Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Couple of questions and pie

Peanut butter pie. From this recipe. On the right, I improvised with Reese squares from the Reese bar. The pie on the left was sent to work with spouse. Every time I have a slice (once per day) I moan helplessly and shriek, "THIS IS SOOOO FUCKING GOOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"

You know, the most exciting parts of my day, week, month, whathave you are mealtimes and potential sex times. What about you? What are the most exciting events for you these days?

I'm wondering about the future of this blog and blogging in general so I made a little poll (my first!) I think it will only work for one day though:

Your title
What is the future of blogs?
They will disappear soon, in fact, they have already been around too long.
They will morph and be eaten up by social networking sites such as Facebook.
They are here to stay, but only the most robust, or most narcissistic will survive.
It will stay pretty much as it is now, an option among many kinds of internet content.
They will continue to increase in popularity and become the primary sources of information.


Mel said...

I'd say food and sex are generally good things to get excited about. What would be really exciting for me at the moment would be if someone developed a permanent cure for restless legs and fibromyalgia. I hate this shit.

dpaste said...

You do tend to moan a lot when you eat, or so you say.

I can't say I have anything specific that I get excited for on a regular basis. Just little moments here and there that I anticipate.

Patricia said...

That pie never disappoints! I gotta make one again soon. Actually I still like to make the little individual ones. There's something inherently satisfying about being able to eat an entire (3 inch?) pie.

It was weird to see that post (I clicked on the link) with all the Dr. Zen/NoMo stuff. Good grief, no wonder I turned to pie.

Birdie said...

I think peanut butter is its own food group. I would love this pie.

Excitement? I've had an awful lot lately, most of it good: meeting old and new friends, good news about my kids, watching people grow and change. Woohoo!

GayProf said...

I wonder about the future of blogging too. It's hard to believe that just a few years ago it was discussed as new and innovative. Now, though, some of the best blogs have either shut down or just become news clearinghouses. Facebook seems to reign at the moment.

don said...

I am excited about flying to Oceanside CA on Thursday. I am also excited about going to Boston to run in the marathon in 3 weeks.

Steven said...

I share your sentiments about blogging in general. But that peanut butter pie and recipe look delish. You'll have to decorate the top for me. ;-)

Snooze said...

I miss so many bloggers who have disappeared. I like Facebook, but I don't find it at all the same and I generally can't be bothered reading peoples' notes.

I'm glad you continuously get so much enjoyment out of your baking! I get like that with food too, but right now I'm so full from lunch that the thought of eating is abhorrent.

evilganome said...

Peanut Butter pie! I really needed to hear about this after I finally managed to get 8 lbs off. I think I see it headed back my way.

As for blogging, I'm not sure. Some people have been at it for years. I myself have been going through a bit of a dry spell and have wondered whether to continue or not.

I am hoping to stick with it and that I just need to recharge my batteries. Probably with delicious fattening Peanut Butter pie.

J-o-h-n-n-y said...

Ha...my opinion was among the 41% of the poll. Anyway, I think I dig your pie man.....:)

Anonymous said...

Those pies so soooooooo damn good.


I so do not need the calories, but you know I'm going to end making one of those this weekend.

Rick Bettencourt said...

Those pies look delicious. Have a slice for me!

epicurist said...

First off, those pies look deadly delicious! Secondly, would hate to see you stop. I haven't been around in a long while, so understand the questioning of blogging. I think it will stay.

Rox said...

I think blogging is here to stay too, in spite of our sometimes lack of inspiration.

That pie is making my mouth water. This is exactly why my clothes no longer fit. If I was blind, I would be slim, I bet!

Mark in DE said...

OMG, those pies look SO GOOD! But I can feel myself gaining weight just looking at them.

Blobby said...

Now - that 20lbs you have gained since stopping smoking.......does it have more to do w/peanut butter pies and kicking the habit?

I'm just askin'.no

Word Verification: notop
true that!

Laverne said...

I get excited about sleep these days. No responsibilities. Or, I would get excited about no responsibilities.

Actually, you know what I'm excited about: LONDON!

Phronk said...

What the hell? I made pretty much a mini version of this just yesterday. GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

I think blogs will stick around but become more specialized, to avoid overlap with potential replacements. There's no point in short life updates on a blog with Facebook and Twitter around, but they're still good for longer content that's meant to be permanent.

anabel said...

That pie looks yummy!

Best times? Definitely sex and having outings/trips planned.

Victoria said...

I was just telling Jim last night that I need a peanut butter pie recipe. We went to Spiros for dinner and the best part is always their peanut butter pie (they use a chocolate crust, rather than graham cracker). The four of us devoured that piece in about 30 seconds. The pies you made look amazing!