Wednesday, October 05, 2005

This morning's wad in my panties

Designer deoderant. You heard me right. This is the next new way to set you apart. $30 deoderant. Does it work better? Nope. Does it make you feel high class? Apparently, according to this article. So, we are marketing this as a status item. Because, apparently status is hugely important to some people. (people with small grizzled black matter posing as a soul) Let's just look at one quote from a designer deoderant peddler:

Anthony Logistics' deodorant, for example, contains no alcohol and no pore-clogging aluminum. Its citrus scent comes from all natural oils and fruit extracts, such as basil oil, bay leaf, lemon peel, roses, oranges and grapefruit. "These are class products," Gallo said. (director of product education for Anthony Logistics for Men)

Class products? You mean I could squeeze a grapefruit on the pit and wipe it off with a basil leaf, and I'm good to go for hobnobbing with the elite? I'll be skipping the bay leaf though since it smells like a rotton diaper.

Seriously, when I think of the money and man hours going into this phenom,and all the energy expended to create a need where none exists, I think we are lost as a society. The genius of capitalism is also the draining of cultural values.


Some new culturally enriching products we can look forward to in the near future might include designer wart remover, luxury toilet paper with "threadcount", and $80 designer floss. Yay us!


_Psycho said...

Any clear solid deodorant for me does the work, that's it. Nothing gel or white that leave "stain" ;)

Adam said...

I always find it odd that designer sundries such as the ones you mentioned contain natural ingredients. For some reason our society has made it more difficult to get grapefruit juice into a consumer product than it is to get sodium dodecyl sulfate and xantham gum into our products affordably.

r said...

I love Adam's comment.

After reading your post today, I feel worried. See, I have a $16 deoderant/anti-perspirant. It's by Fresh, and yes, it does smell good, but it's also the best anti-perspirant I've ever used.

Maybe I just want it to be the best I've ever used. But, as I have problems with sweating (like a pig) and a great fear of smelling funky... I buy it.

Maybe Lady Mitchum would work just as well?

St. Dickeybird said...

I used to feel that way until I was given $25 tangerine shaving cream. Now that it's discontinued I'm quite upset. It was well worth it. So clean-feeling.
I'd assume $30 deodourant would be the same.

Anonymous said...

they should very carefully place an expensively designed label on it that says "fruit salad" and call it a day.