Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday morning blah blah

Summer vacation is over. It's back to school for me and many others on Monday. I'm broke ready. The road trip was a great way to break open the head, get out of the routine, and change focus. It was a lot of work and rain, but it doesn't matter, escaping the daily trap is all that really counts. The daily regime now seems new and appreciated again.

We signed papers at the bank yesterday AND there is a "sold" sign on the property now. I guess it's really happening. Friday we get the keys. And in a couple years we'll move in there. (We still have to finish fixing up here before we can move there.)

My mind is living in next week, even as I know there are still two free days to enjoy before it starts. Unfortunately I can't enjoy the now when my head is in the future. The kid inside me is gone that can ignore tomorrow. That takes drugs to achieve now.

What else? I dunno. I actually have Preparation H on my list for the drugstore today. True story.



nongirlfriend said...

You know, you can use the Preparation H under your eyes for wrinkles. At least that's what someone told me.

Not me. I use the free crap I get all the time in my job (moisturizers, etc.). But someday I will try the Prep H.

Have a fabulous last two "free" days!

Anonymous said...

Ah ben mon bébé, t'as lu cul en choux-fleur?


Polt said...

You got Prep H on your shopping list? Isn't that a sign you're getting old? That and Ben Gay? and denture cleaner?


Lemuel said...

I teach part time at a local community college and my classes start Wednesday. I wish I could pick up some of your positive attitude about it. I'm bummed, but gotta do it at least one more semester if I want to "pay the rent".

I can only dream of a vacation with someone I love, from which I return and need Prep H. LOL!

r said...

"The daily regime now seems new and appreciated again."

Nope, I'm still in the ungrateful stage regarding the daily grind. Maybe I can use that for an excuse not to go back to work? Mentally unprepared?

Butt salve... now that's something to admit to. I've been buying it for years, usually right when I run into a student who wants to introduce me to her parents. Always charming.

The really good stuff comes from the doctor. It's one of those itches you really can't scratch. At least not in public.

Cincy Diva said...

Preparation H? Must have been some road trip! Good Luck going back to the daily grind!

Kalv1n said...

Aw, you and Darin could become shopping companions and you could replace the infamous one. God that sounds like a lot of change and work. Hopefully it all goes smoothly.

Jack said...

LOL @ Rebekah and you I guess!?

Bike ride?!


Welcome back old man!?

Mikey said...

I head back to school soon, but as a student. I'd rather be the teacher. Glad you enjoyed NB and I enjoyed the pic of you being a Dork

Anonymous said...

I tried Preparation H once, but it didn't do any good and tasted so bad! I might as well stuck it up my ass for all the good it did!

dirk.mancuso said...

Preperation H, huh?

The level of honesty here blows me away. You'd never see me admitting anything that personal. (BIG WINK)

GayProf said...

Sorry to hear that you need the "H."

The Lone Rangers said...

Congrats on the house torn!

Couldve skipped the TMI about the H

toobusyliving said...

Preparation H is a must-have for those early back to work mornings!

A Bear in the Woods said...

You poor lad! From sitting in cars for long hours? I HATE HEMMORHOIDS like the Biblical plague of Ashdod.
A whole town... all at once...You didn't meet anyone named Dagon, did you?

Chunks said...

I hope your bum feels better soon.

(Really, what's a girl to say about a post like this?!) *wink wink*

dantallion said...

I actually have Preparation H on my list for the drugstore today.



Patricia said...

seeing the "sold" sign is a thrill, is it not?!

will the spiffy new shed move to the new place or will the new place require a newer, spiffier model?

enjoy the moment. tomorrow will get here soon enough. :)

Jason said...

I don't get why doctors can't just laser them right off and forget about that Prep H stuff.

Joel said...

I'm the same way and DON'T feel bad about the PRep H! IT was on our list of items this week too. MAYBE it was NOT for the same reason...who knows!