Monday, May 23, 2005

Head Cheese

A not so tempting offer. Posted by Hello

So when I arrived yesterday from work, tired, cranky and famished, Serge was in the kitchen making a new electrical box housing for the electric meter and fuse box. This happens to be in the kitchen so everything was a mess and access was limited to the food stuffs. I whined about being hungry and Serge lit up and said, "Oh, you can open the fridge a little and get the head cheese, God it is so good." Uh, was that head cheese? Is that what I think it is? Ground up head? "Really, try it - you'll like it" he says and so I take the small tub of brown sludge out of the fridge and grab the camera to show you how appealing this substance is. First of all the title - Head Cheese with Gelatine (from girl horse hooves I suppose) is stunningly unappealing. "Country style pate" would have been far better, but at least they didn't call it "Dog food for people" which would in fact, be accurate. (I'm fairly sure of this as Sara, our dog, loves it.)

Having eaten only a bagel and having slung hash all day, I still could not introduce this matter to my lips. Serge got more and more insistent and then opened it up to show me how to eat it. You can see in the picture below how much of the tub he ate, just spooned that out, yum. Notice also the rather thick white layer at the top of the tub. That is the fat that separated out of the concoction. Serge ate this with relish. (the attitude, not the condiment) He really stands by his convictions and will likely consume said tub by the end of today.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm your first comment ever! W00t. And now I have blog comment anxiety and I'll be sure to make it inane... the curse!

I love your writing, but then, you knew that.

I will bitterly tell you that I had to set up my own blogger account before I could post comments. Guess how many tries before I found a user name they would let me use?

Kissy, Kissy, Kissy Morthog

petpirepet said...

It is not fat but love!