Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot lesbians and humid drag queens

Saw the "Queer Comics" show last night and I have sore tummy muscles today from laughing. I had no idea lesbians could be so funny! This one girl, Julie Goldman, had me crying laughing from the beginning to the end of her set. Since recording devices were forbidden and I have the memory of a pimple, I can't give you any one-liners, but if you ever get the chance, check this girl out.

The Kinsey Sicks made an appearance as well. They have their proper show "Dragapella" which is also playing in town. This is a group of singing drag queens. They sing four parts, barber shop style - ie a capella. The songs were funny and pointedly caustic toward Bush and republicans in general, a topic only slightly lost on the Canadian audience. (Note to visiting comics - try to get the name of the Prime Minister right, you're only reinforcing the perception that Americans are ignorant of all things outside their borders.)

We had some righteous downpours again last evening. It's supposed to be the hottest day of the year here today, and super humid to boot. I was marveling at the quantity of rain that can fall in a few short minutes in the summer. Over half an inch in 10 minutes is pretty impressive. Well, I was impressed, I'm sure most people didn't even ponder it past the nuisance level.

What else? Oh yeah, I'm joining the team of bloggers over at metroblogging Montreal. I'll be posting over there regularly now, and I'm looking forward to vaunting the city I love. Don't worry, I'll still do my regular schtick right here. Peace!


Timmy said...

Lesbians have been being funny for 25 plus years. Have you ever heard of Kate Clinton? If not you should check her out!

Americans are ignorant, by the way.

Kevin said...

But Americans ARE ignorant of all things outside their borders. If it's worth knowing, it should be INSIDE our borders. Duh.

And if we do find something outside of our borders that differs ... we go to war to make everyone the same as us.

It's our right, you know.


St. Dickeybird said...

Lesbians have to be funny. They don't have willies to play with.

Jason said...

Don't forget Ellen and Lily Tomlin.

S said...

I'm sweating just thinking about how hot it's going to get today and tomorrow.

Oh, and congrats with the new blogging assignment!

r said...

Sounds like you've been having a great week. Birthday, Outgames, Comedy shows... and thunderstorms.

Aren't you glad you guys finally got that air conditioner? I'm sure it will be loved today.

Busy man too! Two blogs to keep up, and all that reading of other blogs as well.

Have a good one. Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Get this...my MOM took me to see the Kinsey Sicks. OMG, I was in hysterics and mom...well...not so much. Saw them in Vegas, how trashy is that?

Funny...raining here too. About time, I never thought my 'boys' would come down from the bat cave.

Kalv1n said...

Oh my, please stay cool. And yes, we Americans are stupid, and I don't except myself from that.

Perplexio said...

It's kind of sad-- I mean most Canadians I've met could probably, without too much effort, name all 50 states, the US President, probably even a few state capitals.

But ask an American about Canada and most don't even know how many provinces are in Canada, what the capital is, nor do they know the name of the PM... oh and they certainly don't know the capitals of the provinces... ask them who Michaelle Jean is and they'll start catching flies with their jaw hanging in sheer stupefication.

Anonymous said...

Canada better watch out! We like to attack countries before they attack us and without provocation. The only criteria is that they not have any Weapons of Mass Destruction. It's a plus if they have oil. (Like Canada) We are not all ignorant about Canada. (know your enemy) Oh Canada! our home and native land, true patriot love in all our sons command, with glowing hearts we see thee rise, the true north strong and free, from far and wide oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee, God keep our land glorious and free, Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee! Oh Canada, WE STAND ON GUARD FOR THEE!!!

Lemuel said...

The level of my fellow contrymen's intelligence is measured not the fact that ONLY 30-some percent still approve of King George III, but that there is EVEN 30-some percent that still do!!

I keep taking the online version of the Canadian immigration test. I figure I either have to learn French fluently, reduce my age by about 20 years, or find a sugar daddy who will employ me. I think the chances of any of those happening are slim to none.

ok, so let's check out New Zealand...

toobusyliving said...

I'm pretty sure that it was Julie Goldman who said something like:

"When I was 17 I was raped by my gynecologist, which, for a Jewish Girl, is kind of, you know, bitterswet."

Good G-d.

Snooze said...

I'll have to check out the new blog.

Just make sure you don't abandon this one, I'm already traumatized enough by the fact that now that you are off work for the summer you don't post first thing in the morning.

Chunks said...

Thank God you and your schtick will still be here. It would cause an uprising if you abandoned us.

madamerouge said...

I think my province imported electricity from your province today. Thanks.

Crashdummie said...

Hey good for you. Actually I've never been to Montreal - heck, I ahven't even been to Canada yet. Lets see if you are able to lure me to your wonderful city :)