Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shooting the breeze

Candid self-portrait. Georgie was busy with his chew thing so I got down on the floor. He is so adorable but then I take a picture like this and there is definitely an unflattering look to him sometimes. Funny we both are a bit jowly in this shot too.

I really don't have anything to report but we mustn't. let. the. blog. die.  Week two with the health and social workers is going well though they are a bit more unwieldy and difficult to reign in at times this week. What part of "speak only in English" don't they understand? I smile and poke fun and make jokes to keep them in the target language but maybe I should put on my mean teacher cap and start expelling them from the room. Nah, they're adults, if they want to speak French and believe they will speak English better with that method, they can just get back to me on their improvement that way. One thing I've observed is that the young really do catch on more quickly than the old. Everyone improves but it takes longer for the oldsters. If I want to learn Spanish I better get (re)going on that soon.

We were practicing the future conditional today and they cracked me up. What will happen if you don't treat constipation, I used as an example. They tossed out "you'll get a stomacheache", "you won't go to the toilet" and my favorite, "you'll be full of shit." Laugh, we do aplenty.

All the trees are in their festive fall regalia, the eye popping yellows especially right now. It seems a bit early to me as our peak is usually the 10th of October. Every year is different though. It's been pretty warm but they are turning early so what does it all imply? What I really want to know is how high the wasps are building their nests this year. Apparently, and it's just impossible that they "know" this but they do, they build their nests on the tree trunk and if it's low, we won't have very much snow and if they build them high, we will have oodles of the white stuff. After ten years up here, I am firmly in the camp of please not oodles.

What erlse? Work is good, Georgie is good, Serge is good, the house is fine, the renters are good, money is fine, health is good, the weather is cool and lovely. I am in love with it all. My prayer today is a big fat THANK YOU! Happy ordinary day peeps!


rox said...

I was just out in the yard with the boys and was crawling around in the fallen leaves...I love this time of year!

I'm hoping for oodles of snow this year. This last year was too dry here and it all started with the lack of snow last winter. Of course, I'll be changing my tune when my arms are sore from shoveling the oodles. I'm going to check the wasp situation.

Anonymous, too said...

What a pair of handsome guys, self-confident enought to look a litle silly! How did Serge miss out on that fun?

Seriously, I'm hoping my area has a winter somewhat like last year's -- with most of the major winter storms dumping oodles either to the north or the south, but missing us.

Word verification is plendest. Get your students to use it in a sentence.

Birdie said...

I love your gratitude. I don't often see this kind of attitude online, so it stands out. Plain ordinary days are WONDERFUL when you think of the alternative. Have fun, boys!

CoffeeDog said...

Have a good weekend!

Lemuel said...

I can attest to the old having more trouble learning a language. I've had to restart my Spanish from the beginning. Nothing is sticking in my empty head. But I hear that learning a language is one of the best wast for geezers like me to help keep their minds sharp.
The revitatization of the German is going very well, but then I first learned it as a youth.

Blobby said...

I love when people post good things. We don't do it enough as a blogger collective.

I gotta try this more.

Anonymous said...

Georgie is saying, "hurry up and take the damn picture already!"
It has been the driest summer ever here and the trees are dropping their leaves early. Not a very colorful fall.
English is a very hard language to learn and being older makes it even harder. I hope you have an even gooder day today. Ain't no way I could learn Spanish. Como Esta Usted, Senor Torn? Ted

GayProf said...

Not speaking the language that you are learning seems like a peculiar strategy.

The Midwest has been unusually chilly this Fall, I think. This after we had a scorching summer. I have no idea what any of it means for the winter, but I'm not sure I'm willing to risk being stung to find some informative wasps.

art said...

i love your blog.

Jess said...

What a nice, positive post. Made me smile! (Okay, all it took was a doggy photo, but everything being good is nice, too!) :)

Patricia said...

I love the pic of Georgie with his mouth full. I am amazed at how much Indi amuses me and I assume it is the same with Georgie. My latest giggle came when she was eating dinner and heard something outside and wanted to bark at the same time. She was chewing and barking and it was just like someone talking with their mouth full. Too funny.

I, too, love your gratitude. And I just 15 minutes ago wrote to Rox to lovingly mock the fact that she is checking the wasp nests. Must be a Canerdian thing! ;)

Have a lovely weekend, friend.

Rick Bettencourt said...

Thank yous are good!

Tatiana said...

This is like the fortieth time you've intimated at 'nothing to write' and 'blog dying'. While perusing your archives I recall seeing that you started this blog to hone writing skills, perhaps you could post way less frequently but more substantially? Do you have a book dying to get out chapter by chapter? I love diary posts, but you seem bored.