Monday, October 03, 2005

Feeding the planet

I used to be a real black and white kind of person. I believed in science and logic and all the things I could sense with my physical senses. These were real, these were facts, reality was indisputable.

But then, little by little, experience by experience, I began to suspect that there was more going on than the eye could see.

Take gravity for example. A constant force, a perpetual force, a force from where? We can all agree that gravity exists, as we experience its effects every day. But even the most prominent scientists can't explain its existence, nor how this "force" is seemingly inexhaustible.

If energy is always conserved, where does the gravitational "energy" come from? (Maybe we lose mass to the planet (mass equaling energy after all) and we eat to keep regenerating the mass we lose and that old age is really just that we can't keep up with the rejuvenation part, and we shrink and finally the planet consumes us. But I digress.)

But that's just one example. How can we deny the existence of things if we cannot detect them with our limited abilities of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

This is of course the trap. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

There are unexplainable things we all experience. Dreams, intuition, the path of a lightning strike, thoughts, gravity, coincidence, laughter, and on and on.

And when you open your mind up enough you start to see little flashes of unseen forces at work. (things that help you get out of "reality" and maybe "see" some of this stuff include: music, drugs, sex, meditation, fasting etc.)

That is, if you're interested. Because you'll never see them if you don't consider their existence possible.


The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Whatever it takes to open your mind, if you enjoy it and are not harming others, why mot?

By the way i've had the change... with my name, nothing else ;-)

dantallion said...

So then you're advocating heavy drug use. Right? ;)

r said...

open minds... possibilities...and trust.

I think fear is a big reason why we close ourselves off to new ideas and realities...