Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

What a beautiful weekend it was. We went on long walks both Saturday and Sunday to take advantage of the sun's presence and to enjoy the balmy (for Montreal in October) temperatures. I got this shot by stopping and looking up from one of the tree lined streets.

Monday to Wednesday posts are short by necessity, check out the road to montreal update from yesterday if you haven't already done so.

Tonight is one of my favorite nights, giving out the candy to trick or treaters. Hopefully I'll get a pic or two for tomorrow.


The Wisdom of Wislon said...


naughty trick or treaters throw egg and flour at people in the UK, does anyone do that where you are?

Happy Halloween!

Adam said...

Great picture. I envy the seasons of the north but I do not envy the impending winter snow. Have a happy halloween torn.

_Psycho said...

There was a lots of peoples on the mount-royal yesterday, but it was getting late and cold, too bad ;)

I don't like haloween, talk about an annoying celebration !

jenbeauty said...

Happy Halloween and beautiful pic!

t said...

Beautiful pic!
Many of our trees are still bright red. This is the latest I've ever seen our trees with the leaves still on.
Did you know trees that produce bright leaves are 'marking their territory'? The red chemical in the leaves is toxic to seeds from other trees, thus guaranteeing that only sprouts from said tree can grow there!

t said...

That was supposed to say "trees that produce bright RED leaves".
I was trying to hurry too much!

r said...

Wonderful photo Torn.

Things are just drying out here. Glad you could be out enjoying the weather.

epicurist said...