Sunday, August 28, 2011


* Always room for a Georgie pic, no? This camera takes pretty good pictures in just that kind of light. No alterations or adjustments needed.

* Love the real time traffic info in the GPS. It automatically chooses the fastest route based on traffic situations. So on Friday, it chose one route to go to the burbs and a different one to come home so as to avoid traffic jams. Why did I wait so long to get this!?

* Hurricane Irene is coming here too! It's already windy out there but they are saying we're going have tropical storm force winds and 3-5 inches of rain today. Should start in about an hour. Looking at the satellite pic, it looks like the eye is just over NYC right now.

 * For the geographically challenged, Montreal is just above the New York-Vermont borderline. For the really geographically challenged, Montreal is approximately dead center of the image.

* Though I have a couple private lessons, I'm largely off for the next two weeks. Can't go anywhere though, Serge is broke. (He'll be bitter if he sees that.)

* I found our dream vacation cruise for our 20th anniversary in 2013. It's a Hong Kong to Kobe, Japan cruise. We'll stay a few days in Hong Kong (where we met) first and finish up with several days in Tokyo. Already saving up for that. I think 2012 will be thrifty on the vacation front.

* Today is my first practice in case I get called for the tv show. I'm going to do the first and third course. The main course (osso bucco) I've done many times already. Today I'll try red bell pepper soup with sauteed foie gras on a crouton. Dessert will be mini banana cakes with creme anglaise.

* I'm signing up for a Saturday morning Spanish class. This will come in handy when we go to Spain in October. I took the placement test and was put in Level 1A. There is no class before that.

* We transferred our mortgage to another bank. I don't know how we got so fortunate, but somehow we don't make a payment in September. The mortgage transfers August 31st to the new bank and their first payment is Oct. 1st. I'm using this windfall to pay for the xmas cruise. (I already told y'all about that.)

* We signed up for Netflix Canada's unlimited streaming deal. Although it works great, the selections are all much older than I had anticipated. Case in point, the series Weeds has five seasons out on DVD, but Netflix only offers seasons one and two. We get a month for free, so we'll see.

* I'm sure there's more, but that's all that's coming to mind at the moment. Have a great week!


Rox said...

I love the Netflix! I'm so far behind in stuff like that though, it gives us slow people time to catch up.

You'll pick up the Spanish like nothin', it's just like Francais, no?

John Going Gently said...

tie everything down!
good luck

Art said...

Enjoy your 'holidays' the next 2 weeks;
Saw this blog; thought of you...

CoffeeDog said...

Your Spanish placement made me giggle :-)

Anoymous, too said...

Hope you don't get too much rain from Irene, but remind Georgie to wear his galoshes to the doggie park.

And if Serge is still snoring, he ain't all that broke. I'm sure there are lots of things you two can do to keep each other -- and Georgie -- entertained!

don said...

I love the Scandinavian movie selection in Netflix. There are some amazing foreign films available, it is just a bit difficult to discover them sometimes.

Birdie said...

I really enjoy reading your Snippets. Your storytelling makes everything interesting. I'm afraid mine would read like a grocery list.

Hey, when do we get to see a video of Georgie singing? Would love to see that!

GayProf said...

Yay for Spanish!

Wow -- 20th anniversary within striking distance.