Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Just been cleaning up dog vomit. What is wrong with dogs and the eating of the grass impulse followed by the vomit dance? At least they give you notice with that wolp, wolp, wolp sound that precedes the actual projectile. That way I can make sure to move the dog so that the vomit will come out on an easily cleanable surface. I'd understand more if he vomited after snarfling up a turd, but it's always the grass that does it.

More irritation today in the form of a dead battery. Oh wait, a ten month old dead battery that only came with a 90 day warranty that cost $150 and will not hold a charge anymore. We are probably at fault for this only starting it up once every couple of weeks. We've left the van in the garage for most of the summer so we don't have to move it all the time for street sweeping. That was a bad plan I now see in retrospect. I went and bought a battery charger but even it won't work on a super dead battery (which they don't tell you in the instructions, but they cheerfully inform you when you call the help line.) So another $60 I'm out.

The school just emailed me and asked if I would work all of the 4 days off I have left this month. I'm gonna do it but it means 14 days in a row, seven teaching hours a day. Any teacher readers out there will certainly recoil at the thought. I started a new group yesterday and one of the students does that weird speech shadowing thing where they mouth everything that I say while I'm saying it. If you've ever interacted with someone like this, you'll know exaclty what I mean. It is so distracting, but I don't think the student is really even aware of it. It's probably the 4th or 5th student I've had with this tic.

One bright spot today is that I finally got a little bit of unemployment insurance money. It's a good thing I didn't really need it to eat with that money with how long it takes. I stopped working the 18 of June and got some money finally today. (Two weeks didn't count though because I was in California.)

I need a big thunderstorm to cheer me up. We've got the severe thunderstorm watch, so maybe we will get one. Later y'all, I'm gonna go skywatching now. Just ignore this last bit EAVB_LRTWMSPTVM


A Lewis said...

A thunderstorm always makes the day better! Mason has chucked up three of the last four mornings -- I think he's pregnant.

David said...

Just another bland, sunny day in SolCal. As always, torn, I miss the thunderstorms I grew up with in Chicago.

Anyhoo, sorry to hear about the battery. It seems even those car ones run down eventually, if not continued to be recharged (I don't know how many times I done that with standard batteries).

As for Georgie throwing up, the grass eating is instinct. Eating it will make them throw up, that's why they do it. But the Prelude to a Refund -the wolp - is welcome in animals, is it not? At least it gives you time -as you noted - to put him outside or on the kitchen floor.

Rick Bettencourt said...

Yeah, Bandit does the grass thing too. All dogs do it.

That's a long stretch of teaching. A lot of time to be "on". I've been there doing corporate training; it's tough.

I would think even starting the van up every couple of weeks it should still be enough to maintain the battery. Sucks!

Take care!

Lemuel said...

David and Rick are correct. Nearly all dogs eat grass when they are sick. Note: it is not the grass that is making them sick, it is their way of "sticking their finger down their throat" to get rid of whatever is making them sick. If you see Georgie eating grass then you know something is not right in the tummy.

Fourteen days teaching @ 7 hours per day! Whew! That would be exhausting, but I understand that you need to take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves. In this economy who knows what lies right around the corner.

Birdie said...

I wonder what's got Georgie eating the grass in the first place. At least you can move him quickly. Dogs instinctively go for the most expensive rug/upholstery in the house. Poor Georgie.

Mark My Words said...

Batteries are such finicky things. Someone needs to biophysically reinvent them, perhaps by using mitochondria, or something.

Will said...

Cats do the same thing, usually so they can get up a furball. Mine at least gives an unmistakable deep yowl before starting to heave so I can get her onto a bare floor area rather than one of the rugs.

Sorry for all your other problems; warm hug from New Hampshire.

Rebekah said...

Man, with you it's either all or nothing. Jeez. I don't think I'd be able to teach every day for two straight weeks. Hopefully, some of those days will be part time rather than full days.

Gotta pay for all those fun trips you took this past year. (Me too. Hope I win big)

Frank B Smith said...

The charger may come in handy in the future, just pack it away. Or you could Craigslist it.

Not to be a know it all, because I'm a mechanical idiot, but I think you should have been turning the engine over on the vehicle at least once a week, for the good of the engine.

Anonymous said...

We're in a bit of a drought here -- a thunderstorm would be awesome ('specially if it were during the night to lull me to sleep).

Re: the speech shadowing thing -- Melina does that and then races to finish the end of your sentence even though she has no idea what you're going to say.

rox said...

My old neighbor in GP did the speech shadowing thing and would always finish my sentences. It drove me insane!

Tazzy did the same thing the other night while camping, honked out on grass then barfed all over our bed in the middle of a rainstorm! Derwood just stood there with a blank look on his face. I tell you, it's no wonder I'm insane.

Snooze said...

Zoe also eats grass when she needs to barf. We're always in the parkette though and it's just the grass that she hacks back up so I don't clean it. Is that rude?

My cats barf up fur balls on a regular basis and if they are on the floor, they will move to the couch, carpet, or my clothes.