Thursday, May 21, 2009

Idol reader handrail

I feel like I'm the only one up here watching American Idol. None of my students have anything but feigned interest in it, but I thought this was one of the best seasons. The final two were certainly the finest in my mind of all these years. Serge and I were pretty surprised at the outcome because it seemed like Adam had more of that star quality thing going on. My remark was, "America votes for bland again." I wonder what the gay thing had to do with it as well. I wouldn't be surprised if last Sunday's sermons had Kris's name dropped from the pulpit. Best not to think of that though. Best to be professional - Congratulations Kris!

What else. Oh, I saw a GREAT movie night before last. The Reader. I know this is old news but gosh I was moved by this film. And the nudity! That was almost Shortbus in its graphic depiction of sex. And I cried like a baby too, as it turned out to be somewhat of a tearjerker. If you haven't seen it, rent it.

There's somewhat of a brouhaha up here over a woman who was ticketed because she didn't hold the handrail while riding the escalator down into the subway station. Aside from the police obviously having better things to do than monitoring who is and is not holding the handrail, who wants to touch that vile germ filled rail? I mean thousands of people a day touch it. Anyway, I had no idea I was breaking the law each and every day. I feel like such an outlaw, smirk.


CoffeeDog said...

I too was stunned at the outcome of Idol. Mrs Coffeedog said somewhat the same things you did about the evangelical angle. God was on his side - riiight. And yes, America always chooses generic over spicy. It's ok, the gays will vault Adam to fame.

Ha, I see you have a new way to say the "r" word, shortbus. The Reader was sad, I had to summon great strength not to cry. I always feel like such an idiot crying at movies, I mean most of them are fiction. If you want to see a real tearjerker go see Rachael At The Wedding.

Birdie said...

My daughter was texting me on the phone during the last few minutes of AI. Her reaction: "WHAT?!?!" We both felt the same way. But Adam's got a great career ahead of him no matter what, so I think he'll do just fine.

I have to be in the right mood to see a movie that I know will move me. It took me almost a year to see "Schindler's List."

Rox said...

I only ever watch the final two or three. Usually because my regular shows are done for the season...:o) I think it's best that Adam DIDN'T win. Idol has produced some of the biggest stars who were non-winners. Think Clay Aiken over Ruben. With the Idol contract, you're more limited because they control you. When you don't win, you get the exposure and can cherry pick your record deal.

Anonymous said...

I have to say it, America doesn't now jack shit about talent.

But if Adam Lambert does operatic rock, oh baby! Paradise by the Dashboard Lights all over again!

GayProf said...

Is crime really so low in your city that escalator safety is all that the police can do to fill their days?

Java said...

Holy cow. WTF is it with those Metro cops? that's ridiculous.

Haven't seen The Reader. Might check it out.

A Lewis said...

I'm afraid that my time at Idol has run out. It just seems all so lackluster and even boring. I mean, it was okay...but it was poor on many nights and okay on others. Not worth my time in the future.

Laverne said...

I'm the odd one out. Although I can appreciate Adam's talent, I personally don't care for his style of singing. And I see an opposite type of negativity; that if you aren't like Adam, you're bland.

I've been accused of being Vanilla much of my life, but what's wrong with liking vanilla?

Personally, I liked Danny the best.

dykewife said...

i'm short. this means i have short arms. this means that the handrail on most escalators is in the wrong place to help me a) break my fall or b) help me regain my balance. this also means that i don't hang onto the moving rail. i've also found that most of the handrails move differently from the stairs and cause me balance issues of their own.

and since when is it legislated that people hang onto a damned rail to begin with? who made up? someone needs a time out!

as to american idol, i don't watch it. i got my fill of this season's episodes when a co-worker went all ga-ga over a rendition of "ring of fire" and repeatedly played it until i disconnected the internet and forced a promise that he would stop playing it so long as he was working with me.

Mark in DE said...

I thought the Idol finale was 'bland', too. Like you I was surprised that the obviously more talented and versatile Adam lost.

Thanks for the film recommendation.

evilganome said...

I am not an Idol fan and really didn't care much either way. As for the whole "too gay" thing, I think it's more a case of Americans really prefer mediocre.

Now the handrail issue, I can get worked up about! Don't these cops have anything better to do? Where do they think they are? The U.S.? Holy crap.

Mel said...

American what?