Saturday, October 02, 2010


The view out of the home office window shows how the city maimed the giant tree. I suppose its topheaviness made it a wise move, but I bet that really hurt.  It gives us much more light in the late afternoon since the sun sets behind it. Before, it totally blocked the light. Also in the foreground you see the sumac turning colors. The seedy cones it produces feed the starlings well into the winter.  Oh and speaking of winter, the new forecast came out and though temperature wise it's supposed to be milder than normal, snowfall wise it's supposed to be a humdinger. This is from the accuweather Canadian blog:

Sigh, we are in the "very snowy" purple stuff. Maybe it's time to buy the real snow plow. I hate to part with $600 to avoid some good exercise, but then again, shoveling induces heart attacks. Georgie will be in heaven though. He's definitely not a summer dog and doesn't do well in the heat. And he loves to bite the snow so we should have some fun with that. Guess we need a Georgie pic since we're talking about him.

He hasn't been happy for a couple of days due to all the rain we've had. Over three inches. Yesterday we got soaked on the morning walk. Silly me thinking the storm had finished. Of course we got to the furthest point on our trajectory when the sky opened up and dumped buckets on us. Then he smelled like DOG so bad, Serge had to give him a bath. He smells all perfumed now and his fur is all smooth and silky.

Today I've got to do some chores and then we are having a little dinner party. I'm going to make paella again, which will make my second attempt. I hope it's as good as the first time.  I'll take pics as usual. Y'all have a lovely weekend!


Blobby said...

You can never go wrong w/a Georgie pic. Have a great weekend.

Jim said...

Gee, I hope all that snow doesn't come our way!
Hi Georgie Porgie!!!
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous, too said...

Company's coming? With all that extra attention, I know Georgie will have a great weekend!

Hope you and Serge do, too.

GayProf said...

It looks lime Midwestern Funky Town is also in the "Very Snowy" band. Goddess, how I hate the shoveling.

rox said...

You live in that part of the world that has the heavy wet kind of snow. Dude, that shit will kill you. Get a big snowblower. Seriously, following behind one of those things is a work-out! Especially when the gear gets frozen and it's set too high, you just run behind.
The wind we are having today is really making the leaves come down. I can almost see my neighbors' houses.

anne marie in philly said...

I second rox; spouse got a huge workout behind ours last year. we were dumped on in feb with back-to-back 24 inchers; we were the most popular people in our neighborhood cause WE were the ONLY house with a snowblower!

georgie says "pourque pas?"

Anonymous said...

My area says very little snow. I sure hope they are right. I don't really hate snow just the flakes that pile up on the highways I have to drive on. Georgie is a great big cutie pie even if he does smell like a french whore :) Ted

SY said...

NO the cold... I can't take the summer ending

Snooze said...

Please go skiing at least once this year on all those lovely hills near you.

I can relate about post-rain dog smell. I have to spray doggy with her marshmallow scented glitter gel after.

Rebekah said...

I LOVE that there is nothing showing on my little corner of California.

Wait. There's never snow in Santa Barbara. Whoo hoo!

Birdie said...

We get so little snow in the middle of Indiana that I don't mind it so much. I HATE the bitter cold with wind. I'm ready to move back to Florida. Took me 30 years to say that.

Georgie says, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

Patricia said...

Yeah I'm in the purple zone, too. I'm not ready!!

I've never had paella, how sad is that? Well ok maybe not sad but certainly something to rectify soon, no?

Kisses to Georgie!

Mel said...

We're kind of at the margins of the very snowy band, so we'll see what the season brings. Someday I do intend to have a snowblower. I figure it'll pay for itself within a few seasons, given what it costs to pay someone to plow the drive. It's convincing David that's always the hard part.