Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jazzfest weekend

The Montreal Jazz Festival is unlike any other. The greatest part is that most of the concerts are free and play continuously from noon to midnight. A sizable chunk of the downtown core is closed off and 7 outdoor stages are erected. In the evenings there are three or four concerts going on at once at any given time. Plus there are street performers a-plenty. Of course there is lots of food and booze and trinkets to buy if you are so inclined.

Here is Serge near a very tall man.

This is in the crowd during the day. (spouse is making his goofy face just out of frame) At night it is ten times more crowded. We went back to see the Brazilian singer I wanted to see in the evening, but I got too claustrophobic and had to flee from the crowd. If there is one thing they need to do better, it's crowd control. (It started to rain, and the umbrellas went up and people started moving and you couldn't have any individual choice of direction, I felt like flotsam on the water.)

And this festival goes on for 10 days! It's one of the greatest perks of living here. There is no other jazz festival like it, and if you've never been to Montreal, the first week of July is a great time to plan visiting.


Jack said...

Hi Torn!

I love the Jazz Fes.

Like you, I hate crowds.

Is the Art thingny also this week.

Did you check it out?

Have fun!


r said...

You know what I love? that every day, I get up, and I can come to Sticky Crows, and there's a post. I'm three hours behind, so it could happen, but probably won't, that I would ever be up and online before you.

Anyway, I'm still missing the Jazz Festival, and the fun, but one week from today bubba, one week from today...

Gamble, gamble, gamble...

Anonymous said...

Serge is so much more exciting looking since he's been using that Anti-Dullness cream. I don't like crowds either. Rise up as early as you can, you still can't beat the Sticky Crows man!

GayProf said...

Is that a new hair style for you?

A Bear in the Woods said...

I hardly ever go to concerts or movie theaters any more. the crowds. Serge seems to have recovered from the foot creme episode. He looks so sweet (with a little tartness on the side).

anabel said...

My band played at the "Idyllwild Jazz in the Pines festival" last Aug. It seems as if it would be all the things you like but without the horrific crowds. There is a great vibe there so if you're ever in Calif in August you/we should check it out.

Kalv1n said...

Claustraphobia? What's that? Hopefully things will continue to go well. And maybe you could take some video or sound recordings. Preferrable of someone having a panic attack from claustraphobia. ;)

Chunks said...

Well, I've managed to get caught up on your blog, I respect that you get claustrophobic in big crowds, I do too, but only if my kids are with me. Weird. The jazz festival sounds awesome!!

Where does one get such a big marshmallow cheeseburger? I've seen tiny ones, but that one Serge was nibbling on was gigantic!

t said...

They don't need crowd control,
they need a couple more jazz festivals during the year!!!
Sounds as though Montrealians are jazz starved!

Wow, that guy behind Serge has long legs! How come you never see such guys that look like that in malls or at the beach swimming or riding bicycles or anything?

The Yellow Dog Speaks said...

We are on vacation this week, up from Ohio. We've spent the weekend in Toronto and are heading to Montreal in the morning. We planned our trip before knowing about the Jazzfest. Sounds like it will be a great time, yet crowded. We are staying at The Days Inn downtown, any advice you can offer about our navigatingaround downtown is welcomed!!!

Patricia said...

ok i'm just gonna risk the truth here and tell you.

i can't stand jazz.

i'm sorry! i know it's a classic style of music upon which so many others were built. but mannnnnn it just really gets on my nerves a lot of times.

but that picture of you is killer. love the scruffed face and the mussed hair.