...

I have that same fear.

Stay away from fluorescent-lit hotel bathrooms (at least when you have your picture phone with you).

toobusyliving said...

Madamerouge also fears that parents will soon be screening their babies for the "madamerouge" (red hair) gene. I'm on the fence on that one, but no to no more gays.

Jack said...

Hi Torn!

Good to hear from you!

I'm doing way beter.

Go have fun!

Stop blogging.

Comeback well rested and full of ideas.


Chunks said...

They can't stamp out homosexuality. The fashion and entertainment industries would collapse. Hollywood will never let it happen. I can understand your concern about this though.

I am not a gambler, I envy your bravery at throwing your money away...hahah!

Anonymous said...

I am up and coming

The Lone Rangers said...

sounds like you're having a blast!! Enjoy! Exactly how much is a buttload???LOL

So they're thinking to start treating homosexuality as a disease it sounds like, hmmm like there aren't REAL diseases they could be treating??

Patricia said...

congrats to rebekah!

i'm hopelessly uninformed and uncool. i was sure pai gow must be some sort of yummy asian food.

enjoy your adventures together. i miss you.

epicurist said...

Glad to hear the trip is going great! I'm sure you and Rebeekah have loads to catch up on.

Regarding the studies. Scientists are always going to study Human Nature, our development and our origins. There is little we can do to prevent that. We are curious by nature and there is nothing wrong inherently with trying to understand how or why we work. I think a lot of the danger comes when politics and religion mix and the lines of ethical research are blurred. Of course, if the intent of the study was to determine the cause so as to eradicate homosexuality, then one has to worry. But how can one tell the intent? I just don't know.

r said...

A "buttload" is enough for me to be thrilled, have a good time for the rest of the trip, pay off my Robinson's May card, but not enough to buy a new car.

I've been trying to email photos to you Torn, but without any luck.

Have fun camping.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the research front and yes, it's very scary! So much for freedom of speech or of any kind...

Enjoy your holiday!

Best Wishes,


Conor Karrel said...

Oooo... how was Mamma Mia? Glad to hear you're having fun, thanks for dropping in and letting us know how it's going. But go have fun, we'll be here when you get back!

I agree about the research, but I think the end conclusion will find that there is no real way to predict or change the sexuality of a child because there are too many genetic factors that cause it, or at least I hope so, eradicating the unique beauty of homosexuals would probably be mankinds biggest tragedy!

Anonymous said...

Here in Indiana there is a big controversy about Gays and the Bible. Some say that God hates gays and point to the city of Sodom to prove their point. I say lets take a closer look: Every person, except Lot and family, were destroyed. Do they really think that every person was Gay? The Bible actually says that they thought of evil and wickedness continually. It says nothing about being gay. The only thing they have is where two angels came to Lot and told him to leave this wicked city for God would destroy it, and the people said (in Modern English) send those men out here so we can rape them, of course Rape is and should be a sin. Still, I can't believe all the men were Gay, if they were, no wonder Lot wanted to stay there!

Bugsy said...

I think its just a study to find out. Natural curiosity about the world and how it operates.

Unfortunately, the use of the knowledge can be twisted to bad ends. Hopefully it wont.

A Bear in the Woods said...

Would the bioengineers try to eradicate it? Yes, and left handedness as well. Too bad, both serve a vital purpose in the social ecology.

Jess said...

They "comped [you] all kinds of food and of course the rooms were free"?

Holy cow! How much cash are you laying down in the casino?

Nicki said...

I think the research is being done because we HAVE to know what causes EVERYTHING. I'd be interested to know, not because I want to eriadicate homosexuality, but because I want to understand it better.


Butchie said...

There's a little restaraunt down the street called Bamboo House. They make great Pai Gow Pork.

D e s i g n Girl said...

Glad you are having a great time! :)

Snooze said...

Vegas sounds like a blast! Good to read that you're having a great time.

As for the 'gay gene' - I agree with Epi. Already people abort girls by looking at sex selection, but that's because we don't value girls in society. But I know so many women from so many cultures who are speaking out against that trend. I would never abort a gay child, so you have to believe that many women would feel the same.

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

What serious thoughts you're having on holiday.

Would be very happy to have a child like you!!!
apart from the bogey playing

Jason said...

Looking forward to your pics.

Perplexio said...

Ironically what may be the saving grace for homosexuality is the religious right. Most of them are against using science to play God. So, while many of them may find homosexuality to be wrong or immoral, I don't think they'd agree to scientifically eradicating it. They're too afraid of that slippery slope-- frankly so am I.

The thought of using science to play with the structure of the population as a whole is quite disconcerting. Hitler's probably creaming his pants in his grave over such a prospect!

Anonymous said...

I was raised in Vegas and still to this day don't get the whole gambling thing. Think of all the ass you could have stuffed dollar bills into at the strip clubs.

ink said...

Sounds like you're having a blast. Good to hear.

Knowledge is always, inevitably, a double-edged sword. Some will use it to enrich life, others will try to limit knowledge or twist it so that life itself becomes safe and predictable.

The best we can do (the only thing we can do, really) is trust in each other - that people will make good choices if they are given the information and opportunity to do so.

It won't always happen, of course, but its the only sure way not to do even more damage. (two wrongs and all that...)

I take an odd kind of comfort in the fact that Mother Nature is one of a hell lot more powerful than any of us will ever be. Humans will never be able to control every aspect of our lives (no matter how hard some people try to do so). Uncertainty will always present an opportunity for change and difference to develop and (occasionally) thrive.