Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sara, the garden and the crow

This morning has started badly. The dog began harumphing about 5:30 prodding me out of bed so she could go outside. Then I made coffeee and waited for it to brew while checking the morning email. When I returned to the kitchen, I glanced outside to see Sara in the garden digging! As far as I could tell, there was no way for Sara to get into the garden because it is (or so I thought) securely surrounded by a wrought iron fence. I opened the door and called her out of the garden. She couldn't get out though because, as I said, it's fenced. So, rather hysterically I might add, I charged into the yard in my robe and slippers to remove a piece of the fence to let her out. It was then that I saw that she had not only left an enormous turd in my garden (though I noted its uniform consistency) but had also dug up two of the lettuces and a tomato plant. So there I am cursing the dog, and she is just so excited, jumping up and down, and I just can't stay mad at her. So, once I get dressed, I'll have to go out and see if I can salvage the lives of the vegetables.

While out and about yesterday, I came across a lone crow in a tree. The tree may be dead or just procrastinating as it hadn't leafed out yet. There were two small birds loudly protesting the crows presence and dive bombing him. The crow held his branch and yawned. I walked up to the tree and took the picture below. I have a thing for crows, so it was like a gift at the end of my day. (I had just finished my last lesson of the day)

Off to work, I must go - I'll be back tomorrow.

A sloitary crow basking in the late afternoon sun. Posted by Hello

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I like your picture!