Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday means gratitude

There are so many things to be grateful for. And there doesn't have to be a specific entity to be grateful to, what's important is flexing that gratitude muscle. Why? Because it's good for you and prevents you from turning purse-lipped and uptight. I generally thank the universe, as that's least conflicting for my brain. I don't see much evidence of a monotheistic construct in the universe, so for me, I'm just grateful for ALL OF IT. Take the picture above. Success! I successfully made whole wheat bread yesterday. Still a tad on the dense side, but nearly perfect. I was on the phone with dad last week and he reminded me of a time long ago when mom made her wheat bread and I was transported back to my childhood and the smell of that bread filling the house, the butter slathered slices warm from the oven sliding down my throat. So I just had to try her recipe (which I had had all the time in the family cookbook on the shelf) even though it called for scalded milk. I didn't know what scalded milk meant. I learned and now I know. I'm grateful for friends I can call up to find out. (Mom was "gone fishing")

I'm grateful for good friends, like the kind who invite you over for dim sum. Because I'm nice, I'm not posting pictures of Dan, but we enjoyed a lovely evening at his place eating bread and dim sum, sharing wine and laughs.

The sky treated us to a lovely view from Dan's place at sunset. We are right on schedule for maple syrup season and these are the days we get above freezing during the day and below freezing at night. I hope they have a bumper crop this year as the price has doubled due to several poor harvests.

Remember it always feels better to be grateful for the things you have than resentful for the things that you don't. It's not always the easiest mindset to keep, but definitely the healthiest.

Finally, you can dance along with Serge and I as we cross the Jacques Cartier bridge listening to Rihanna. This was taken yesterday on our way to Dan's place. Have a lovely Sunday peeps!


Rox said...

I can't watch the bridge video. I'm still a little weary of bridges since the big wreck. :)

Gratitude is good. My mouth watered at the thought of fresh buttered bread sliding down my throat.

Breenlantern said...

Nice post to read on a lazy Sunday morning. Thanks :-)

don said...

I am grateful for your video because I have actually never been in a car on the Pont du Jacques Cartier. I have ran across it several times but have never crossed in a car. It took as long as I remember. Disturbia!

Anonymous said...

Remember it always feels better to be grateful for the things you have than resentful for the things that you don't.

All I can say is, "Very well said." And very à propos for me in view of stuff happening in my household. Thank you for the wise reminder.

Anonymous said...

That Jack Carter bridge was groovy. I loved the music playing when you went acrost it. This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. ed

lattégirl said...

A nice post. A few weeks ago I started writing a daily gratitude list (5 things) but I let it slide. Still, each day I express my gratitude for little things, such as today's sun and warm air.

Anonymous said...

That is one long ass bridge!

I think I drove over the first time I came to visit. You know, when I ended up on the other side from you?

No one should let me drive, let alone in Quebec.

Snooze said...

I love your connection to your mom via a bread recipe. Baking and recipes are such family heirlooms.

Anonymous said...

You have a very cosmic belief system. Close as you can get to pure atheism.

That said the bridge reminds me of the Bragga bridge going from Somerset, MA to Fall River, MA. It's rather rickety at this point.

For sheer terror though nothing use to beat the old Jamestown bridge. It was steel grate and in high winds you just hit the gas and hoped you made it to the other side. It was very interesting on a motorcycle.

Thankfully it's now a solid concrete structure with a big camels hump in the middle of it.

GayProf said...

I always wondered, which is the "City of Wonder" to which Rhianna refers? Maybe Montréal needs a new nickname.

A Lewis said...

There's ALWAYS a way to be grateful...always. No matter what.

wcs said...

Elle n'est pas belle, la vie? :)

Birdie said...

Uh oh, "sexy" has found you, too. It's a bunch of links to porn—hetero porn on the jump I made from another gay blogger's site. He found me too. Delete!

Practicing gratitude (for things like the delete button) is a discipline we could all participate in regardless of our spiritual affiliations. Thank you (!) for the reminder.

I rock out in the car, but it must be when I'm alone, alas. Hubby likes American standards, which don't lend themselves to rocking out at high volume. *Sigh* But my son likes some of my music, and we trade turns with music on the way to school.

Cool bridge!

Patricia said...

Okay the video made me a little car sick but I survived. How cool would it be if the owner of that white VW bug read your blog?

Oh, and maple syrup? Yum.