Friday, April 03, 2009


* I loved all the comments yesterday. I'd like to give a special shout out to lurky Colleen who claims to love those kinds of posts as well as the poop posts. I love that I have poop groupies.

* Here is the forecast for the week. I think they are high with that snow next wednesday. On Sunday, we are going to the sugar shack that is being put on by my fave resto and then going on a hike. It looks like it'll be muddy but sunny.

* I found a site with a video of the sugar shack food. I'm even more excited now. The mackerel omelet looks a bit out there, but OMG split pea soup with foie gras! Here watch.

* That survey from day before yesterday was pretty interesting - 114 votes! Over half feel that blogs will continue to be one of many sources of content on the internet.

* What does it say about me that the television programs I watch almost always have commercials for stool softener (and really they should hire me to redo those commercials, I'd have a big stick in my hand and talk about how I have to use it to get the logs to go down when flushing for example) and Flomax? (Oh my God I'm not peeing fast enough!) Are these the problems I have to look forward to in old age?

* This has got to be 1981 or '82. My dad still lives in the same house but the wood paneling and couch are gone. That's Laverne and me there. Maybe she can remember what that button said on her overalls.

* I have to pay my entire March paycheck to the government of Quebec. Still, I'm grateful to be living here.

* This weekend, thanks to several goaders yesterday, I will try to get season one of Six Feet Under. It should be easy enough, the video store is across the street.


latt├ęgirl said...

I seem to catch shows whose commercials shout at me to eat yogurt with 50 billion probiotics. As though yogurt has suddenly become enriched with live bacteria. Who'd a thunk it?

Also? Weight loss; acne treatment; wrinkle concealers; hair colouring... and I am not always watching TLC or some channel exclusively for women, either! It's often Showcase or IFC or Mystery.

Patricia said...

I agree about Six Feet Under, one of the best shows ever.

I simply must learn the metric system because my first thought was that you are going to FREEZE at the sugar shack.

Rox said...

We got a skiff of snow last night, dude. It could happen to YOU!

Ahhh, you'd love Colleen if you met her in real life. She's a great girl! She even says the "C" word, which you know, is how I judge a person's character and fun value. :)

TED said...

I think that button says "I'm the best there is but I'm not available." It's amazing how the pictures get bigger when you click on them.

A Lewis said...

Sugar Shack?? I hope it's not like Portland's:

Looks like your forecast is SUNNY for the weekend....ours too! (And, just a sidenote between friends...I'd SO HAVE DONE YOU had I been your neighbor in that little sexy pic....shhh.....don't tell anyone).

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to say, "That's Laverne and I there" (not "That's Laverne and me there"). The button says, "I'm the best there is but I'm not available." Your shirt pocket says "adidas." Your eyes say "twinkle twinkle."

GayProf said...

Anon, isn't it "me?" If you dropped Laverne, it doesn't sound right to say, "That is I in the picture." Grammar judges?

Most of the shows that I watch have advertising for erectile dysfunction pills or "male enhancement." I really need to watch more prime time.

Java said...

I like posts like this, too.

My TV viewing leans heavily to major league baseball, therefore I see more erectile dysfunction commercials than anything else I remember. I'd rather see erectile dysfunction commercials than feminine hygiene commercials.

evilganome said...

Poop posts AND split pea and foie gras! It doesn't get much better.

I stopped watching TV a few years ago, but I think most of the commercials I saw were for beer, allergy medication and feminine hygiene products.

I dont' think I'll ever need flomax since one of the side effects I've noticed of aging is that I now spend much more time standing in front of toilets and urinals.

Mel said...

GayProf: In that particular sentence construction, "I" would be the correct, as it's technically the antecedent to the pronoun and takes the subjective, rather than the objective, case. Not that it doesn't sound a bit awkward. I'd tend to say, "That is Laverne and myself," since it's also correct and sounds better. Although most people wouldn't generally say, "Myself is going to the store."

Since I don't watch anything at home that isn't video, I miss out on the commercials. I don't see this as a bad thing.

Laverne said...

Man, that's some outfit I'm wearing. How come you got more handsome and I just got older? No fair.

And what's up with the Sepia tone? Is it just age or the wood paneling that makes it look like that.

Mark in DE said...

Season 1 of "Six Feet Under" should be enough to get you hooked. Then you'll want to watch the rest of the seasons. What a well-written, well-acted show!

tornwordo said...

I go with what sounds best, as long as the grammar is not too egregiously compromised.

I actually sat there debating over I, me, and myself. I decided that "That's I" doesn't sound right just as "That's he over there" doesn't sound right. Myself seemed a little affected, so I went with me, which sounded the least jarring to me.

Language evolves, therefore the "rules" are always changing. I try not to dispute reality in favor of some grammar book.

Snooze said...

That pic of you and Laverne is great. No wonder you guys are so close - you've been part of each others lives forever. It actually made me tear up looking at that.

Rick Bettencourt said...

Glad to hear you're going to pick up Six Feet Under. You'll love it. The characters are so well thought out, rich and vibrant. And the acting is superb. Let us know what you think.

Colleen said...

It must be the "Canadian" in me to get a thrill out of being singled out in your blog! It's like when Canada gets mentioned in a US TV show... hee!

Rox is good people, too. :)

don said...

Call me a beatch but I am reading this poolside in Oceanside. Hey that rhymes. Its warm and toasty and the Rolling Rock beer is nicely chilled. Happy!