Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cursory review of birthday, outgames et al

We just had a short power outage and I lost my whole post! How will I ever recreate the genius that was in this window just a short time ago? Guess it wasn't meant to be.

The day started off all adult like and we met with a real estate agent and looked at a couple of investment properties. We came home, got all juiced up about making an offer on one of them, then slowly talked ourselves down, and postponed all decisionmaking until we have a second look around on Wednesday.

Shortly thereafter, Dan showed up bearing gifts.

Then, just for me and my birthday I am sure, a summer cloudburst!

After taking the video, I went into the yard and baptised myself in it. Wonderful cool drops on such a hot humid day, perfection! Spouse and Dan looked on with bemusement. (I suppose it could have been more like derisive mocking, but I prefer to think of them as bemused.)

Friends and family called and emailed birthday wishes throughout the day. Thanks everyone!

Around five, we went down to the village for some pre-show libations. I forgot about the part where everyone buys you drinks on your birthday. Kind of a double edged sword, that.

The streets are full day and night due to the Outgames. It's really quite a sight.


The sky was doing amazing things too.

I've never seen so many of us together in one place. This picture is from outside.

And this is an idea of what it was like inside the stadium.

At the end of the show, we headed back down to the village and landed in a strip club with some friends who continued this strange tradition of buying drinks for someone's birthday. I don't know what they are, but we had several shooters called "upper cuts". They tasted like Kool-aid to me, and I am of the firm belief that they cause severe headaches the following morning.

We complained theat the strippers were too muscular, couldn't dance, or looked like they were on drugs. As if! Hi, welcome to pissy queen land.

Finally, back out onto the street at 1am to find throngs, and I mean monster throngs of people still shifting and merrying in the streets.

And finally, after all that fun, I come home and see an email from Chunks. She sent me 41 ways to say shit, and I can't tell you how touched I was. A total stranger and a random act of love. What better way to say happy birthday. (I'll make the list the first comment.)


tornwordo said...

Hey Torn,

I thought in honor of your birthday today, I would give you a gift that NO ONE else will give you. Yep! I've found 41 ways to say your favorite word (and mine!)....

ass butter
brown snake
fly food
cow pie
meadow muffin
paska (Finnish)
merde (French)
merda (Italian)
cachu (Welsh)
bowel movement
"pinch a loaf"
"number two"
"drop kids off at the pool"
"making mud pies"
"curl one off"

I betcha I'm the only one who would think to give you this gift!

Hope you had a great day and I am glad you are here on this earth!



Petie said...

Happy Birthday :) It's my birthday today too... Only that I spend mine sleeping and working... Oh, heck... I had a chocolate bar to celebrate on later though..

Snooze said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday week-end. I loved the rain video.

Chunks said...

HAHA! I can't believe you posted the list! Oh, we love our poop you and I!

Glad you had a great birthday, I can't believe you had the gumption to check your email when you got home from a night of drinking free birthday drinks! Gosh, I'd be barfing up my colon!

How was kd lang?

Spider said...

What a wonderful way to spend your birthday... sounds like a great day!

r said...

Did Celine make an appearance?

Sounds like a great birthday. Hope your head doesn't hurt too much this morning.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering why you had not posted any videos and you post three of them, thanks. If only God did the bidding of the Religous Right the arena would have exploded. So, maybe God doesn't hate us afterall. I am sure there are Gays that have won the lottery and we as a whole have a higher than average annual income. Sounds like God loves us a little, huh? Glad you guys had a great time and sorry it didn't thunder when you wanted it too. Loved the shit list. (because I wasn't on it)

GayProf said...

Mmmm -- Montreal strippers. I am shocked -- SHOCKED -- that you think that might be doing drugs. Never.

It sounds like you had a good day!

A Bear in the Woods said...

Happy birthday! I love it when Serge puts on his grumpy face.
排泄物-shit in japanese.
beautiful shot of the clouds.
It sounds like a super fun day. I'm glad. You have so much love around you.

dpaste said...

God gave you a shower for your birthday, how cool is that. Sounds like a great day all the way around. I wish I could have been up there for the ceremonies.

The Lone Rangers said...

SOunds like you had a blast on your birthday!! Enjoy the hangover, it's proof you survived!

Kevin said...

Happy Birthday!!!

epicurist said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great time with the Gay Games going on. Had hoped to go, but other obligations came up. Be sure to post pics of the hot athletes! ::grin::

S said...

I, too, love poop jokes (and everytime I hear the word booger, or boogernuggets).

Takes me back to my childhood.


Jack said...

For 41 you are really cute.

I'm sure women are jealous.


Patricia said...

first, may i say that you sound more canadian in that rain video? this is not an insult. i love canadian accents! even though i mock and throw in "eh" too many times.

those throngs would've given me major crowd-o-phobia. unless they were thonged throngs (and i'm sure to some degree, they were) 'cause that might've at least held my attention.

i'm glad you had a really fun day :)