Friday, August 04, 2006


* This is the Montreal skyline as taken from inside of a bus. It's either really cool, or an example of "what not to do".

* Look how late it is. Slept 11 hours. I'm thinking this is a good thing.

* A view up the street at the nearby busstop. People must think I'm a freak taking pictures in the hood like this.

* (Spouse definitely thinks I'm a freak since I got this camera.)

* A shot from the front of Sky yesterday. My brain is tired from sensory overload. Let the games be done.

* I smoked on my birthday. I keep hearing Christi (a commenter) in my head, "As soon as you have a puff, that's it, you're a smoker again." Oh how I wish she were wrong.

* Look it's ASHLEE! Only Quebecers will know who this is. She was distributing condom/lube packages to anyone and everyone.

* This is a snippet that never came to fruition.

* This is a trick I've maintained the ability to do all my life. I wonder what this will look like when I'm 70.

* Still no word on the offer we made. If nothing happens by 7pm, it's a dead deal.

* I forced myself to go out last night to check that band I like. I took a video of the first number they did. Later the keyboardist took off his shirt.


Timmy said...

great pics,

who the hell is that band, I love it!

Anonymous said...

I used to smoke until I realized I had to smoke and then I told myself I am bigger than the tobacco companies that think they have me by the balls. I quit, cold turkey, yes it can be done that was 4 years ago. Never smoked even one more time. I might be able to turn me eyelids inside out but why would I want too? You are not a freak even if everybody thinks so. What do those hundreds of people know anyway? :-)

St. Dickeybird said...

What band is in that clip?
The guitarist with the 'fro looks very familiar.

And watch out for that cigrette!!!
My stag night was my big fall.

dpaste said...

Say no to tobacco.

That eyelid trick always freaks me out when I see people do it. Ew.

The keyboardist took his shirt off and you just TELL us about it? Man.

Of course, I would have liked the lead singer to take his shirt off, too.

Patricia said...

c'mon, tell the truth. spouse thought you were a freak wayyy before you got that camera.

oh and regarding the eyelid trick. i stand corrected. it is possible for you to take an icky picture.

Chunks said...

You SMOKED???!!!!! OMG! Have you smoked since? You are only a smoker if you keep doing it. I mean, the side effects are so awful...look at what it did to your eyes?! Cut it out before they stay that way!

Lemuel said...

I guess I'm not the only uninitiated one here. I'll join the others and ask who the band is. I loved the energy in it all. I'm sitting here at work in my cube dancing in my chair.

Good luck on the property! Why &? Did you or they put a deadline?

...finally... aw, c'mon Torn! be strong! spouse doesn't want smoke on your breath when he kisses you. He wants a taste of the real you, not Phillip Morris.

r said...

(I'm sure spouse is happy he has another smoker back in the house)

If you could keep from smoking in Vegas, around all that temptation, you can do it now.

Okay, so you had a slip up. Everyone does. No. More. Ciggies.


It's why you got sick. I know it. And you'll get better quicker if you don't smoke!

Sorry, have an agenda here.

And yes, you are a freak, but that's why we love you.

Jason said...

How do you do that eye trick. I can't figure it out.

tornwordo said...

The band is referenced on Wednesday's post.

St. Dickeybird said...

Nope, it's not Belgian Roger then.
For a second, I thought he'd finally done something good.

And it's a great clip btw!

dawn said...

Between the photography and the eye trick you are bursting with talent.

Sleeping 11 hours is never a bad thing.

A Bear in the Woods said...

I used to could do the eye trick. It was cool for grossing the girls out. Frankly I'm a little scared to try it now. I'm very protective of what eyesight I've still got.
Does the condom dispenser lady pull condoms out of her Bra? Just asking. It would be an awesome sight gag.

dirk.mancuso said...

Regarding the eye thing: um, yuck. It ruins your devilshly good looks.

Polt said...

I think the eyelid thingee will still be disgusting at 70. Neat party trick, though.

teh l4m3 said...

Jerri: "Nice coldsore."
Mr. Jellineck: "It's not a coldsore. My lip... It fell down a flight of stairs."
Jerri: "Well it looks like a coldsore."

Sunshine said...

The eyelid flipping trick is FOUL. I'm sorry, but I hate how it feels and I get freaked out when I see other people doing it. Foul. :P

Snooze said...

The fun video made up for the vile eyelid shot.

Nicki said...

That eyelid thing? Freaking gross. Gross, gross, totally wish I could do it gross.

Adam said...

Eyelid thing is gross. I love that picture I want it on my wall.

CoffeeDog said...

The eyelid thing is lovely, NOT :-)

Single Guy said...

cool blog mate...good to see how the other side lives!