Monday, October 30, 2006

Health is hard to come by

It's the time of year for sickness! I shouldn't have been so surprised with the proliferation of cold medication commercials of late. Sometimes I imagine I'm immune, or that I can "will" myself not to be sick. This doesn't work. I wish I could call in sick, but then I woudn't get paid. Sigh.

I saw the doctor last week for my sleep issues. It has taken me four tries to see the doctor (they forgot me in the waiting room once, and the other times they were closed or had a three hour plus waiting time) and when I finally did, I got treated with suspicion. He prespcribed me a month of pills and said that if I needed more, I'd have to see a shrink. (this is not a deterrent for me, what better than to sit around talking about oneself?)

I didn't really feel "cared for", and the doctor basically wagged his finger at me with his words. He obviously doesn't know the depths of my aversion to doctors, and at the same time reinforced same.

I'm the guy who put his toe back into its socket himself, and never went to the doc for pain pills.

I didn't mention that though.


Jack said...

At the clinic I go to, there is one doctor who treats me like that.

Now when I end up at the emergencie, if I see she's there, I ask for the other doctor.

It's about time you got something for your sleep disorder. I told you I could have helped.

I hope it works.

Thursday 3:30?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like there are a few flaws in the Canadian Health Care System. The Doctor is overworked and doesn't have time to listen and give a correct diagnosis. Here I can't afford any health care coverage but getting no care is better than getting the wrong care.

Anonymous said...

Don't push my buttons about doctors, Torn! LOL!

I hope your sleep issues soon are resolved.

Petie said...

I guess this is the downside of free healthcare?

Tony Adams said...

That's the crazy world we all live in. Buses full at 5:30AM. Doctors who are frustrated and frustrating. Our minds and bodies upset by the change of season, and full of worries about managing the complexities we get ourselves into. And then there is this overarching drive to express ourselves, our need to record it all.

I'm older than you and am perhaps more skilled at letting stuff go in order to keep body and mind in good shape. I sleep well enough, and I dream of an early retirement when I will be released from painful schedules. When I will sleep whenever I want. Until then, gym everyday and blocks of time mandated for personally constructed yoga-like recouping of sanity and balance. That's what I'd recommend for you, if I was your doctor. Now there's an idea! Let's play doctor!

Timmy said...

I dressed up like a doctor this weekend. All I got to do was take temperatures. (hugs)

Anonymous said...

Your body is trying to tell you need to listen. I think the yoga (or some similar activity) is a good idea.

We have such a doctor shortage in this country right now, I'm afraid the care you (didn't) receive is indicative of the care across the country. So many people abuse the system, it would be hard not to be skeptical of people, I would think.

Oh and our health care isn't really free is it? I mean we have the premiums, which are through the roof, and there is that whole "jumping the queue" thing.

Anonymous said...

Hope the pills help.

GayProf said...

Probably the lack of sleep lowered your resistance to the cold virus. Sigh.

Hopefully the medication will help. Oddly enough, I consider sleeping one of the great pleasures in life.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried seeing a naturalpath? They can work wonders. I can't say enough about the wonders of acupuncture.

Patricia said...

treated with suspicion. i hate that. i suppose there were plenty of refills on that, too.

S said...

They forgot you in the waiting room once?

What sorta place is this? Is this what our tax dollars pay for?

You're not a pair of gloves, you're a person.


Take the damn pills and run.

Anonymous said...

My blunt advice - go to another doctor. This one's a loser. There's many doctors like that - here in Boston, too.

It has little to do with "free" care.

One of two personal stories: Long ago, I had some annoying symptoms that could have been from a particular bug or it could have been "all in my head". My general doc at the time, without any meaningful questioning or exam sided with the "in my head" view. Three or four times, over a few months, I asked if there was a diagnostic test and he replied it wasn't necessary, there's nothing wrong with me.

Only 6 months later, with a specialist, did I actually have the diagnostic test done which - surprise! - proved I had what me and others had suspected all along. Treatment was swift and effective.

My general doc, after receiving the specialist's report, left me a few phone messages, sounding apologetic.

I never called back and never spoke to him again.

My next doc was a million times better.

Again, I really suggest you do the same, if it's possible.

Doug said...

I don't know what supplements are available over the counter, nor do I know how comfortable you are with self-medicating. For sleep issues, have you considered 5-htp, valerian root, or kava? For me, 5-htp is the most directly effective (it makes me sleepy in about 30 minutes). The others tend to be more relaxing vs. sleep-inducing.

Hope you feel better soon, Torn. *hugs*

madamerouge said...

I'm going to sing you a lullabye from Sesame Street:

go to sleep
buddy Bert
in your flannel pajamas...


Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm going to the doc this week to discuss my insomnia, and like you, I hate to go. Usually I have to go to emergency room for something like an asthma attack because I don't like doctors at all. I'll take my son and make appts. for my husband, but leave me out.

What I find with doctors is that you have to bug them to get anything done. My son was sick with fever for 2 weeks, 2 weeks! in the summer and they acted like it was nothing. So I got very irate and said that they were going to find out what was wrong with him or they would have to call the police on me. And I am not aggressive by nature, but I get sick of the brush off, especially when it concerns the people I love. It worked--he got X-Rays, 2 different antibiotics, inhalers--but I had to be a bitch. I guess money isn't enough.

Nicki said...

My doctors give me whatever - painkillers, tranqs, etc. Makes me glad I'm not an addict.

Sunshine said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!!

r said...

I'm sorry you're feeling low. I hope the sleeping pills help.

Did you get the kind that you can take and stop taking without any problem? When I was taking mine, I ran out once over the weekend, and it really screwed me up. Seems they were the kind one must be "weaned" off of.

Feel better pal.

dawn said...

Do you guys not get to make appointments at the doctor? I'm thinking no, if you went one time and they were closed.

And I love the line about the shrink. Going to the shrink probably won't help you sleep at night, but they do have those comfy couches and calming music/water things as well as the complimentary stroking of your own self-importance. All that might help you relax and you might be able to catch a nap there.