Sunday, January 18, 2009

Viewed by numbers

* This is my 1182 post.

* This is my 201st consecutive day without cigarettes.

* This is my 3056th day living in Montreal.

* This is my 5630th day with Spouse.

* This is my 15,880th day on Earth.

* So I've spent approximately a fifth of my life in Montreal and a third of my life with Spouse.

* I've also spent almost a fifth of my life enduring Bush in the white house. (I think he will go down in history as the one who ruined the great nation.)

* We have two television sets in the house and one stored in the garage. We only watch the one.

* We have 4 different snow shovels.

* We have had over four feet of snow this season.

* I have zero watches.

* I have 1259 songs on my ipod.

* We have 18 cases of toilet paper in the garage. Each case lasts 44 weeks.

* There are 18 people with the same name as me in the US.

* Here is a fun calculator for dates.


Birdie said...

Of my 20,178 days on earth, I have spent 13,579 with hubby. Wow. That's 67% of my life. Sure puts things in perspective.

On the other hand, you have enough toilet paper for 15.2 years. I think some perspective is needed here.

Anonymous said...

18 cases? Really?

Mel said...

I have lived with spouse longer (and more happily) than I lived with ex, though currently less than 1/10 of my life. I also own one or two watches, but they're tucked away in boxes or drawers somewhere and unused. You've got me way beat on TP, though. Even though we buy in bulk, our little house can't handle more than a case at a time.

larry said...

whats with all the toilet paper? is there a bathroom fetish involved???

Doug said...

There are 18 of me in the U.S., too.

No watches? I own about 5, maybe, but never wear any of them.

I'm not even going to ask about the TP and why you know exactly how long one lasts.

A Lewis said...

I'd love to spend the evening with drinks talking about that TP habit of yours. And I figured out on our last anniversary that we were at 96,096 hours together. Good god.

tornwordo said...

Such short memories people. The toilet paper we inherited from Pornstar when we bought this building 2 years ago. No fetish, just free TP.

Anonymous said...

There are only 6 people with my name in the USA...and, if Canada 411 is to be believed, I'm the only one with my last name in all of Canada.

J-o-h-n-n-y said...

I have 'zero watches' too!

Rox said...

I say you wrap the TP and send a case to a lucky winner for Christmas! It will cut your shopping down and free up some storage space!

We've had similar amounts of snow here too. I'm just sick of it!

don said...

And you have 200 bath robes that smell like pet sauce.

You forgot that.

Anonymous said...

I was a bit taken aback by the toilet paper.

That's a fifteen year supply. I guess as obsessed with poo as you are that's a good thing.

But then I think about it. We get those 9 packs and they tend to last about two months. So that's 54 rolls per year.

GayProf said...

I have several watches, but only one that currently works.

You could send each of your counterparts with the same name a case of toilet paper.

madamerouge said...

I almost bought one of pornstar's official "toys" at Priape here in Toronto. It looked really hot! But then I remembered what a lousy time he put you guys through, so I chose a different toy. LOL

Rick Bettencourt said...

You couldn't finish a post without reference to poo (a la toilet paper) now couldn't you? 18 cases! I guess that bout with the flu really influenced you.

Fatinah said...

if anyone else had over 15 years of toilet paper in their house, I would think them crazy, but when it's you....well, it just seems right!!

congrats on going so long smoke free. so impressive!

Patricia said...

Who calculates how long a case of toilet paper lasts? Oh hello :) What about uhhh unforseen variables? Oh, and I want extra credit for remembering where it came from!

I love numbers lists like this. I'm reminded of Harper's Index, which I always find fascinating. (

Lyvvie said...

Cool! There are 282 women with my maiden name, but only ME with my married name. "I am the one and only!" and I didn't even double-barrel it. Then again, my married name is a farm animal and most people would've wussed out and had it changed. Pussies!

Awesome work on the not smoking. You just keep it up! After one year your health &/or life insurance should cost less so don't forget to update.

Anonymous said...

There's only 1 of me in the entire United States. And, only 336 people in the US have the same last name.

Interesting website.

Mark in DE said...

Is there a reason you don't own even 1 watch? There are 3,355 people in the US with my name.