Monday, August 16, 2010

The way life shoud be

Hey there now, we just got back from Ogunquit, oh about an hour ago and tomorrow I start on my 14 day odyssey of teaching. So what I'm gonna do is splash a few mementos up here on the blog before I go blob on the couch. Sorry Blobby, it's public domain. These are our good friends from Boston who planned this little weekend getaway to the heretofore unbeknownst to me town of Ogunquit. And I am just so tickled to have made its acquaintance. (Forgive my weird writing voice, I've been driving all day and have post vacation fatigue.)

Ogunquit, in case you are unfamiliar as I was, is a little town of 1500 year round residents who put on a great "cute little hamlet beach getaway" show in the summer. I loved it. Here you see the high tide and the throngs of Maine vacationers. The beach thinned out considerably if you strolled down a ways. Two miles of lovely beach and the water was about 67 degrees, nearly as warm as Southern California waters. I didn't go all the way in though. Call me a wimp if you will, but the seabreeze never let me get hot enough to need to go in.

The place we stayed at had a little happy hour bar outside which we made use of. I wonder how many rounds it took for Serge to let this picture be taken. There seemed to be quite a few wealthy people around (with rocks on their fingers you'd certainly choke on) but they were so cool and down to Earth (and a hoot!) that I instantly wanted to come back to this town for a lengthier visit. 

For instance. And I really hope I'm not contravening any rules right now, but this lady was so great (I know her name but don't want to get busted) and sang a fun Karaoke to us all. It was like going to a secret hideaway with a bunch of fun people that you wouldn't mind running into again. Hard to explain, but I haven't felt this vibe in a place in a long time. It's why I loved this sign:

Which of course was on the happy hour bar patio. The town has a bunch of cute shops and restaurants and during the day the beach is packed. They have a little trolley that can take you all around to the various cutesy enclaves and vistas so you just arrive, park the car and then forget about any driving until you leave. Loved that.

David in the picture turned me on to the Loseit! application for the iphone and I'm really diggin it. I'm gonna lose that paunch if it's the last of me. (Sorry for the platitudes lately, it's a byproduct of my job, I think)  When you log everything you eat and drink, you exert more self control, I dunno why. When I plugged in my info I said I wanted to lose 13 pounds and gave myself until next February to do it. My daily calorie budget is 2410 with extra if I exercise. Definitely doable.

When the tide was out, the beach was more than twice as big. It looked like they had some pretty big tides there and the little river behind the sand dunes switched directions four times a day. Unfortunately after I took this picture I dropped my camera into the sand. It wouldn't take pictures anymore no matter what I did. Finally on the way home in the car, I was able to get the lens moving again, but alas, the camera I'm afraid, has irreparable ailments. The pictures she takes now come out like this:

So getting another camera goes on the list. (I'll pinch Serge's until then.) In other exciting news, I got a speeding ticket on the way home in Vermont. He radar gunned me at 83. The limit was 65. Sheesh. Mom drove at least that fast all the way back from Vegas no problem. Stinking $166 I gotta pay or lose my privelege to drive in Vermont.

Anyway, I loved the little whirlwind trip though staying longer next time would definitely interest me since it's a 5.5 hour drive. Not sure how frequently I'll post since I have no days off but I'll try not to disappear. And this concludes the every five minute travel extravaganza. The next trip is a whopping 4 months away.



A Lewis said...

That hair is getting a bit long, don't you think?
And, by the way, do you know where that tongue has been?
I like blobs.

Anonymous, too said...

Too bad you couldn't stay around and fight the ticket. I bet the cop wouldn't have shown up in court, and the charges would be dropped.

Serge looks sharp in those sunglasses; they really suit him. Too bad the camera broke, because it obviously loved him.

And what did you put on your cheek to get that reaction out of your spouse? Poutine?

CoffeeDog said...

That lady in orange sorta looks like Lily Tomlin :-)

You've made me want to go to Ogunquit!

Mel said...

Yeah, you totally need to come back someday when I'm actually around. Was way down east this weekend with the nieces, which is wonderful in a similar way to Ogunquit. But also quite a different pace.

Rick Bettencourt said...

Ogunquit is awesome! I love it there...better than P'town. It's not as busy and the people are friendly. Next time you're there let me know. It's 45 minutes from me.

Lemuel said...

Coastal Maine has a lot to offer. Have you ever been to Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park?

Mark My Words said...

I can't believe how much you guys travel.

Snooze said...

The town sounds great. I just got back from vacay myself (NYC). Good luck with the 14 day stint. It's good you had a little getaway beforehand.

Blobby said...

Sorry Blobby, it's public domain.

Oh we WILL see about that!!! :)

rox said...

"Loseit" you say? I may have to check that out.

And the hair looks really long in these pics! Almost mullet-ish. LOL!

Jim said...

Yes, Ogunquit is quite a unique place. Looks like you had a great time. I lost 15 plus pounds in 7 months by cutting back on sweets and watching the 'bad' of course exercising/walking more. Good can do it!

Birdie said...

Haven't been to Ogunquit, but I have seen Bar Harbor and loved it. Coastal Maine is a perfect vacation spot in the summer. Did you see the 20-room "cottages" on the shore? They belong to the likes of the Rockefellers.

Fresco said...

I thought the same as CoffeeDog about the lady in orange and A Lewis has got a point about the hair. :-)