Friday, December 22, 2006


* This is the shot that made the Christmas card.

* Watched "the Devil Wears Prada" last night. It doesn't matter what Meryl Streep does, she is perfect in every role.

*I learned this week that Kimodo dragons can procreate without copulation. Actually, several lizard species can do this. It is not a miracle.

* I've been cracking myself up all week saying, "The ferret ate my baby's toes."

* The phone number nude dancer gave me was indeed a phony.

* When you watch the sunset, you're watching the past. Actually the sun has already set because the light from the sun takes several minutes to reach us.

* This was the creepy clothing store I passed while shopping yesterday.

* To avoid ground knuckle, don't push with the cheese, simply pull lightly with the grater.

* Favorite blog line this week: "You're short. Own it." (From Farmboyz)


Anonymous said...

If you want other images from that creepy set of mannequins:

number one


number two

The Lone Rangers said...

Great Card! Streep played the role exactly as would have expected from the book character...

and seriously what did you expect from the dancer?? lol

Anonymous said...

Dragon du Komodo mon bébé !!
Pas du Kimodo encore moin du kimono


Anonymous said...

That is a great looking picture! Is that sara or Rudolph? I hope you guys get everything for Christmas that you want. With so much hate in the world, your love is refreshing to see. I like that last Snippet since I am a Hobbit. Merry Christmas and I hope your problem renter will be gone soon.

Anonymous said...

I can see why that picture is your holiday card. It's absolutely perfect. (I love Sara's glowing nose!) Celebrate your love and may the new year bring you and Serge much joy.


Anonymous said...

Lol @ the ferret line!!!!

Wordo, I hope you and Spouse have a wonderful "holiday weekend!"

Timmy said...

The card is awesome! You guys look great!

Merry Christmas boys!

Anonymous said...

Cute card, your spouse have a nicer smile than you in this card though :P

and it's Komodo dragon ;)

Kevin said...

Oh, your puppy is so cute. And you guys are too I suppose.

Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said...

What a great Christmas card! Happy Holidays guys!

Doug said...

That's such a sweet card!

Hope your knuckle heals quickly.


mainja said...

next time dancer give you his phone number say 'oh wait, here, i'll program it into my phone and then we'll test it.'

Anonymous said...

i wanna be meryl streep from that movie... i saw it the first time a few days after i saw "a prairie home companion"... fabulous in that role too, but the transformation from one to the other completely blew me away!!!! and those mannequins look like rejects from that robert palmer video!!! oh, cute card!!!

Spider said...

The card is wonderful! What a happy family! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday... and the knuckles heal quickly!

Patricia said...

prada is on my list of slug-like things to do next week.

considering my current state, perhaps i should think like a lizard and just do it myself. wouldn't that be something to lord over the hub.

those mannequins look like female borg.

good advice about the grater. also helps to buy a better brand. i cheaped out on one from the dollar store and it didn't last. sometimes it pays to be a snob about gadgets (i know spouse is with me on this one.)

merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

I love my Christmas card pic, have it on the stereo with all the new photos. I will frame it on my "friends and family wall"!!

The mannequin photo looks like a metaphor for the whole fashion industry. Fashion = Drones. That's why I rebel and wear only my favorite things.

Stupid Dancer. You should just beat the crap out of him. Not professional, but I bet you would feel better.

I'm short and I do own it.

Merry Christmas to you and Spouse!! Big hugs your way!

Anonymous said...

This may be the best snippets ever... because I too read about the komodo dragon and the ferret this week, and that cheese grating tip will actually come in handy as I am constantly grinding my knuckles.

Also, cute pic.

CoffeeDog said...

Agree with you about Meryl, and I'll add that she HOT HOT HOT in every role she does....she was particularly hot in Devil. Yum yum.

Like the xmas card, Maggie looks cute with her red nose!

GayProf said...

I learned this week that Kimodo dragons can procreate without copulation. Actually, several lizard species can do this. It is not a miracle.

Are you putting forward a new doctrine where Mary and Jesus were really Kimodo dragons?

Happy Holidays, Torn!

Anonymous said...

That is probably the most fabulously gay Holiday pic ever!
I hope you two have a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to watch "Prada". Meryl Streep has long been my favourite actress.

And I agree, lovely card!

Merry Christmas! Jane

Polt said...

You three are all really cute, but together, with the hats and the antlers? ADORABLE!

Merry Christmas to all three of you!


Anonymous said...

The ferret line made me laugh out loud, too.

And, by the same logic as the sunset snippet, looking at everything is looking into the past, isn't it? I mean, light has to travel from everything for us to see it, and that always takes time, even just a little bit. ..So, we can never perceive the present, only the past. ...Weird.

...that was way too esoteric for the holidays. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Many lizards, and lower forms of life (particularly invertebrates) can procreate asexually or by parthenogenesis (egg, no sperm). But in humans, it really is a miracle.

Tallguy said...

Yes, it's just the perfect card! Thanks for posting that one.

Wishing all three of you (and the guest) all the best for the Holidays! May there be friends and family and warm hugs and much laughter and good food. May you have good tenants, good health, good times, and most important, good friends in the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Richard, Serge, and Sara,

You all look so lovely and festive! I wish you all a great Christmas season and a dancerless New Year!! God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen! Love, Devo

anabel said...

I got my daughter a shirt that says:
"My baby got stole by a bear holding a shark" from the Homestar Runner site.

That phrase has been craking me up this week.

dirk.mancuso said...

Great pic you guys chose -- such a handsome family.

Loved Meryl's hair in PRADA. And damn, did she own that role.

Merry Christmas to Sarah, Serge and yourself!

Adam said...

In my soph-senior years in university my friends and I would heckle all the young ladies who were participating in sorority rush. The all wore a variation on the same outfit. So we would hang out our car windows whilst they went two and fro the feminofacist dens of exclusion screaming "Zend in zie CLONEZ!!" (in the voice of Frau Farbissina from austin powers.

Anonymous said...

Ok... Sorry but your sunset theory bugs me a bit because sun really never set. This sunset notion is not true from space.
Yes, you see some past light but sunset itself is different for each of us, even if I'm at 2 feet from you.
The sunset is the moment when the earth (in that case) pass between you and sun light.

That was what I haven't succeeded to say in our last English course :p

By the way, happy new year and i hope to see you soon.
Julien - an english speaker with crutches -