Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving slash Columbus Day

Last night the little couple from France came up and asked to get out of their lease. In a stunning move included in the chapter "how not to be a landlord", we acquiesced saying only that they were on the hook until we found someone else. They're kind of nit picky anyway, so it's not all bad news. Oh and they saw a mouse. I guess we have mice. Great, now I have to murder creatures.

I could get all worked up about things around here, but then I remember there are the daily sunrises. I spent my adolescence in a room that had a sunrise view. I grew to loathe that sun, even going so far as to put velcro strips around the window and affixing an opaque vinyl sheet to block out all light. But now, the daily sunrise is like a gift, unfolding and changing imperceptibly until it crowns the horizon. So easy to be grateful when viewing such majesty.

I ran across the street to capture this more unobstructed view than we have from our patio. It's funny, it really is hard to tell a sunrise from a sunset in a photo, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Sunrise, Sunset...Sunrise, Sunset. Good riddence to the nit picky renters. The next time a renter sees a mouse, tell them to deal with it. I would put a sign on my door or send them a flyer saying do not contact me unless it is a real emergency or there will be a $50 nuisance charge added to your rent.

Lemuel said...

"...But now, the daily sunrise is like a gift, unfolding and changing imperceptibly until it crowns the horizon..."

Damn! That is one of those lines I wish I had authored. It was a beautiful as the picture.

Re: the renters. Perhaps you can view their exit as a gift by which you have the opportunity to rent to people whom you would find more congenial.

Anonymous said...

Don't you ever wonder why you declare a daily sunrise "majesty" or "gift," and declare daily-whatever-else "nit picky" or "garbage" or "bullshit," or whatever? I do. :-)

mainja said...

we have never had problems with mice because we have cats, but in our first apartment, which was a wee bit slummy (but we loved it anyway) and filled with university students, we had some random person ask to borrow one of our cats.

i don't remember how she knew we had cats, i guess 'cause every once in a while one of them would wander out, although, even with that, these women were on the floor above us.

anyway, we lent them the cat, they borrowed her for a week (i got to go visit, it was just upstairs) because they had heard that if it smells like cat in your apartment the mice leave you alone. and, i think the mice left them alone after that.

i'm not proposing you get a cat, it just reminded me of the story.

Spider said...

There must have been some sailors taking warning this AM - what a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing - sunrises are more beautiful in Canada than here in the States I do believe!

St. Dickeybird said...

Wow, amazing pic!

And I've always thought that finding a replacement tenant was a fair way of backing out on a lease.

I agree with Mainja - get a cat or two.

Jack said...

Glad to see you're finding positive into all of this.

I'm sure Sara would love a little bro or sis.

I can see you sitting sipping coffee listening to the quiet sounds of the morning and looking at this picturesque view.


Polt said...

Sunrise, Sunset, it's still a beautiful photo.

Maybe instead of killing the mice, you could just capture them, and train them, and then take them touring around the city/country/world and make a little money on the side?

HUGS and stuff...

dirk.mancuso said...
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dirk.mancuso said...

Good riddance to bad renters. Well nit picky ones, anyway.

Mice? Yikes. I admit it: I'm scared of them.

I'd be interested to know exactly why you put the velcro around the windows -- was it solely to block the sun or was it part of an adolescent phase?

Timmy said...

beautiful picture.

get a kitty cat/mouse hunter.

GayProf said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Adam said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Patricia said...

happy thanksgiving. what's it like? that's a sincere, albeit ignorant, question on my part :)

beginning one's day marveling at the beauty of a sunrise is the mark of a lovely person.

but then i already knew that.

Doug said...

It's nice to know there are some good-hearted landlords left in the world. Feel good that you were/are generous.

Stunning picture. Thanks for sharing it.

dawn said...

There's something about a sunrise. seems to wipe the slate clean. It's good for your soul to see a sunrise like that everyday.

Of course I wouldn't know. I sleep till noon.

Chunks said...

Isn't today a holiday? WTF are you getting up so early for? And RUNNING across the street for a sunrise photo? You are a crazy dude!! hahahah!

I'm still in a daze from our dinner yesterday, turkey makes me crazy.

It is the time of the year that the mice start looking for a warm place to hide. Plug all the holes and sprinkle some cat hair around the joint.

Anonymous said...

Evening Grey and Morning Red brings down rain upon your head, Evening Red and morning Grey, send the traveler on his way.

Torn, could you try to get a picture of the Northern Lights this Winter. We can only see them once every ten or fifteen years here. The last time I saw them my sister ran screaming into the house, she thought the forest was on fire.

t said...

Your description of a sunrise is almost as eloquent as the photo!
I love beautiful sunrises too, and I frequently get to see one when I unlock an outdoor gate each morning at work. By then, the secretary has usually arrived and I'll run in to tell her.
If she hasn't seen it already.

t said...

It's funny, it really is hard to tell a sunrise from a sunset in a photo, isn't it?

I have noticed, though...
the world around us looks so much different just after sunrise than just before sunset.
I can drive around just before sunset, then go back the next morning just after sunrise and things look so much different.
I can't put my finger on it but it's not different shadowing.
Maybe it's because haze is gone in the morning because the air seems so much clearer.

The Yellow Dog Speaks said...

What a beautiful sunrise!

r said...

I never get tired of sunrise or sunsets. In pictures or reality.

I've always thought that November sunsets are the best, but maybe it's just because I drive home during them that they are noticed.

Don't get a cat. Cats are evil. Evil I tell you, evil! Besides,they "spray" some odd substance on every piece of furniture one owns.

Anonymous said...

when the fingers of day catch the rim of my world,
I often walk the dawn path
reading the clouds like gylphs
of a natural lexicon

the half lit
world hides that which is ugly
and hides that which is lovely
and steals from both
to make her own grand entrance

happy thanksgiving, Torn and Serge

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving.