Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just blather

Very little to report from my neck of the woods. There's always the weather to mention. Winter just doesn't seem to want to relinquish power to spring so we keep getting snow/ice pellet/rain storms blowing through. I thought I was done with the long underwear, but I've had to wear them the last couple of days with these ridiculously below normal temperatures.

We went out to dinner last night to La Guadalupe, the mexican joint that has awesome food but very slow service. We split a ceviche, oh my god it was so good, and then I had a giant chile relleno while Serge had some kind of fajita thingie. Both were exquisitely delicious. Gotta love those family recipes. I ate every last bit off my plate and then realized I had crammed too much into my stomach and it took hours for that discomfort to subside. Hours! It's been ages since I've done that to myself. This morning I refused to step on the scale.

There's an election campaign going on up here in Canada. Ours take a month while already down in the US, the campaigning is starting for 2012. I much prefer the Canadian election method. How many Americans, I wonder, are aware that we are going to the polls up here? I'd wager very few. It's not their fault though, I've seen zero mention of it in the US media. Canadian media closely follows the campaigning in the US. We are choosing between the current Prime Minister's conservative party, the Liberal party, the New Democrat Party which is very left, and the Bloc Quebecois whose mission is to make Quebec a sovereign country. I loathe Harper (the current PM) as much as I loathed Bush and I am really crossing my fingers that he doesn't win a majority government. Still, if Harper were a candidate in the US, he'd probably be more liberal than Obama. It's just how it is up here.

I don't have any new Georgie pics to show. He's been a good boy though. He finally learned how to lie down on command. It took me months but he finally got it. I wish I'd had my camera a couple of days ago. We went to the dog park and he got all excited by a giant poodle or labradoodle and they went romping down to the swampy end of the park and just writhed around in that stinky mud. The other owner and I were shouting at our animals who were of course ignoring us. He was so gross I didn't even want to let him in the car to come home. After his bath, he smelled good again. If you've made it this far, I apologize for wasting your time. Sometimes, life is kinda dull, what can I say?


A Lewis said...

Thanks for the lesson the election -- I had no idea (like you said!). I love to have a YVR overnight where I can get my hands on a good Canadian newspaper for the real spin on the real world.

Anonymous said...

Life can be put on the dull cycle, but it won't take long to get to the spin cycle againI

still have the anticipatory adrenaline surge waiting to see a new blog post from you on my google reader.

art said...

even reading your "blather" as you put it, still feels like chatting with a friend. I enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

You're right. We don't hear much about Canadian politics.

The only time you guys come up is when we want to make the point that, 1) your healthcare system is wonderful, or 2) your healthcare system is a catastrophe.

Mark My Words said...

You don't need to apologize for informing me that you're still wearing long underwear in April, lol. I'm soooo tired of winter, too.

CoffeeDog said...


Jim said...

There is not a 'market' to be had in the US for Canadian no one would be interested.
I too hope Harper doesn't get in. He has so many hidden agendas and being a minority group we should really do our best to prevent him and his policies from getting a majority. If he gets a minority again, he'll probably be 'asked' to leave the PC party. I'm starting to rant just a tad......bye and have a great weekend.

Roxie Vegas said...

I can't even think about the election and how much it's costing us! Makes me effing nuts! Harper won't win a majority government, they predicted that already, so it's a huge waste of money and I still don't have a family doctor. (Note to the Americans...doesn't mean I can't go in and see one if I have an issue, there's just a nationwide shortage)

I came home to find my dog limping worse than ever. I think he's going to die. :(