Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It's blank screen with nothing to say time again. Ever since the death everything's been kinda crummy. And slow. We still haven't got the will (maybe today) and the list keeps growing of what needs to be handled eventually. I'm detached enough that it just looks like chores to me but for spouse, it keeps forcing him to have all those big bad feelings. I know they're not bad but you can't exactly classify them as warm and fuzzy. Yesterday when a sudden cry descended on him, he said, "I'm tired of the emotions." Yeah buddy, welcome to the human race. I just held him and said, "I know."

I went to pick up the rest of the rent (one of two majorly late this month yay) and the tenant had a new doggie. So cute and ugly at the same time. It's a chihuahua mixed with who knows what. (His name is Puce, or "flea") Very mongrel and spitting nails when I got there but he warmed up after a minute and let me pet him. It reminded me how necessary it is to get a new furry friend. This is the thing that's going to finally change the air around here. In a couple of weeks we'll get serious about it.

I was relieved that Natalie didn't win Big Brother. I wasn't really rooting FOR anyone, but rather against her. I can't really put my finger on it but I didn't like her even if she did strategize well. Most of the time I just wished she'd shut up. Summer is really over now. Next up, all the season openers of my fave sitcoms, 30 Rock, Old Christine and Big Bang Theory. Oh and Survivor too!

I think I'm actually going to have to wear a jacket this morning when I head out to work. Boo, hiss. Once the jacketing starts, it doesn't let up until next May. I think they can hear my sigh from Mexico. Happy hump day peeps.


CoffeeDog said...

A new dog will definitely change the air around there.

We watched our fave show last night, The Biggest Loser. It's the one reality show I can tolerate because they give work out advice.

I am looking forward to...LOST, Flash Forward, and Glee. If you haven't caught that yet I recommend it.

Hugs to Serge.

Birdie said...

"I know" is often all we can say in response to someone's grief. It is enough to be there and hold him.

I think a dog would be a wonderful source of smiles, after all the details of the estate are finished.

Anonymous said...

My mom is going through the same thing with getting Death certificates and sending them out and finding out the insurance pay out went down every year and wasn't nearly as much as she thought it would be.
She has a Chorgi which is a part Chihuahua and part Wesh Corgi. He warns her if any car pulls into the driveway or any bird lands in the yard or any motorcycle goes by on the highway. ed

Rox said...

Give Serge a big hug from me too, if you can.

A puppy would be an awesome distraction and a much needed addition to your family.

I was so happy Natalie didn't win! SO HAPPY! Survivor and Amazing Race are next up...woohoo!

Lemuel said...

I think just simply holding Serge was the best thing. Don't short circuit his grieving process. Let him work it through. Just be there to hold him.

Big Bang Theory rules! I love that show.

As for pooches, I'm all for pooches. They're always willing to share the good and bad with you.

Java said...

Give Serge a hug from me, too. Take a bit of it for yourself. Hopefully the funeral service will help tie up some of the grieving process. Of course it will take much longer, but the immediate grief and confusion might get better. I hope, anyway.

Glad you had some doggie time, as well as getting the rent payment!

GayProf said...

Chihuahuas always seem too high strung for my tastes. They are devoted to their owners, though.

I hope the will is settled soon.

Em said...

Oh poor Sergie. And poor you for all the weeping loved ones. Well you are doing a great job being supportive and we are grateful.

A dog will be good.

My capcha word is brave. What a load that is.

Fatinah said...

even though I was pissed Natalie made it to the final two (she just annoyed the shit out of me!) - it was worth it to see the look on her face when Jesse didn't vote for her!!

we watch Old Christine also - we just about piss ourselves at her - she is just so funny!!

A Lewis said...

Just stick close to each matter what.....hugs to you both....again.

the biggest loser said...

I understand about your Natalie feelings. I think it's because we all knew someone kind of like her in our lifetimes...that sorta bitchy/know-it-all/liar type that still somehow manages to be have friends and be popular and yet you could never understand why. I laughed heartily when I saw even her best ally in the house, Jessie, didn't vote for her! Ha! What a slap in the face that had to have been.

My adventures said...

any time this winter that you get the urge to head south to a warmer climate, you can stay with me! i've got a guest room and a spare car!

Rick Bettencourt said...

Yes, jacketing season is quickly approaching.

Frank B said...

Even when it's long expected, the death of a parent is a shock, it seems. It takes time to heal, just like any wound. I think a little dog would be a great idea. Of course, I'm a dog lover, having three here in the room with me now.

We're getting near the Autumnal Equinox, so Summer will officially end Sep 22 2009 at 5:18 PM EDT. Longer nights and shorter days until near Christmas.

Here's hoping you get through the paperwork soon.

dpaste said...

Hope you get the new dog soon.

Peter Maria said...

Sudden loss is just SO hard on those left behind (not that any loss is particularly easy). I at least had about one month's warning for the loss of a loved one at the beginning of the year, and I'm still screwed up. I'm glad you can be there for your spouse; hopefully he can gain some closure once you all get the will.

latt├ęgirl said...

Like you need a reason to hug Serge? Sounds like you'll be busy delivering hugs from all your readers. Give him one for me, too.