Wednesday, April 13, 2011

12 of 12

On our morning walk together, we look down this alley that was impassable for the last four months because it was filled with snow and never plowed. If you look closely, you can see the last vestiges of unmelted snow. 

Usually, Georgie goes back to bed after our walk. With the nice days, however, he prefers to lounge around outside.

Time to go to work. Class was on the South Shore so I had to cross the Jacques Cartier bridge.  It takes about five minutes to cross. The St Lawrence river, she is big.

In the parking lot at the school. Do you see the brown mountain? That is a mountain of snow left over from the winter. Most large parking lots in the city feature a similar brown mountain adjacent. It'll probably be there until May.

My lunch of champions. At least three times a week, this is what I consume at midday. Total cost? $1.50 Total calories? 250 

Happiness equals go home time. There's a tire in the back seat because it's time to switch out the winter tires for the summer tires. My appointment to make this happen is Friday.

Who's sitting on his perch watching the world go by? Georgie poo!

It's five o'clock and that ain't water in that glass. Well at least not all of it is water.

Chinese fondue for dinner. I don't get the allure. You have to cook each morsel before consuming. Dinner takes way too long that way. About half way through I said fuck it and started putting three or four bites at a time on my skewer. 

Sunset was lovely. I'm sad though because I learned that they are going to build a seven story condo building there, essentially wiping out our view toward the West. 

Still watched Glee even though it was a rerun.

Bonne nuit mon petit chien. Je t'aime.


rox said...

Aww! The last line is perfect!

We have brown snow mountains everywhere too. It's still white in my yard though! I'm guessing at least May before it's gone.

CoffeeDog said...

Whoa, I thought that was a real mountain! Comment dit en francais? Je pense que cette montagne etait "real" Je ne sais pa le mot pour real :-)

Georgie, Je t'aime aussi.

Blobby said...

Nice 12 of 12. More chances of pics of Georgie (I like his lounge chair one).

The only water in that glass, I bet, is the ice.

CoffeeDog said...

I came back to show Mrs Coffeedog the Georgie porn. Two things

1. That item on the other lounge chair looks like a turd or a dildo.

2. Are you windows really that deep? Ours aren't! It looks like yours are at least 8 inches deep

Anonymous said...

Brown mountains are gross! Can't believe that's snow.

Damn cute dog.

Enjoy the view while you still have it!

Anonymous, too said...

Did you get the seat heater/joy buzzer option on your car?

Mark My Words said...

I'd go for the chinese fondue over the tuna snack kit any day.

Son regard dit qu'il t'aime aussi.

GayProf said...

That is too much snow.

The Inqueerer said...

Do you really mean that huge brown mountain is made of snow??

Frank B Smith said...

I'm sorry to hear you're losing your western view. Perhaps you can take up the hobby of peering through windows ;-)

Brigitta said...

Moi, je l´aime aussi! Thanks for all those cute pics of Georgie. His facial expressions and especially his eyes are to die for.

Jess said...

Such a lovely post. Georgie photos always are adorable, but the whole post had such a nice, lighthearted feel.