Friday, May 05, 2006


* This is what I do Fridays. I list morcels from the journal that did not make it as a blog post.

* How do competing technologies benefit us? It seems like a big waste of time. Beta/VHS, Cassette/8track, Plasma/LCD, IBM/Apple. Maybe technology would progress that much faster if we didn't have to wait for the competition to play out. And we wouldn't have to fill up the landfills with the losing technology.

* I have been cigarette free for 50 days. I have been nicotine free for 5 days.

* A wart used to grow on my finger. I bit it off 3 times before it didn't grow back. (My aversion to doctors and medicine began long ago)

* My mother catches fish that weigh twice as much as her.

* You know people who have a part of their eye that's a different color? That's a glitch in the software, as, I believe, is homosexuality. The question is, "How important are the glitches?"

* I was once highly skilled (expert!) in auto-fellatio.

* Most adults will be dead and gone by 2070. Why people get so narded up about some issues is beyond me. (immigration for example)

* A sign of maturity is the ability to feel genuine pleasure for the good fortune of others.

* My parents used to frequently answer my whine with, "because Life's not fair, that's why." And it's true, they just forgot the part that it's possible to live on the good side of "unfair".

* Spring has sprung and I made a corny video snippet of myself in public.


Joel said...

I just have to know if auto-felatio and self-felatio are the same so, I am now having wicked wicked thoughts in my head...THANKS a lot!

Joel said...

Jusy watched the video...YOU are a goof!

Kevin said...

That's not right. You can't be all gorgeous AND tell us you can (or could) auto-fellate. That's just not right.

You're either super-hung, super-bendy or both. And please, neither confirm nor deny those claims. Regardless, I must have a lust/hate relationship with you. :)

Snooze said...

Congrats on being cigarette free! Also, I think you must make a video of your auto-fellatio talents.

Chunks said...

Is auto fellatio just fellatio in the car? (How retarded are we all? haha!)

You need to buy yourself a reward item for being 50 days smoke free! Like a t-shirt or some new knitting needles. Was it windy there yesterday? Sounded like you were in a wind tunnel!

I love your snippets. What does your mom do?!

Jason said...

Why "was once"? No longer?

I have to get a video phone, if not only to take secret pictures.

S said...

The whole fellatio thing is something you can definately put on a resume.

Imagine the interview...

So, what makes you different from other candidates...?

Anonymous said...

awesome post! love the video!

St. Dickeybird said...

I have an idea for your next camerafilm!

I'm so jealous of your (past?) skill.

Kalv1n said...

I love your video. It's kind of a nice stop and smell the roses vignette. I don't know if I can agree with you on homosexuality being a glitch. For all we know it might have been an evolutionary strategy to have children take care of their parents without having children of their own (and on a sexist note, if men can more easily provide in the past, then it would make sense that more men are gay).

I love what you did with your warts. If you go to the doctor they just dig it out or freeze it off or burn it off, so why not do it yourself?

epicurist said...

Smoke free for 50? Awesome, congrats!

Biting off your wart? - nasty

Auto-fellatio - I don't believe you, show me pictures or how you got there!

Spring - I LOVE it!

Spider said...

I agree with the maturity thing - so true... and I think the glitches are what makes life special - and they are important.

Spider said...

I agree with the maturity thing - so true... and I think the glitches are what makes life special - and they are important.

r said...

Congratulations on the 50 days!


GayProf said...

I enjoyed the video!

Congrats on 50 days without a cigarette and 5 days without nictoine! Do you feel better than when you smoked?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 50 days smoke-free! That's a great accomplishment.

I look forward to watching the video at home. (Don't have sound at work.)

The Persian said...

Congrats on the 50 days! You are much stronger than I..

That video was adorable!


Anonymous said...

Scotty, Gay Dad, sent me over to your blog, he said I would enjoy it. He was so right! I think I know what you mean about no longer being able to self-fellate. I'm no longer as limber as I once was way back in my younger days. (I sometimes miss being able to do it) :-)

CoffeeDog said...

Happy Spring indeed!

toobusyliving said...

If I had been able to know, "that" - I would have never graduated from High School.

A Bear in the Woods said...

You funny, funny man. Slipping it to us about slipping it to yourself when we were absolutely unsuspecting. You're wonderfully wicked.
A thousand thanks for that. I have all sorts of really exciting mental images running through my mind like chipmunks on steroids.
Graceful, buff and limber chipmonks, with giant penises.
yours in excitement,

dirk.mancuso said...

Cute video. After seeing the one of the spouse last week, you guys make a cute couple. I think you are inspiring a lot of us to go out and get new phones now.

Congrats on the 50 days cigarette free.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 50 days!! How are you finding it?

I was mildly alarmed (and majorly envious) at the auto-fellatio snippet. How does anyone with that, uh, talent become a productive citizen in society?? ;)


Patricia said...

i can't get your vids to load lately. very sad.

i got the same exact answer to my "unfair" whinings. i despised that answer. it always seemed so uncreative.

and glitches? they're part of what makes life interesting.

what's up with 2070? did i miss a memo?