Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well crap

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. The whole week has been a blur. Part of it is that I came down with another lousy cold, or perhaps it is an extension/relapse of the one I had in Hawaii. Whatever it is, it sucks big donkey dicks in the sky. And makes me cranky too. This morning found me with voluminous quantities of crusted snot ringing my nostrils. Lovely. I've also been working long days all week and even though it has been a great success, I'm papooped. Whining is my current coping strategy, obviously. Hey, when the British and Australian bloggers say "whinging" to mean whining, are they pronouncing the first g? I've never heard it uttered, only seen it written, and then of course it seems totally wrong. It must not be though because I've seen it many times.

Serge figured out what was causing his hives. Champix. He's been on the "stop smoking" medication for a while and as soon as he stopped taking it to see if that might be the cause, no more hives. I wish he would develop an allergy to the cigarettes instead of the smoking cessation medication, but what are you gonna do?

We are in the deep freeze here too. Below zero (F) all day yesterday and today with wind chills in the minus twenties. Even Georgie is reticent to spend any time outside. Yesterday on the radio, the announcer talked about the wind chill warning and how it's dangerous to venture outside and then the next commercial was for the Snow Festival at the park, bring the kids and have some fun. Excuse me but nothing is fun at minus 20. Nothing outside anyway.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and pardon my curmudgeonliness. Hope your weekend is a nice one.


Anonymous said...

This weather is perfect for cuddling up under a big thick comforter with your spouse. Or if one is gay here in the land of the free: sharing your apartment with a friend who officially is sleeping in the guest room. Lest we are found out and tied to the back of a pick-up truck and dragged downa gravel road. When will the purtianical ethics of our barbaric country ever end? I'm whinging a bit too. Ted

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are feeling so poorly, its probably made worse by post holiday blues!!
Yup whinging is pronounced like cringing with a soft g sound, I always use it as a slightly less irritating and more verbal form of whining, but I could be wrong.
We have sunshine after a couple of weeks of grey, cold as well but only 2 celsius during the day down to -5 at night and its gorgeous!!
Glad Serge has discovered the cause of his hives.
Nick from the UK

word verif conglyz made me laugh.

Larry Ohio said...

Thanks for the wonderful imagery of your nose. But at least it was your nose and not some other body part.

Have a happy weekend :-)

Java said...

I'm glad Serge discovered the source of his hives. Does this mean he's going to quit quitting the smokes, too? I hope not.

I've got my desktop weather gadget set to Celsius because I want to get used to that scale. Today's high is predicted to be zero, tonight's low -8. That's significantly colder than normal here in The South (TM). Highs are almost always above freezing.

I hope you feel better soon.

Rick Bettencourt said...

Hope you feel better. We too have been getting the winter blast but I'm sure not as cold as CCCCanada.

Birdie said...

I hope Serge doesn't get discouraged in his struggle to quit smoking; but I'm glad you found the source of his hives. That can get scary with a serious reaction.

The bitter cold we were promised apparently went elsewhere. Still, highs in the 20s. Nine more days and I'll be in sunny Florida. *sigh*

Gregory McCormick said...

yes, whinging pronounced like an earlier commenter says, rhymes with cringing.

i used to have this british boss who hated it when her staff "whinged" at her. so stop your whinging.

i don't blame you, actually. after all the fun trips you guys have taken recently, must be hard to have to EARN a living!

A Lewis said...

I thought that "Lucy was in the sky....with diamonds!". Either way, I hope you feel better very soon.

Mel said...

Well, poo on two counts. I'd say you've got a good excuse to whinge. I know we're a little bit warmer here, but it's not by much, I don't think. On his last potty break overnight, Tuck went to the nearest patch of grass to the door - about 4 ft. away - made a quick pee, then practically jumped back into the house.

Dan O'Day said...

That's a sad example of a radio station that doesn't have systems in place to protect the investments its advertiser have made.

Such a system wouldn't be designed to prevent the announcer from warning listeners about the dangers of the cold. In this particular example, specific weather conditions would trigger a "suspend" order on the commercials until it was appropriate to advertise again.

Airlines have done this for decades: If there's a big plane crash in this morning's news, it's quite unlikely you'll hear the previously scheduled radio commercial campaign for an airline.

Dan O'Day

Rox said...

Duct tape. That's how Serge can quit smoking. A big old chunk of duct tape right across his lips. :o)

Did that make you blow snot out yer nose?

Greg said...

Well, sorry to hear about your being ill; always a cause to whinge about winter weather.

I hope Serge will consider other, less hivey options for quitting. I sure have no regrets about having done so.

Georgie's still the cutest pup on our fridge! Stay warm!!

Lemuel said...

I hope you are soon feeling better - and warmer!

Perplexio said...

-20 isn't so bad if the air is still. 5 with a wind chill making it feel like -15 feels colder to me than -20 or even -30 with no wind.

I went cross-country skiing in Gatineau Park back in February 1994, it was about -20 Fahrenheit but somehow I still managed to work up a sweat. No wind though, so it didn't feel that bad.

Mark in DE said...

Sorry you're sick again! Spouse has a cold too. Hope you both feel better soon.

Patricia said...

I hope you're feeling well by now. If not, make thee a big pot of soup. It's good for the soul and the snot.

The only good thing about the cold temps is that Indi never lingers when it's subzero. When it's nice, she takes ten minutes to decide which part of the back yard will get the honor of her poop.