Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I remember

Another cruise shot. Blame the scanner for the quality.

This is a little exercise borrowed from Rebekah. (I hope I did it right.)

I remember my Dad blowing a gasket when gas hit thirty cents a gallon.

I remember the first time I ate a persimmon. It was the most delicious thing I had ever eaten.

I remember being intensely in love with Karen Lake in the fourth grade. Her way of ending it was to tell me she had been "felt up" by a boy named Todd in her neighborhood. I asked, "What does that mean?" She explained and I cried myself to sleep every night for a week. Mom thought she made me gay, I think it might've been Karen Lake.

I remember being good at only two sports. The pogo stick and the unicycle.

I remember my Dad sawing the horns off our goat "Billy". I remember the crying sound that Billy made during the procedure and the white ointment Dad used to cover the wounds.

I remember lying in bed hearing the bombs the marines practiced with at Camp Pendleton. I thought it was the sound of Godzilla's footsteps coming to get me.

I remember Mrs. Shandy, my sixth grade teacher, explaining "wet dreams" to us. I remember hoping that it would never happen to me.

I remember rushing our dog "Cappy" to the hospital after being struck by a car. Blood flowed from her mouth and made a puddle on the floor of the car. She never came back from the hospital.

One year, I remember begging, nay beseeching, my parents for an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. I remember getting a G I Joe instead.

I remember playing in the yard with Chucky and his little sister next door. His little sister picked up a snail and ate it. We ran and told his mother, who then washed her mouth out with soap.

I remember the doctor telling my mother that I was in perfect health but that it was curious that my left testicle hung lower than my right. Apparently it is nearly always the other way around. (Guys, you can verify this now if you'd like.)

I remember in Kindergarten when Tammy and I were showing each other how we peed. It was fascinating. Then the teacher caught us and forbade us from playing together for the rest of the year. I remember we didn't understand what we had done wrong.


St. Dickeybird said...

I'm a lefty too. Wifey pointed it to me the other day.
After 31 years, I'd never noticed it before!

Anonymous said...

LMAO> I don't think either the pogo stick OR the unicycle would be considered "sports" per se. Funny!

r said...

And stilts? What about stilts? They were my specialty.

This was fun. I don't think I knew any of this.

ps. My mother never gave me an Easy Bake Oven either.

PĂȘcheuse said...

Actually we hired a "large animal Vet." to come to the house to remove Billy's horns.

tornwordo said...

You must be right mom. But the rest is true right? Funny how we remember things.

dantallion said...

I should have remembered to go to the mens room before I checked that.

My lefticle is in fact a might higher than his buddy. Never noticed that before.

Anonymous said...

I remember thinking that I would never be able to have a best friend who would really understand me and not put me down for being so ........"assertive".
That was before I met you, of course.

epicurist said...

That was interesting. Now I have to go to the bathroom and see if the "nutty" theory is in fact real.

epicurist said...

Hmmmm...interesting. Does this give me the right to go ask around now?